Behind the scenes
16 May, 2018

Bastien stripped down to his socks on the roof

This is the BTS footage of our sexy mate Bastien stripping down to just his socks on my inner city rooftop. As you can tell from Bastien’s previous shoot in the studio, he is one of our very masculine handsome mates. After his first shoot I couldn’t wait to get him around to see him naked outside. And the shots in and out of the footy gear looked great. I set up the Gro Pros to catch me taking Bastien’s photos as he stripped naked in positions around the roof. He looks great as he goes reaching for his cock in the jockstrap. And I love the shots after he gets wet toward the end of the shoot. We later headed down to the studio where Bastien squats over my face while he jacks off.

21 Apr, 2018

Getting my fit furry mate Bastien off in the studio

I love having my furry mate Bastien ride my face in this video. We had just been out on the roof taking a load of outdoor nude photos. Bastien was bending over showing off his bum in a jockstrap while I took photos laying on the ground. I was getting turned on like crazy see him naked under the sun. I was really happy with the amazing photos we took out there. But I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio so we could have some fun making a video. Bastien starts teasing again in the jockstrap on the couch. I am getting some nice close up angles of his bum stretching out of the jock. It’s all too much so I set the cameras up so I can get Bastien down on the bed and lick his hole. I start getting my tongue in there really deep to make him squirm. Back over on the couch he squats over my face while jerking off. Very soon my hot mate is blowing cum down my face. What a great way to end Bastien’s second shoot. I quickly looked around to check that the cameras caught our final location for the cum shot. Bastien will be coming around again soon.

Photo shoot
15 Apr, 2018

My sexy mate Bastien is stripping out of his football gear on the roof

I couldn’t wait to get back from my overseas vacation to shoot this football gear scene with my hot mate Bastien Passif. Knowing it was hot back in Australia I wanted to get him naked outside. Bastien came around in the late winter last year and had just done one shoot in the studio. My new mate is super fit and I wanted to see him getting naked out on the roof. So dressed in a jockstrap, tight footy shorts, a football jersey and long socks we headed up to the roof. Well the gear didn’t stay on very long. Bastien was quickly stripping down to his jockstrap and showing of his perfect bum. Then he got completely naked as I kept taking photos. We moved around different positions on the roof so I could some blue sky and building background shots of our handsome mate. Finally finishing up with Bastien pouring water down his naked body to cool off. When he was laying on the towel showing off his bum I could feel my own cock growing in my shorts. I could tell the that we were about to go back to the studio to make a hot video.

Behind the scenes
14 Feb, 2018

Behind the scenes at Bastien’s first nude photoshoot

This is the BTS video taken from the studio when I did my first shoot with the beautiful Bastien Passif. I’m so glad I finally connected with Bastien after seeing some of his amazing photos with other photographers around Melbourne. He’s so handsome, I can see why he is very popular. But he is also a really nice guy. We are actually meeting for the first time in video. So you will catch some of our chat while I direct Bastien through this stripping photoshoot. It’s quite funny because I am trying to remain professional while trying not to be distracted by his perfect furry bum in that jockstrap. This photoshoot happened at the end of winter so I have him stripping out of a long shirt, jeans and boots. The light wasn’t the best, but the shots still turned out great. I think Bastien is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this year. I am already working on his next shoot.

6 Jan, 2018

Bastien Passif’s first hot teasing and jacking video

Bastien Passif’s first video is finally here. After one very horny photoshoot it was time to see our beautiful new mate in his first nude jacking video. Bastien is one of the most striking beautiful men that I got to meet and shoot with in 2017. So I was really excited to have him modelling for me. And now it was time to grab some footage of him getting off. It ended up being a really hot scene as I started playing with Bastien’s hole while he was stroking his cock. But before we get to that there’s plenty of teasing in this video as Bastien bends over playing with the jockstrap, stretching the straps across his horny hole. It was incredible watching him in action. This is going to be one of my favourite first solo videos of the year. I am already planning another one with our beautiful new mate. I will also post the BTS video of Bastien’s first shoot soon.

Photo shoot
1 Jan, 2018

My hot new mate Bastien Passif joins us getting naked to kick off the new year

I am so excited about today’s new mate update. I have been waiting a long time to get to shoot with the very hot Bastien Passif. I had been emailing with the beautiful 27 year old for a few months before we finally got together in Melbourne. Aside from his handsome looks, Bastien showed me some very hot outdoor photos he had done with other photographers. I could tell already that he had an exhibitionist streak and I really wanted to meet up. Up in the studio I met with Bastien and found that he’s a really sweet and funny guy. I knew right away it was going to be a good shoot. We don’t often have hairy guys in for shoots so I was really happy when Bastien pulled open his shirt to reveal a nice thick layer of hair across his chest and belly. Oh, and he’s super fit too! Wait until you see those big thighs. Bastien’s first photoshoot went really well. I took way more photos then I needed to. But I didn’t want to miss any anything with our newest mate. I think Bastien is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this summer. I will also post his first hot video later this week.

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