Photo shoot
15 Jul, 2019

Dylan is hooking up with our hot Spanish mate Ricky

At the end of summer I ran into my Spanish mate Ricky Molina at the gym. I had a couple of shoots with this beautiful boy last year. He’s looking very fit and I was happy to hear that he’s up for doing more shoots. And a perfect partner for him would be our top mate Dylan. So I got the guys around for some quick photos out on the roof before heading to the studio. Ricky is very passionate and his new mate Dylan is loving all the attention. The guys look great together! So we got back to the studio quickly where the guys stripped each other naked. I can tell already that this photoshoot is leading up to a very hot video between them. It’s really nice getting Ricky back in the studio again.

Behind the scenes
8 Aug, 2018

A peek behind the scenes at Layton’s hook up with Ricky Molina

Hooking up Layton with Ricky ended up being one of the hottest shoots of summer and now you can have a peek behind the scene. I wanted to put newcomer Ricky with one of our more experienced mates who could take control during the video shoot. For the photos I had the guys doing a lot of kissing and pulling out their dicks in the public stairwell before we headed to the studio. On the massage table they are having some fun fooling around with each other. Layton is pushing his big cock up against Ricky’s bum teasing him while I grab some photos. I suggest a few more positions before we head over to the bed. I grab a few more shots of Ricky sucking on Layton’s cock before we start the video. In this BTS video I included some of the actual video shoot since it was so hot. I love how Layton fucks Ricky before blowing on his face, making Ricky cum as well. It’s a really hot shoot.

Behind the scenes
21 Jul, 2018

Behind the scenes with Ricky Molina at his first photoshoot

I love shooting with guys like Ricky who are just horny all the time. Ricky’s big dick was boned up from start to finish of this shoot. It was hard to hide in this photoshoot in bathroom. I was taking Ricky’s first photoset with him just wearing a pair of blue shorts before getting in the shower and getting naked. The photos look great. I’m glad I chose this my my horny new mate’s first photoshoot. Since then he has been back for a duo scene with Layton and I am hoping to get him in for more videos this year.

24 Jun, 2018

Layton dominates Ricky Molina in their first video together

Our handsome mate Layton really dominates Ricky in his first couple shoot. The furry British boy takes control as he pulls out his fat cock for Ricky to suck on. Ricky’s own cock is rock throughout this entire video from all the attention he is getting from Layton. After the hot photoshoot the guys were ready to get into it. There’s lots of kissing and cock sucking on the couch, with Layton giving Ricky’s hole a good tongue fucking too. They over to the bed where Layton mounts Ricky and starts riding him raw. I can see that Ricky loves getting fucked as he gives a cheeky smile to Layton to keep going. Make sure you watch this to the end to see Ricky getting a cum facial from Layton. This is an amazing video from two of our sexy new mates.

Photo shoot
19 Jun, 2018

Ricky Molina is back for his first hot couple shoot with Layton

I couldn’t wait to get Spanish hottie Ricky Molina back for his first hot couple shoot. And our new mate Layton was the perfect mate to show Ricky how it’s done. Layton is very well liked by all our mates so I knew he and Ricky would get along really well. Once we got the introductions out of the way the guys picked out some clothes to wear for the shoot and we headed out to the stairwell for some cheeky photos. There’s a lot of kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off here. I can tell that Ricky loves sucking on Layton’s fat dick. Before they get too carried away we take the shoot back in to the studio where our sexy mates could get each other completely naked. I like the shots of Layton rubbing his dick on Ricky’s bum and the side by side photos on the bed. I can’t wait to watch the video again. I will post it later this week.

Photo shoot
24 May, 2018

My hung Spanish mate Ricky is getting soaped up in the shower

My handsome hung Spanish mate Ricky Molina had his first nude photoshoot in my bathroom. I like Ricky a lot. He’s a super horny boy and was boned up all the way through this shoot. I thought he might explode at any moment. I wanted to get some shots of Ricky soaping up his big erection in the shower. His first shots look amazing. I can’t wait to get him back to make a new video. In the meantime you can check out Ricky’s first video with me in the studio. Ricky is going to make a great addition to our group of sexy mates this year.

Behind the scenes
26 Apr, 2018

Check out our Spanish mate Ricky in his first studio shoot

This is the BTS video from Spanish boy Ricky’s first nude photoshoot in the studio. I like working with a lot. He had a rock hard cock from the time he arrived until he left. I have never seen anyone so sexually aroused about coming around for a shoot before. This made the shoot even more fun to do. Ricky’s cock slowly oozed precum as I directed him through the shoot. He is super fit so I wanted to make sure I got photos of him from all angles. I really like his bottom photos as he stretches the tank top down lower to expose his bum. Then we moved down on the floor where Ricky is totally naked except for his socks and sneakers. It’s by this time that I think its time to let our new mate get of. So I change to the video camera and pull my own cock out for Ricky to play with.

8 Apr, 2018

Getting my hot new mate Ricky Molina off

My new mate Ricky Molina’s first video turned out to be more fun than I had expected. I was getting turned on like crazy while I was filming Ricky getting naked and playing with his big cock. But then when he turned around and started playing with his hole I wanted to play with him too. So part way through this video I pull out my own cock for Ricky to suck on. Our new mate is really hot. After playing with each other on the bed Ricky gets up and blows a tick load of cum all over me. What a hot way to end Ricky’s first shoot in the studio. I like Ricky a lot and have already invited him back to shoot some videos with our mates. I will also post his bathroom, and BTS videos very soon.

Photo shoot
3 Apr, 2018

Check out my sexy Spanish mate Ricky Molina

Joining us over the summer break is our hot Spanish mate Ricky Molina. 24 year old Ricky wrote me a few weeks ago about possibly doing some modelling with us. I really liked the photos he sent so I invited him around so we could meet and do some solo shots in the studio. Well it turns out that Ricky is even cuter in real life and was feeling very horny as we checked out things for him to wear for the shoot. As with most new guys Ricky was a little nervous to begin with. But that soon passed as we got in to taking photos and started stripping off in the studio. Ricky occasionally gives me a cheeky smile as he starts pulling down his jocks to reveal a perfect little bum. He is already rock hard from the beginning, so it was hard to hide his erection as he turns around and pulls up his shirt. He certainly loves showing off as I lay between his legs clicking away. That’s one nice fat dick Ricky has. He pays with it in his t-shirt showing me peaks of his bulging head. His dick looks like it’s ready to explode. I can tell from his photoshoot that Ricky’s first video is going to be really hot.

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