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Andrew looks great showing off his perfect bum in a jockstrap

Photo shoot
30 Jul, 2023
A few weeks ago I met up with my cute mate Andrew to get some photos of him posing in a jockstrap and then getting soaped up in a bubble bath. Andrew has become one of my favourite mates to shoot with. I spent a week over in a hotel to do a few early winter shoots before our break. I had a few of our mates in mind including Andrew. I really wanted to get more photos of him showing off his perfect little bottom in a jockstrap. I think this outfit with the white socks and sneakers was perfect. The room had a nice bathtub in the bedroom so I filled it with bubbly hot water for Andrew to warm up in. We got some great photos in the bath too. We made a really hot video with Andrew sucking on my cock afterwards and blowing on me. I will post his new video later this week. All of Andrew's videos with me and our other mates are also loaded up now.
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