Photo shoot
15 Jul, 2019

Dylan is hooking up with our hot Spanish mate Ricky

At the end of summer I ran into my Spanish mate Ricky Molina at the gym. I had a couple of shoots with this beautiful boy last year. He’s looking very fit and I was happy to hear that he’s up for doing more shoots. And a perfect partner for him would be our top mate Dylan. So I got the guys around for some quick photos out on the roof before heading to the studio. Ricky is very passionate and his new mate Dylan is loving all the attention. The guys look great together! So we got back to the studio quickly where the guys stripped each other naked. I can tell already that this photoshoot is leading up to a very hot video between them. It’s really nice getting Ricky back in the studio again.

14 Jul, 2019

Andy and Gio just put on a hot fucking show

I knew Andy and Gio were about to put on a very hot fucking show after seeing their very passionate photoshoot out in the public toilet and back in the studio. The guys had already been kissing and playing with each other naked during the photoshoot. So by the time we got to making this video they were ready to get off. I love watching our cute mate Andy getting fucked, and pairing him with our new hung mate Gio was just perfect. He cops it from every angle as Gio gets to work on his little bottom. I like it when Gio carries Andy around the room with his big cock still inside him. Andy even takes over filming as he gets pounded on the couch. I love watching the action between these guys.

Behind the scenes
12 Jul, 2019

Behind the scenes with our fit mates Dylan and Jack

Together in their first shoot are our fit mates Dylan Anderson and Jack Durham. This was actually Jack’s first time doing a shoot with another guy. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but quickly relaxed as he chatted and joked about with Dylan during the photoshoot. The BTS cameras follow me around the studio as I direct the guys through their first shoot together. In this video we get to see their first kiss, stripping each other naked and playing with their dicks. I can tell from how hard Dylan gets that he’s happy with today’s scene partner.

Behind the scenes
11 Jul, 2019

Shooting with naughty boy Ralf Popu on the balcony

This is the BTS video video from my shoot with the very naughty Ralf Popu out on my balcony last summer. I had no idea what to expect when I met and shot with Ralf. We did not speak the same language so all of our communications had been through a translator leading up to the shoot. It ended up being quite a funny shoot. And despite the communication issues, we ended up doing a great shoot! The photos on the balcony look great, and Ralf went on to make a hot jack off video. I hope we will get to shoot again sometime. In the meantime you can now watch all of Ralf’s video’s now loaded on the site.

Photo shoot
7 Jul, 2019

Andy brought his hot mate Gio around for his first couple shoot

When Andy told me about his hot mate Gio I couldn’t wait to get him around for a shoot. The shoot went very well and Gio’s photos and first video were amazing. And recently I got both Andy and Gio around to shoot Gio’s first couple scene. These guys are so cute together. Andy has done a bunch of shoots now and was directing Gio on what to do. We started talking photos out in the public bathroom where the guys are making out and pulling down each other’s jeans. We got some great shots out there. But I wanted to see the guys do more back in the studio. This is a huge gallery because we spent so much time trying different positions in between the guys teasing and kissing each other. I love the chemistry between Gio and Andy. It really shows in this photoset. Their first video together will also load up later this week.

7 Jul, 2019

Ryan Kai’s new jack off show in the hotel window

It’s great seeing Ryan Kai back again this year in his new video jacking off in this hotel room window. After taking Ryan’s photos in the hot tub full of bubbles we decided to stay there and make a video. Actually Ryan films himself at the beginning, stripping out of his cammo speedo and playing with his dick. With some porn running on the laptop Ryan works his dick to full erection. When I finally came back in with the video camera I was surprised to find our horny mate standing up giving a full jack off show in the window. I could tell that he was not far off from blowing a load so I got down low on the corner to capture him spurting cum into the bath. Ryan looks pretty satisfied as he heads off to take a shower.

Behind the scenes
5 Jul, 2019

Shooting with our cute boy Andy Samuel in the bathroom

This BTS video was recorded earlier this year when I first met this very cute boy, Andy Samuel. I had been exchanging messages with Andy for some time after seeing him post some hot photos online. I was actually really surprised when I heard that he was up for modelling with me. And even more surprised when we started making out during this first photoshoot. It turns out that Andy is one of the horniest boys now hanging out with us. I was so impressed by his first photoshoot and video that I invited him back for a series of shoots with me and the other guys. Andy is my new beautiful twink star and I can’t wait to shoot a load more scenes with him this year.

Behind the scenes
3 Jul, 2019

Behind the scenes with our super fit mate Marti Trifon

In this BTS video our super fit mate Marti Trifon is posing in a speedo while flexing in the bath tub. There’s a lot of flexing and showing off those huge muscles from our big hairy mate. Marti is a really lovely guy to shoot with. He’s one of our returning straight mates. This is the 3rd shoot Marti has done with me in Berlin. I am so impressed with his big muscly body, handsome looks and super thick cock. You will see me getting him off in his newest video. But in this BTS video you can watch me direct him through his bathroom shoot. The photos from this set look great!

Photo shoot
1 Jul, 2019

Ryan Kai is playing naked in the bubbles for his return shoot

Our hot mate Ryan Kai is back this winter playing in the bubbles in this horny nude shoot. Can you believe it’s been over a year since we have caught up with Ryan. He’s a head of thick floppy blond hair now, and I like that he’s gotten a little more chubby. In today’s shoot Ryan is playing naked in the bubble bath while I take a load of photos. Ryan has got one of the nicest thick bums on the site. So I grab the creamy soap bottle and squirt it all over his butt as he bends over. I’m really happy to get Ryan modelling with us again after missing a year of shoots. I’m hoping he will be back for more hot photos and naughty videos soon. I will post a new video with our soapy mate later this week.

30 Jun, 2019

Getting off my hot mate Lucas Deen

After another hot photoshoot with Lucas Deen I love getting him off on video. In this new video session we see Lucas filming himself pulling out his big cock and wanking on the couch. He’s still wearing the harness from the photoshoot. I return part way through the video to catch my horny mate playing in a very excited state playing with his big dick. So I get down on my knees to begin licking his balls and sucking his cock. I love kissing Lucas. He’s a very passionate kisser. Then he begins sucking on my cock too. I use the Go Pro to get some nice close footage of Lucas’s mouth sliding up and down my dick. I get down low one more time to suck him right off. Lucas gives me a nice spray of cum all over my face. What a fun afternoon that was shooting with my mate.

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