Photo shoot
31 May, 2020

Our adorable mates Tomas and Byron’s first nude shoot together

I’m pretty excited today to be posting about my shoot with our adorable mates Tomas and Byron earlier this year. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a visit from Tomas. When I heard he was coming over I lined him up to meet my cute mate Byron. And I gotta say that the shoot was great! It’s one of the most fun shoots from summer. You can see from the photos how well the guys got along. I love how Byron looks at Tomas. These guys really like each other. There’s a lot of kissing and teasing as we work through the shoot. Byron is a bundle of energy and likes fooling around with Tomas. There are some goofy photos here as the boys play up during the shoot. This all lead to the making of one very hot video. Tomas and Byron’s first video will also load this week. This is one couple of mates I’d love to shoot again.

30 May, 2020

Fucking Cristian Berry in my Berlin hotel

One of the best days of my vacation in Europe was fucking Cristian Berry back at my hotel room. We had just been shooting a load of photos on the bed when I grabbed the video camera to capture Cristian getting off. But when he back up that big round bum toward me I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing it. From there was started to play around more. Cristian was sucking on my dick as I filmed from above. But it’s what happened next that surprised me. As I was crouched on the floor at the bottom of the bed Cristian slid down far enough so that my cock was going inside him. He was getting turned on like crazy as I started pushing up and down. It wasn’t long before my hot mate was blowing his load. It’s one of the horniest shoots from my stay there. Cristian is so much fum to shoot with.

Photo shoot
29 May, 2020

Our happy mate Lukas Schmidt at his first photoshoot

This is the first photoshoot I did with our new happy mate Lukas Schmidt. This speedo and nude shoot in the bathroom was the warm up shoot for Lukas on the day we met up in Melbourne. The 19 year old traveller from Germany was super keen to see how he would look in the photos given that he had never modelled before. What made this shoot even more special is that as well as being good looking, Lukas is a super nice guy. I can imagine travelling around with him would be a lot of fun. IT was a fairly bright day when we took this shots earlier this year and I’m really happy with the results. Afterwards we also went on to take more photos in the studio and make a hot video (which you can watch now). Unfortunately Lukas had to end his trip suddenly and leave Australia during recent events. I’m hoping our paths will cross again sometime. Lukas is also a very talented photographer.

Behind the scenes
27 May, 2020

Early morning shoot with Brad Hunter

This was a really fun early morning shoot in the studio with Brad. It was an odd morning when Brad turned up early for his shoot after doing a run out to the airport. So early that the sun hadn’t even come up yet. So after having breakfast and the sun started to rise we got into a strip show shoot in the studio. It was a funny shoot interrupted several times by Brad running out to feed the parking meter. But I made sure I was getting good quick shots in between. And Brad made one of the hottest solo videos so far in all the shoots he’s done. This shoot was the start of a series of 3 shoots we did before breaking for winter. I can’t wait to show the hot videos we’ve made. In the meantime you can watch this BTS of my directing Brad through this early morning shoot.

Photo shoot
25 May, 2020

My sexy mate Cristian dropped in for a nude shoot

After the fun shoot with Cristian earlier this year I invited him back for another hot nude shoot. I’m amused by this photoset with the beautiful muscle boy because he is wearing my pyjama pants in this shoot at my hotel. I was travelling with very few clothes for the models to wear and I’m glad he managed to wriggle his big thighs and bottom into them. Once again this was a fun shoot with Cristian playing up and being very cheeky during the shoot. I got a lot of nice photos of Cristian showing off his big round bottom and thick uncut dick as he does his strip tease. And as you can see by the photos, things went a lot further between Cristian and I in this shoot. I will post the video we made together a little later this week. In the meantime you can also take a look at Cristian’s first shoot and video. I think everyone should have a horny mate like Cristian Berry.

23 May, 2020

Ralf blows a huge load in his new jack off video

I love how excited Ralf gets when he blows a huge load of cum across the TV and curtains in this video. Our cute straight boy gets really turned on watching the porn on the TV as he wanks on my bed. He gets right into pumping a fleshlight into the mattress as I film around him. I actually have to slow him down from cumming too quickly so I suggest he change positions. But when I know that there’s going to be no stopping him I dropped to my knees and start licking his balls as he gets close. We had know idea how far his load had travelled until I turned the camera around. This is another nice jerk off video from our cute mate in Berlin.

Photo shoot
22 May, 2020

Speedo boy – Connor’s first photoshoot

This is the first photoshoot with our cute new mate, and now speedo boy, Connor Peters. When I first met Connor in Melbourne I got him around for this test shoot in the bathroom. After picking out a speedo we headed to the bathroom to get some nice bright photos of Connor posing in the windows and stripping off naked in the shower. Being mid summer Connor is nicely tanned. The bright eyed Aussie boy has become one of the most requested scene partners amongst our mates. There’s some really nice photos here of Connor soaping up and showing off his super thick dick. I’m looking forward to getting Connor back in for more shoots soon.

Behind the scenes
20 May, 2020

Our beautiful boys Bryon Atwood and Andy Samuel

There’s lots of kissing both on and off screen between our beautiful boys Byron and Andy. I’m glad I had the Go Pros recording the whole shoot to be able to make this BTS video of me directing the boys through their first photoshoot together. They look great together and had so much fun doing this shoot. Andy has already appeared in a load of shoots over the past 2 years. But Byron just started shooting with us this past summer. So this is just his second couple shoot. It’s great when the guys click right away when they first meet for a shoot and this happened between Byron and Andy. You can see that we ended up getting into some very sexy poses for this shoot as the boys got naked. Of course this was just leading up to making their first sex video, which you can also watch right now.

Photo shoot
17 May, 2020

Our cute mate Ralf loves to show off

Our cute mate Ralf Popu is back this week to show off on camera. Ralf and I spent some time during the winter in Berlin hanging out doing these shoots at my hotel. He’s a lot of fun to shoot with and his photos and videos are always hot. Ralf is one of the straight boys shooting with me who gets turned on having their naked photos taken. He likes being helped to get off too. In this shoot Ralf is wearing just a t-shirt, socks and jocks. I got his underwear off so he could play with his thick dick up inside his t-shirt. Ralf gets turned on pretty quickly as he starts watching some porn on the TV. This is when he starts getting really cheeky. He was really apprehensive about getting some nude photos in the window since the next building had people in their windows. But we managed to grab a quick few shots there anyway. I will post Ralf’s new fleshlight fucking later this week.

16 May, 2020

First Video – Nate Anderson jacking his thick cock

Our new mate Nate was getting very horny during the photoshoot before we started recording his first video. I was really surprised when his uncut dick started growing so big and thick as he played with it on the couch. So I grabbed the video camera to capture Nate stripping off one more time. He started pumping his fat dick in his fist hitting his big balls each time. We moved over to the bed where Nate lubes up a rubber fuck toy and proceeds to pound it into the mattress. This gave me a chance to get around and show you his perfect bum as he thrusts into the toy again and again. It was so hard not to jump into this shoot with Nate but I wanted to see him do a solo show first. Make sure you watch this one to the end to see Nate spray his cum all over me as I filmed from down between his legs. This was a very hot shoot. I can’t wait to film again with Nate.

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