Photo shoot
16 Jun, 2019

Photoshoot in the bathroom with Sarpa Van Rider

It’s an extra special photoshoot today with my beautiful mate Sarpa Van Rider. In the limited time I had with Sarpa last month I got this extra shoot with the blond Aussie boy out the back in my bathroom. Sarpa has always been super fit, but now he has muscles bursting out everywhere. And he still has that perfect bottom to die for. So I had him wearing just a skimpy speedo as we headed in to the bathroom. And as he gets naked Sarpa eventually ends up in the bubble bath soapy up his abs and bottom. I am so happy with this photoset. The photos looked a little too dark when I took them, but the results are actually great! Sarpa would have to be one of my all time favourite models. You can go back now and watch all the videos he has featured in.

15 Jun, 2019

Dylan fucks our new British mate Jack Durham

After that fun photoshoot in the studio Dylan gets ready to fuck our new British mate Jack Durham. Dylan loves to fuck and I knew he would be the perfect match for Jack in his first couple video. The photoshoot was just the foreplay to making this video. So by the time I started recording the guys were all ready to go. There’s a lot of kissing and dick sucking in this video as Jack prepares Dylan to fuck him. And Dylan is a machine as he lifts Jack’s giant legs around his neck to get the perfect position to really hammer him. Dylan even grabs the camera to give a POV look at his fucking action. It’s a really nice video from our newly acquainted mates.

Behind the scenes
13 Jun, 2019

Behind the scenes at Lucas Deen’s first nude shoot

Finally I am posting the BTS video from Lucas Deen’s first photoshoot which actually happened earlier this year in my bathroom. Lucas is a total hottie and I was really impressed by the photos I was getting of him posing and stripping out of a wrestling singlet out the back in my bathroom. But then he really surprised me when he started kissing me. From then I knew how the rest of his shoot was going to go down. Lucas is always super horny and ready to have some fun. I have a few more shoots from summer coming up with our sexy new mate.

Photo shoot
11 Jun, 2019

Tate Ryder and Andy Samuel playing naked on the roof

It’s been so much fun shooting with Tate Ryder and Andy Samuel over this summer. But getting them together for a photoshoot on the roof was pretty wild. I had no idea what was going to happen next as Tate took over the directing. At one stage he was actually fucking Andy on the stairs. This is the second part of the gallery from the guys rooftop shoot. Already naked Andy couldn’t keep his hands off Tate’s big erection. And Tate was loving the attention from his new playmate. We finished up the shoot with a super soaker water fight on the roof. The photos in this gallery are great! I will also post the BTS video from this shoot soon.

Photo shoot
9 Jun, 2019

Jack’s first couple nude shoot – Meeting up with Dylan Anderson

I finally got Jack Durham back in for a nude shoot with our hot mate Dylan. I knew when I first met British boy Jack that he would get along really well with Dylan. By the time we got through this photoshoot it was like that were old mates. The shoot was fun with the guys messing around with each other and stripping naked. It was funny because Dylan knew exactly what to do during the shoot, and Jack had no idea what was going on. I made sure I got plenty of photos of the guys kissing, clothed and naked. Both Dylan and Jack are big built guys with big chunky bums. So I wanted to get plenty of shots of the guys showing their bums as they kissed and played around on the bed. These shots turned out really nice, but it’s the video of Jack and Dylan going at it that I can’t wait to see.

8 Jun, 2019

Joe Milano jacks his fat cock on my bed

Here is my gorgeous new mate Joe Milano stripping and jacking off in his first nude video. I really loved hanging out with Joe during my Bangkok vacation. He’s a really sweet and sexy guy. Since it was our first meeting neither of us knew what to expect. But after seeing Joe get naked and stroke his big cock hard during the photoshoot, I couldn’t wait to see what kind of show he would put on on his first video. And I gotta say it is pretty hot. I follow Joe with the camera as he moves around the bed while fisting his fat cock. After a few different positions he lays back and squirts a big load of cum over his belly. I like his big smile when he’s done. I like Joe a lot and I’m so happy with the results of his first shoot.

Photo shoot
6 Jun, 2019

Marti Trifon flexing and soaping up in the bath

One of my favourite straight mates to shoot with is Marti Trifon, especially when he’s soaping up in a bubble bath. At his last shoot I got him into the bathroom for some quick shot in the bath tub and shower of my hotel room. Marti starts in a speedo where he begins flexing in the bathroom before jumping into the bubble bath. The shots of Marti soaping up his muscular body look great! I also grabbed a few shots of him hosing himself down in the shower. But it’s the shots of Marti working his fat cock sitting on the bathroom bench that I like the most. He evens grabs the fleshlight which makes his cock even harder. It’s a really nice photoset from our handsome muscle boy.

Behind the scenes
5 Jun, 2019

Photographing my sexy new mate Gio Velasco

This BTS video gives you a look at me photographing our sexy new mate Gio as I direct him through his first photoshoot in the studio. Gio is a mate of Andy’s. He told me he had this hot guy that I should meet. And I’m glad we did. You will see that Gio is a really sweet guy and is fun to shoot with. I got some great shots of Gio stripping down to his sneakers and socks before working his thick cock hard. I probably took a lot more photos than I needed to, but I loved shooting with him. Gio has since been back for a another shoot since then. So I will post his new photos and video soon.

Photo shoot
3 Jun, 2019

Meet our sexy new mate – 25 y/o Joe Milano

I’m just back from my quick vacation in Bangkok with a mate. While I was over there I had not planned to be shooting with anyone, but then I met this beautiful Italian boy, Joe Milano. 25 year old Joe was also on vacation there. I told him about my website and suggested modelling. I was really surprised when he said yes. And luckily I had my camera along with me to shoot with him. Though no model gear, so Joe is actually wearing my clothes in this shoot. I had a hotel with great light so it was the perfect choice of location for his first shoot. We started with Joe laying on my bed while I got some test shots. And then we moved on to the strip show. Joe is very tall at 187cm, very fit and has quite a big fat dick. We had a fun shoot up in my hotel room and the photos look great! I’m going to enjoy editing Joe’s first video this week.

Behind the scenes
2 Jun, 2019

Behind the scenes with Sarpa Van Rider in the studio

It has been so exciting getting my beautiful mate Sarpa Van Rider back into the studio over the summer. Sarpa is a busy boy. I don’t get to see him very often. But when a chance to get him back into the studio for a return shoot I jumped at the chance. You can see from his new photos and video that our hot mate has been putting some time in at the gym since we saw him last. He looks pretty dam hot wearing his footy shorts and work boots too. Sarpa has always been fun to shoot with, and his new photos are amazing! Now you can watch me directing Sarpa through his shoot. Make sure you also check out his new video.

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