Photo shoot
16 May, 2021

Meet our cute new mate Ryan Matthews

I’m really excited today to have the very cute Ryan Matthews joining us. I have been chatting online to the 27 year old local about coming around and modelling for me. I was pretty keen after seeing some photos he had posted. Ryan is a gymnast. He’s super fit and super cute. And it turned out that he is fun to shoot with too. Ryan had no problem getting naked right away as we selected an outfit for the shoot. And in the studio he was really lovely to photograph. I’m very happy with these photos from his first shoot. Afterwards we had some fun making his first video. I will also load it up this week. I think Ryan is going to make a great addition to our group of mates. I can’t wait to see him get into some shoots with the other guys.

14 May, 2021

Our sexy mate Damien wanking on his inner city roof

I was really surprised to see this hot video of Damien Dyson getting his cock out and wanking on his inner city roof. Ever since the travel restrictions started last year we started experimenting with some of our mates living interstate and overseas making their own videos at home. And I gotta say they have been really creative and really hot! Damien totally surprised me when he dropping into a chair on his inner city building’s rooftop and pulled out his big dick. I knew he was a bit of an exhibitionist. After a few minutes he continues wanking in the public stairwell before getting naked on the couch back in his apartment. It’s a hot show with our handsome mate playing with toys and stroking that big cock until he cums. It’s been a year since I last saw Damien. Seeing this video makes me miss him a lot.

Photo shoot
13 May, 2021

Catching up with my cute mate Nate

When I first met my cute mate Nate last year I had no idea we were going to do a load of shoots over the next 12 months. This is actually one of the first shoots I did with him before the lock down started last year. He’s super cute and a really sweet guy. I can see why I like shooting with his so much. He’s pretty hot naked and has a big thick cock too. All our mates love getting paired up with him. The shots in this set remind me of the time when we were just getting to know each other. Make sure you check out the video where I fuck Nate in the hot tub after taking these photos. I’m hoping to get one more shoot with him before the winter break comes.

Behind the scenes
12 May, 2021

Sexy beefy mates Sam Sivahn and Zak Bray

Our sexy beefy mates Sam and Zak were the perfect coupling for a sweaty naked shoot in the studio. I couldn’t wait to see Sam and Zak getting in on in a new video. But first I wanted to grab a set of photos of the guys kissing and stripping each other naked. I think it’s very cute that Sam picked out the Mickey Mouse t-shirt for the shoot. He admitted later that he was quite nervous meeting our handsome mate Zak. The photos look great from this session and the sex video that made afterwards is really hot. I can’t wait to get them back for more shoots with our mates.

Photo shoot
9 May, 2021

Naked fun with Sarpa and Andy in the bathroom

Two of my sexy mate having hot naked fun in the bathroom. Sarpa and Andy was one of my unexpected successful match ups last year. They got along and had so much fun together that I invited them back over for second session. In this shoot I’ve got the boys kissing and playing around in speedos in the bathroom. They lose the speedos in the shower where Sarpa begins licking Andy’s bum. I can tell by the look on his face how much he enjoys it. Sarpa then pours a load of creamy soap on Andy’s bum and uses it as lube to start fucking him. The boys had fun making this and the photos look great! Make sure you check out Sarpa and Andy’s 2 hot sex videos now loaded.

7 May, 2021

Byron and Eddie’s hot sex session in the studio

Our cute mates sex session in the studio is here! After all their playfulness in the photoshoot I was excited to see the boys let loose on the bed. This is the first time I’ve seen Byron bottom, and he’s really good at it. I think he and Eddie are the perfect match. From hot kissing on the couch, long deep cock sucking on the bed, followed by fucking in a load of different positions. And Eddie wasn’t going to stop hammering Byron until both of them were totally spent. It’s one of the nicest fucking sessions I’ve had the pleasure to record. You’ll see why I like shooting with these boys when you check their photos and watch this video. I will also post the BTS video from this shoot soon.

Behind the scenes
6 May, 2021

Behind the scenes at Nate’s rooftop nude shoot

One of my favourite shoots over was Nate’s rooftop nude shoot. It was a perfect warm day to get naked outside so Nate and I headed up to the rooftop to get these shots. There’s nothing nicer than getting some shots of our mates naked outside. This is Nate’s first time getting naked outside, and he loved it! Make sure you check out the photos from this shoot. This BTS video is bit longer since it follows us back to the studio were Nate gets naked again and shows off that thick uncut cock. I’m missing summer already.

Behind the scenes
5 May, 2021

Behind the scenes with my cute mate Rick Dalton

My cute mate Rick Dalton is back for his second shoot. I hoped he would do another after the fun we had at his first return shoot. We shot some photos in a bubble bath and then there shots on the couch. Rick is really cute and gets horny very easily. After getting him naked on the couch and up on my table, I set the videos cameras up to capture me getting him off. Maybe sure you also check out the video we made. And I’ll post Ricks photos in the bubble bath soon. You can also click on his name to go back and watch that video he first made all those years ago with Zac.

Photo shoot
3 May, 2021

Our cheeky mates Byron and Eddie in their first shoot together

I have been wanting to get our cheeky mates Byron and Eddie for a while now. They knew each other before the shoot but had not hooked up before. And I love how excited that are for this shoot. I forgot that Byron had selected skates for the shoot as they played around the bedroom while getting dressed. Then in the studio we get down to business with the boys kissing and stripping each other naked as I take a load of photos. I love the passionate action between them. The photos look good and we had a lot of fun taking them. After looking through this set again I can see why I like shooting with them. I will load their first video together later this week. You can also check out their videos with our other mates now.

1 May, 2021

Horny Brit mate Michael Kent jerking off

Our Brit mate Michael is back this week stripping and getting off. After taking a load of photos getting naked and getting hard, Michael was ready to get off by the time I started filming him. With some porn playing on the TV and lube and fleshlight nearby we were ready to go. I like watching Michael get to work putting on a hot show as he strips naked again. He pumps his cock in and out of the fleshlight while watching some straight porn. After a few different positions he gets down on the floor with me and gives his final strokes before spurting a load of cum. It’s really nice work from our hot Brit mate.

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