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Photo shoot
19 May, 2024

My cute mate Cody James is back in the studio this week showing off his bulge in several pairs of tight underwear I picked out for him. Cody is a good mate and one of my favourite models. I wanted to get a ne shoot with him before the end of summer. So we got together to get some photos of him stripping off and showing his big cock bulging out of some smallish undies. He’s always so much fun to shoot with and I love seeing him trying to contain that thick dick in small undies. I like the outfit he chose for this shoot. He looks great in the blue Adidas sneakers and socks. In fact it’s all he’s wearing by the time we finish taking the photos. I’ve got a hot fleshlight fucking video coming later this week too. Cody is gorgeous and I can’t wait to get him over for more action scenes with the boys soon.

17 May, 2024

Our new mate Connor had just finished helping out on Luke’s shoot when it came his turn to strip and jerk off on video. After seeing him posing naked during the photoshoot I knew he was going to put on a hot show. Luke has got a long lean smooth body and a beautiful uncut dick. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do in his first video. I got down on the floor to get in nice and close so you can see him stroking his cock. He looks amazing from behind too as he shows off his bottom bending over on the couch. I think Connor is really beautiful and fun to shoot with. I’m looking forward to filming with him again soon.

Behind the scenes
15 May, 2024

This is the behind the scenes footage from that chaotic 3 way shoot between the Americans Kyler and Max, and French boy Buzz. It was always going to be a challenging shoot because I knew that Buzz wanted to go straight to having sex with these hot guys. So I really hurried through the photoshoot making sure I got a load of photos by the time they were fully naked. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kyler, Max and Buzz were the perfect group to put together for this scene. And it really shows in the results. I hadn’t realised until we begun shooting that I had in the traffic light colours of red, yellow and green. You can see this was a really fun photoshoot. But make sure you also go and check out the 3 way video we made afterwards. It’s one of our best group scenes so far.

Photo shoot
12 May, 2024

A few weeks ago I met up with this beautiful British boy Connor Stone. When I heard from Connor and his mate Luke I couldn’t wait to meet them and get them over to the studio. I love British guys and both Connor and Luke are adorable. And I’m so happy that one of their first Australian experiences is popping in to strip naked in the studio. This sessions really fun because I was shooting the guys in solo sessions as the other watched on and filmed some BTS footage. There was a little bit of ribbing going on as Connor was posing for me. He’s tall and lean with a very handsome face. And what a smile! We had a lot of fun doing these photoshoots with the guys. I also have a video of Connor jerking off when we finished taking these photos. I will load Connor’s first video this week too.

10 May, 2024

After getting naked and rockhard in his photoshoot it was time for Benny to make a hot wanking and fleshlight fucking video. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do in this scene. Armed with a fleshlight and lube he got to work teasing me with his bulge build up in his jockstrap. I know that Benny mostly bottoms in his scenes but he’s got one of the nicest fat uncut cocks too. It’s always dripping tasty precum whenever he gets excited. As he’s humping the fleshlight on the couch I made sure to get some footage of his perfect bottom bouncing up and down. After seeing this again today I can see why he’s one of my favourite mates on the site. Make sure you watch this one to the end.

Behind the scenes
8 May, 2024

My muscly mate Andy looks hot in soccer gear as he strips naked in this photoshoot. When he dropped in over summer for a new shoot I suggested stripping out of soccer gear. And I’m glad he liked the idea because he looks amazing naked in long soccer socks. Any is one of the guys that I love hanging out and shooting with. Since we met just over a year ago he has appeared in a bunch of solo and couple scenes with our mates. He even played a special part in the Christmas shoot. It’s really not difficult to get amazing photos of Andy. After seeing this shoot again today I can’t wait to get him over for more hot scenes this year.

Photo shoot
5 May, 2024

I love getting my cute mate Benny Fox naked. On my birthday I had the special treat of getting to hang out with one of my favourite mates. I was long over due for a catch up and shoot with Benny, so we decided to meet up for a cheeky photo and video shoot. Benny spent a lot of the past year travelling in other countries, so we have not seen much of him on the site. He’s looking cute as ever and super fit. He always loves showing off and is so much fun in our shoots. Mostly he’s been in scenes with the other guys, but on this day I was lucky to get him to myself. He looks adorable in a jockstrap and high top sneakers. Benny has one of the nicest bums of all our mates. It looks amazing in a jockstrap. I’m impressed by his rock hard uncut cock that was dripping premium by the end of this shoot. I will also load up a new video of Benny later this week. In the meantime make sure you also take a look at his hot videos with Jamie and Beau.

3 May, 2024

Beau Jackson sucks off our mate Jamie in their first video session in the studio. From the very start of our shoot Beau couldn’t to suck on Jamie’s massive cock. So I worked through the photoshoot quickly so we could start making this video. It was Jamie who was ripping off Beau’s clothes first and worshipping his big muscly body. I could tell that he really wanted to fuck Beau as he pushed his face between his big butt cheeks. You can tell by the look on Beau’s face he’s loving the feeling of Jamie try to push his cock in his hole as he pushes back on him. Then he turns around and sits on Jamie’s face almost smothering him between his cheeks. Make sure you watch this one right to the end to see Beau take Jamie’s load while sucking him off on the couch. This is now my favourite shoot from summer. Both Jamie and Beau are amazing guys. They are so much fun to shoot with.

Behind the scenes
1 May, 2024

I’m finally getting up the behind the scenes footage from this scene with our cute mates Rory and Ryan. And the theme of the shoot definitely gives away how long ago we shot this. The studio was still decorated for Christmas so I had Rory and Ryan get in on the fun playing naked in Santa hats for part of the shoot before making a super hot video. This was actually the first time they had met. It’s always exciting when two of our mates get together for the first. This pairing had been on my mind for a while. I knew they would get along really well. Seeing this footage again today makes me want to get them in for a new shoot again soon. Make sure you also check out Rory and Ryan’s scene video.

Photo shoot
28 Apr, 2024

One of the hottest shoots of summer happened when I paired up our fit mates Beau Jackson and Jamie Fawkes. It’s pairing I hadn’t actually planned to happen. But when it did I’m amazing at how well they got along together. Before I could even take the first photo Beau was already on his knees sucking on Jamie’s big cock. Both Beau and Jamie play footy so I had them dressed in sports gear and long football socks for this shoot. And when I saw the photos during the edit today I realised how many stunning shots we got. Jamie is super horny and loves playing with Beau’s big muscle bum in that jockstrap. And Beau is totally drooling all over Jamie’s throbbing cock. For a coupling between our mates that I had not imagined before, the photos and the video we made afterwards are really hot. This was so much fun to make. It’s a coupling of our mates that I would love to do again. Beau and Jamie’s video will also load up later this week.

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