Behind the scenes
17 Oct, 2018

BTS with our new straight mate Mark Smith

This is the behind the scenes video of my shoot with 18 year old straight boy Mark Smith in Berlin. Mark is the first guy I met when I arrived in Berlin after my long trip from Australia. I was exhausted when I did this shoot. But having the adorable Mark Smith to shoot in my hotel room picked me up. He even brought along his mate who shot this BTS video. The footage is a little bumpy, but it was great having the camera follow us around the room. In this video I am directing Mark through his strip show on the bed, on the couch, and yeah, in the window. I think I shot him in every part of the room. Mark is incredibly fit and very handsome. I would have done a second shoot with him, expect that he was leaving the city the very next day. As well as this video, you can also watch Mark in his first jack off video. What a great start to my visit to Europe.

Photo shoot
14 Oct, 2018

Country boy Perry Jameson is visiting for his first shoot

I’m pretty excited today to be introducing our new mate, country boy Perry Jameson. The 29 year old comes from regional Victoria. He was introduced to me by one of our mutual porn mates. The first thing I noticed about Perry is his big arms and his boyish nature. Perry is popping with energy and always happy. He was a bit hesitant about doing any nude modelling to begin with. But I’m glad he did, because he’s really hot as he strips off to show his muscles and hairy chest. And he’s a lot of fun to shoot with too. But the real surprise came when he dropped his shorts. You see Perry has got a huge dick. My friend had warned me, and he wasn’t wrong. Perry’s big cock gets hard pretty quick during this shoot and stays like that until the whole shoot finishes. I like the artwork over his body too, especially the palm trees on his butt cheek. Perry brings a lot of fun to the studio, and I think our mates are going to love him. What a nice addition to our group of hot mates, and a great start to the new season of shooting. Welcome Perry!

13 Oct, 2018

Hot flip fuck action with our mates Tomas and Layton

I love watching Layton in action with Tomas Kyle in this hot flip fuck video. The photoshoot with the guys was fun, but the real action to watch is Layton as he takes charge of this scene with Tomas. He’s barely got his clothes off before he pushes Tomas to the floor and mounts his cock. Things move very quickly in this scene. I guess they were already pretty horny from the photoshoot. But I really like that they take turns fucking each other as they move on to the bed. It’s another great action scene from our sexy mates. I will also post a BTS from the photoshoot soon. These guys are adorable!

Photo shoot
12 Oct, 2018

The naked weekend with Luc Dean and Damien Dyson

I was so excited to get our beautiful mates Luc and Damien together while Luc was in town for the weekend. I invited the guys around to my city hotel room for a photoshoot and a video. You may have already seen the spa tub video posted recently. But I didn’t want to forget the photoshoot where the guys had just met, and were about to strip each other naked. Both Luc and Damien have now appeared in a load of my shoots. So they know the process now. But on this day they were really excited to be meeting each other for the first time. They look so handsome in their checkered shirts and glasses at the start of this shoot. So I start directing them to strip each other’s clothes off as I take loads of photos. Both Luc and Damien are funny boys, so we had a real lot of fun during this set. At times it was hard to be serious for the photos. I will post a BTS video from this session soon. But for know you can enjoys Luc and Damien’s new photoset, and that video from the spa tub.

Behind the scenes
10 Oct, 2018

Follow James and Dylan in their first shoot together

Now you can follow our mates James and Dylan through their first shoot together in this BTS video. We started with some fun shots out in the back lanes of Melbourne’s CBD. The guys had only just met and were getting to know each other. It’s back in the studio where the guys start kissing and stripping each other naked. James has always been a big muscle boy, but Dylan is not far behind him. It’s nice pairing up two of our fittest mates. The photoshoot went really well with the guys having a laugh during it. It was nice getting those rock hard cock shots at the end too. Make sure you check out the boys video too.

Photo shoot
8 Oct, 2018

Hooking up our sexy mates Tomas Kyle and Layton Charles

With our sexy mate Tomas Kyle in town recently I got him over to meet British boy Layton Charles. You might have seen Layton in some very hot videos with our mates from last summer. Tomas was very excited about getting to meet and shoot with Layton. To give the guys time to get to know each other we headed out to the banks of the Yarra River for a little photo session. The passing tourists would have no idea that we were about to get into a hot naked shoot in the studio nearby. Layton is always horny and couldn’t wait to start playing with his new mate. You will see in this photoset that the guys get in to some hot positions for the photos. And I gotta say that Tomas is looking super fit as he gets naked and his fat dick is standing to attention. I stopped taking photos during Tomas sucking on Layton’s dick. I didn’t want them to go too far before we start making a video.

6 Oct, 2018

Mark Smith’s first jack off video

My sexy new mate Mark Smith’s first jack off video is here. It was a little while ago that I shot this with Mark in Berlin but it’s still fresh in my mind. Mark is one of the most handsome 18 year old boys I have gotten to shoot with. He was really amused by all the attention he was getting during the photoshoot. And now with some porn on the TV and a hand full of lube, Mark is ready to finish off the shoot with a jack off show. Moving around on the bed, Mark was great at getting in to positions so I could film all around him. He looks so hot wanking on my bed. His muscles all tense up as he gets close to cumming. Our fans of long socks on the guys will appreciate Mark keeping his on today and pulling them up high.

Behind the scenes
5 Oct, 2018

Behind the scenes with our pumped mate Martif Trifon

My hot mate Martif is looking fully pumped for his new shoot in the Berlin studio. I had not seen him for over a year so I was interested to see how he would be looking. Well he is a bit hairier this time, more tanned (being the middle of summer) and definitely a lot more muscular. He was 21 when I met him, so I guess he’d be 23 years old now. He’s a big boy and he loves showing off his muscles. You will see in this BTS video that Marti is putting on a muscle flexing show as he strips naked. And with some porn on the TV he pushes a lubed up fleshlight down on his cock which makes him rock hard. Marti has got one of the nicest fat dicks. Make sure you watch the video where I get down to wanking off my muscle mate.

Behind the scenes
3 Oct, 2018

Shooting with Kell Fuller in my balcony pool

Hanging out in Berlin with my sexy Russian mate Kell was so much fun. This is the BTS video for our first shoot out on the balcony. And it’s actually the first time trying out shooting in the inflatable pool too. I was nervous he was going to fall out of it, or it would explode mid way through the shoot. But the shoot was actually a lot of fun, and the photos from it look great! So there will be a few more shoots in the pool coming up. In the meantime you can now enjoy Kell splashing about naked in my little balcony pool.

Photo shoot
30 Sep, 2018

Meet our sexy new mate Mark Smith at his first nude shoot

When I was visiting Berlin recently I met some really sexy guys to shoot with. The first guy I met was 18 year old Mark Smith from eastern Europe. He was visiting Berlin with his mates and enquired about doing a shoot. Well he looked really cute in his photos, so I got him around to my hotel for a shoot. He actually brought one of his mates along who hung out with us and helped make a BTS video while I took Mark’s photos. Now you will see in the photos that Mark (who is straight) is super fit. An amazing set of abs, and perfect round bum, and a nice fat uncut cock. Up in my hotel room we had a lot of fun taking some stripping photos and making a hot video. I think the very handsome Mark Smith is going to be very popular. He’s going to make a great addition to our group of sexy mates.

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