Photo shoot
14 Oct, 2019

Catching up with my cute and hung mate Cody James

I’m pretty excited this week to post a new shoot with my mate Cody James. You might remember Cody used to shoot with me a lot before he moved away 3 years ago. When I heard that he would be spending a couple of days in the city we got in touch again and organised for a catch up and a quick shoot. It was really great seeing him again and making a fun shoot. This was my first shoot back after the long winter break, so I was worried about being a bit rusty with the photos. But the shots look great! And Cody is looking super fit! He’s gotten quite a bit more muscular since I last saw him. The shoot was fun and the photos look great. But wait until you see the new video of Cody working his extra big dick on the dick. It’s really hot. I will load Cody’s new video later this week. I’m now looking forward to his next visit. You can now catch up on all of Cody’s previous videos.

11 Oct, 2019

Fucking Joe in the bath tub

I didn’t expect to be having this much fun on my vacation until I met Joe in Thailand. This is the second shoot I did with the handsome Italian during my stay. After taking Joe’s photos I set him up with the camera to make a video while I went for a bath. Joe’s selfie session on the couch is very hot as he gives us a close up of his big cock growing from soft to hard. But then it gets even more interesting when he joins me in the bubble bath. My cock quickly grew between his legs as he straddled me in the hot water. I slip deep into the water so I could suck on Joe’s cock before turn him around to lick his bum. Meanwhile Joe is down low sucking on my dick. He’s really turned on now and sticks my cock in him. It’s while he pumping up and down on my dick that he ejaculates all over my face. Dam.. Joe is amazing and I really want to shoot another video with him now.

Behind the scenes
10 Oct, 2019

Directing Ryan Kai through his new photoshoot

This is the BTS video footage of me directing our cute mate Ryan Kai through his returning photoshoot. It’s really great having Ryan back after a break away from shooting in the past year. As you can tell from these BTS videos Ryan is fun to hang out with and has no problem getting his gear off and getting hard for the photos. But it’s his willingness to try different scenarios that I like about Ryan. We had just been having a catch up chat on the couch when we started taking these photos. I have lost count of how many videos I have made with Ryan. I’m planning to make some more with him this summer.

Behind the scenes
8 Oct, 2019

Directing sexy Latino Gio in his first nude shoot

This BTS video shows the first time I actually met sexy latino Gio Velasco. My friend Andy suggested Gio should come and model for me. So I got him around for a simple speedo/nude shoot in my bathroom. Gio is a really sweet guy as well as being very sexy. The perfect addition to our group of mates. I have already begun shooting Gio with some of our mates just before the break. Our fit hung new mate will be joining us again this summer for some hot shoots. In the meantime you can check out his first solo video, as well as his videos with Andy and Brock.

Photo shoot
6 Oct, 2019

My mate Joe from Italy is back for a hot new shoot and video

My sexy fit mate from Italy is back this week getting his gear off and showing off his thick body and cock. You might remember that I met 25 year old Joe earlier this year during my vacation in Thailand. I was so impressed by Joe at his first shoot that I organised to meet him again. This time Joe was going to be stripping out of some sports gear and then I would be getting him off in the bath tub. Joe was up for trying anything so I had him naked on the desk showing off that gorgeous fat cock as he flexed his muscles. We even took some fun shots with Joe wearing a body harness that I picked up over there. I think Joe would look good in anything. He was great sport getting naked and pulling some cheeky poses for me. I will post Joe’s newest video later this week.

5 Oct, 2019

Watch Andy squirt his load while I fuck him on the couch

I love playing around with Andy in his shoots and making his squirt a load of cum. In his new video Andy starts out playing with a fat dlido, pushing it deep into his hole. He is directing his own video here, making sure you see every angle close up. Then I return to the studio to help him out. With Andy laying back on the couch I pull my own cock out and push it inside. While I am down on my knees fucking him Andy grabs the Go Pro in one hand and the fleshlight in the other and begins fucking himself with the rubber fuck toy to bring himself off while making sure you get a closer look. It’s one of the hottest videos I’ve made with Andy. And what a fun way to end our day of taking naughty photos around the city.

Behind the scenes
4 Oct, 2019

Behind the scenes with our cute nerdy boy Sam Angel

Earlier this year I was shooting with a bunch of new local boys including this 18 year old cute nerdy looking boy, Sam Angel. Sam had been taking his own photos before coming around to the studio, so he already had some experience posing in front of the camera. I got him set up in the studio in a t-shirt, sneakers and board to get some cheeky skater shots as he slowly stripped naked. There are some really nice shots from this set. I’m hoping Sam will join us again for more shoots over this coming Aussie summer.

Behind the scenes
2 Oct, 2019

Brad’s super slippery photoshoot in the hot tub

This is a really fun shoot with Brad Hunter as he gets super slippery in his hot tub shoot. I actually added way too much soap to the tub that he found it difficult to stay still in there. This is Brad’s recent speedo shoot as I directed him through a new bubble bath scene. The fleshlight is favourite toy in the tub as he fills it with hot soapy water before pushing all the water out the other end with his fat dick. Afterwards I joined Brad in the tub where he starts riding on my cock. Like I said, this was a really fun shoot. You can check out all of Brad’s videos now available for viewing.

Photo shoot
30 Sep, 2019

Shooting in the city with our naughty boy Andy

What a fun shoot I had with our cute naughty boy Andy Samuel. After I bought my new camera early winter I wanted to get one of mates to hang out and model for me. Andy was incredibly brave to get his gear off in the middle of winter in Melbourne. We started out in the lanes where Andy started doing some cheeky poses with his bum hanging out. And then we found an old disused office block where we could take photos up in the back fire escape. These photos look amazing! I didn’t want Andy to freeze out there so we headed back to the studio to finish the shoot in a warm room before starting on Andy’s new video. You can see in the photos we had fun making that too. I will post Andy’s new video later this week. In the meantime you can check out Andy’s new photoset taken with the new camera and also all the videos we have made so far. Andy is such a good model!

28 Sep, 2019

Matt and Sam flip fuck after their photoshoot

This is one hot video from our mates Matt and Sam as they flip fuck on the bed after their photoshoot. The guy were getting really turned on during the photoshoot and I could tell they just wanted to get on with having sex and getting each other off. Matt is a great top, shoving his oversized cock up Sam’s tight hole in their first video. But you will be surprised that it’s actually Matt who gets fucked first in this new scene. In fact Matt admits he is very close to cumming as Sam drills him on the bed. He then turns Sam around to have another go on our muscle boy’s chunky bum. I love watching Sam get hammered by Matt. These guys are incredibly hot on video. They don’t stop until they are totally spent.

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