Behind the scenes
3 Aug, 2021

A behind the scenes peek at Michael’s first photoshoot

Take a peek behind the scenes at Michael Kent’s first shoot with me. Many of our guys first shoots happen in the bathroom. It’s a great way to get the guys mostly naked to see how they go being semi and fully naked in a photoshoot. It’s also a great way to get some speedo/nude/wet photos. In this case Michael was about to soapy up naked in the shower. Being the middle of summer Michael was really tanned for this shoot. So the soapy really stood out on his skin. I ended up pouring a lot of the soap over his bum to get is really soaped up. Later I get him up soapy up near the window wanking his dick hard. I really like the photos from this set. Michael’s a really nice guy too.

Photo shoot
1 Aug, 2021

Introducing our cute new mate Andrew Tran

I’m pretty excited today to be introducing our cute new mate Andrew Tran. This cute 21 year old from regional Victoria travelled into the city to meet me for this shoot. We were chatting online before we met after I saw some hot videos he was making. His big dick cumming videos are really hot. Andrew is a really sweet and cute boy. I was looking forward to meeting and shooting with him. The photoshoot section of our shoot went really well. And I’m really impressed with these photos. Andrew has got one of the nicest bums I’ve seen and a pretty good sized cock too. He gets horny very quick as we work through the shoot. I love these shots as he gets fully naked and ends up with a hard cock while still wearing the socks and Cons. Andrew is a lot of fun to shoot with. I am working on the hot video we made and will load it also later this week. Andrew is going to make a really nice addition to our group of cute horny mates this year.

30 Jul, 2021

Andy gets bent over and fucked by our hung mate Nate

Our horny boy Andy Samuel gets bent over and fucked by Nate with his big thick cock. After getting naked and fooling around with each other in the photoshoot Andy was super horny for this video session. He gets Nate’s dick out of his shorts one more time and quickly starts sucking on it as I move in to get a closer view. I can see that Nate’s plan today was to fuck Andy in as many different positions as possible. He even grabs the go pro so you can get a closer look of his cock sliding up Andy’s bum. In it’s final position he’s humping Andy’s little bum before he pulls out and cuts all over his bottom. Andy quickly follows squirting a load on the bed. He’s absolutely spent after having ridden Nate’s big dick all this time. Just look at that big smile when he’s all done.

Behind the scenes
28 Jul, 2021

Shooting Zak and Dylan naked out on the roof

There were some very hot moments between out mates on the roof over summer. Here is the BTS video from my shoot with our sexy mates Zak and Dylan out on the roof. I had only planned to get some quick shots out on the roof before getting the nude photos in the studio. But the kissing on the roof lead to Dylan’s shorts coming off, and then both of them were naked and Dylan was down sucking on Zak’s big cock. It was such a perfect warm day for this shoot. I shouldn’t be surprised the guys were quick to get naked. We continue the shoot in the studio where I got some great shots of the guys getting into it. Make sure you also check out the hot video we made when the photoshoot stopped.

Photo shoot
25 Jul, 2021

Our cute mates Andy and Nate making out in the studio

My adorable mates Andy and Nate are back together making out in a hot new shoot in the studio. We had so much shooting with the boys last year I wanted to get them back for another round. I love the cute outfits they chose for this shoot. It took them a little more work to strip each other naked in this shoot. But it was worth the wait as the guys kissed and played around with each other as they pulled each others clothes off. Andy is always fun to shoot with. He’s a bundle of energy. I will include some of the stills from the video here too so you can see what’s coming up in their video session together later this week. You can also scroll back to December to see their first shoot together.

23 Jul, 2021

Watch our sexy mate Reece get off in the studio

After that hot naked shoot on the roof Reece was really turned on and ready to get off. We had finished the photoshoot with Reece naked and rock hard in the studio. So with some porn playing on the TV I grabbed the video camera to capture him getting off. I followed Reece as he stripped off one more time on the bed. He grabs a fleshlight and lubes it up to fuck. I like the positions he gets into here as his hips thrust his cock in and out of the fuck toy. He even shoves it into the couch to show you a bit of his hands free fucking action. I love see his muscle bum bouncing up and down as he gets going fast. Eventually our sexy mate lays back on the couch and squirts a nice load of cum across his belly. I love watching Reece in action.

Behind the scenes
21 Jul, 2021

Behind the scenes with sexy muscle boy Matthew

This is the BTS video from the shoot I directed with our sexy new muscle boy Matthew. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out because I have not done a whole shoot with the guy wearing a mask before. But actually it ended up being a fun shoot. And Matthew’s photos look great! This is his first shoot so there was a little bit of first time nerves here. But I think it went really well. Of course it helps that Matthew is super hot. And he’s a really nice guy too. I’m pretty excited to be shooting with him this year and I can’t wait to get him over for more. We also took some photos in the hot tub which I will also post soon. Matthew is a straight 23 year old tradie from the suburbs of Melbourne. He’s super keen to model and show off his hot body.

Photo shoot
18 Jul, 2021

Our naughty mate Reece is showing off naked on the roof

I couldn’t wait to photograph Reece showing off naked on the roof over summer. On this perfect day in the city we headed out on the roof with Reece in a pair of super tight shorts and sneakers for this hot skater boy shoot. I took a tonne of photos with Reece showing off his beautiful thick muscle bum as he slipped out of his shorts. There are some beautiful shots here as our sexy mate slowly got full naked. You will see in the coming BTS video that we had a lot of fun doing this shoot. We headed back to the studio where I got the remaining shots of Reece naked again and bring his cock to full erection. After looking at these photos I can see why Reece is one of my favourite models. A new video is coming too later this week.

16 Jul, 2021

Dylan and Sam’s hot fucking session

I knew this was going to end in a hot fucking session when I saw Dylan and Sam all over each other during the photoshoot. Over having been naked together through the shoot they were ready to get off in this new video session. Starting with some kissing on the couch Dylan then pulls down Sam’s shorts and starts sucking on his cock. They quickly get naked and Sam gets down to suck Dylan’s cock too. Over on the bed Dylan throws Sam’s legs up in the air so he can get down low and lick his hole. He’s just preparing his mate for a hot fucking session. I love the way Dylan fuck’s Sam. He just keeps going and going! This is one of my favourite couple shoots. It’s also their second shoot together.

Photo shoot
15 Jul, 2021

Michael’s first shoot – Soaping up on the shower

This is the first photoshoot I did with Michael Kent when we met early in summer. I wanted to get some shots of this straight British boy in the shower before heading to the studio. I wanted a simple shoot with Michael in some skimpy shorts and naked in the bathroom. He’s pretty easy going and was happy to strip off in the bathroom and soap up in the shower while I grabbed a load of shots. Being the beginning of summer Michael is very tanned, and really fit. Being a perfect warm day he rode his skateboard across the city to meet me. Michael’s photos look great and I really enjoyed shooting with him. Before he headed off on his travels I got a chance to shoot with him out on the roof. I will post that shoot soon.

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