24 Jun, 2023

My hot mate Kell Fuller gave himself a cum facial at the end of his new video shoot. After we had finished taking photos I let Kell take over directing his own video. I followed him around with the camera as he stripped naked again on the couch. He loves to show off his bottom while wanking his uncut dick. Then he lubes is up and slides into a fleshlight for some toy fucking fun. When he moves onto the bed I suggested a big dildo for him to ride on. I love watching him slide up and down on that thing. It wasn’t long before Kell slides his fingers into his hole and then his whole hand. I’m pretty amazed seeing him now fisting himself. Kell is an incredibly skilled bottom. Make sure you watch this right to the end to see his huge cum facial. Kell puts on a really hot show in this video.

Photo shoot
22 Jun, 2023

It’s bath time in this photoshoot with my sexy mate Tom Robinson. When I had Tom over for a new shoot I took the chance to get some shots of him soaking in a bubble bath. First I grabbed some photos with Tom wearing a speedo before he slipped into the tub. This was a lot of fun with Tom dropping his speedo in the hot water before showing off his gorgeous bubble butt. I’ve had some really fun shoots with Tom, but I think these are my favourite photos. Seeing this again makes me want to do more bubble bath shoots. Make sure you also check out Tom’s videos.

Behind the scenes
21 Jun, 2023

When I started having some free time to do some shooting over winter in Berlin the first guy I met was the beautiful David Khalid. A very beautiful young guy who had recently moved there from the Middle East. We had a little trouble communicating when we first got in contact. And I could tell he was a bit apprehensive about my proposal. But once we met we got along really well, and it turned out that David is a really sweet boy. We had fun picking out some clothes and taking a load of photos. There’s actually two parts to this shoot so I will load up the second part very soon.

Photo shoot
18 Jun, 2023

Over my winter stay in Berlin I got to catch up with my sexy mate Kell Fuller. And it’s actually the first time I’ve gotten to do a shoot with him since 3 years ago. I was really impressed when I met the beautiful Russian when he was 19 in 2017. We did a bunch of really fun shoots then over a couple of years. While I was in staying in the city for a few weeks I had been hanging out Kell a few times. I’m so glad he was up for doing a new shoot. He’s super fit and looks great in jockstrap. He put on a really hot show making a new video too. These are the photos and some video preview shots from the day. I will post Kell’s new video this week. In the meantime you can check out some of the hot shoots we did in the park and on my balcony from our previous shoots.

16 Jun, 2023

British porn star Leo Rex gets fucked hard by Dylan in their first video scene together. The guys were ready to get into it before the shoot had even begun. You can tell in the photoshoot and in this video that Leo loves to fool around with his new mate, They had already been making out naked in the photoshoot. By the time we started filming they were ready to get off. Dylan was quick to pull all of Leo’s clothes off as they start the scene on the couch. It quickly moves to Dylan fucking Leo on the bed. I wasn’t sure how much this boy could take. It turns out.. a lot! When he’s done getting fucked from behind he jumps on top of Dylan to start riding his cock. I love watching Leo enjoying himself on top of Dylan. This has to be one of the hottest fucking scenes from summer.

Behind the scenes
15 Jun, 2023

At the time I didn’t know I was directing one of the hottest shoots of summer. Both Buzz and Charlie had only just done their first solo shoots in the studio when I invited them back to meet each other for a session together in the studio. I had no idea how they were going to get along. If you have seen the video they made together you will know that it got pretty wild, with the guys taking turns at fucking each other. This is the behind the scenes footage from the photoshoot before making that video. The guys are really adorable together. This is one pair up that I would love to do again.

Photo shoot
11 Jun, 2023

Before Leo Rex headed off to continue his travels around Australia I set up some time for him to meet my mate Dylan. I had seen some of porn star Leo’s work and really wanted to see him getting into some action with one of my hottest mates. Dylan was really keen when I suggested he meet this gorgeous British boy that I’d just met. The guys got along really well as they picked out clothes for the shoot. Dylan quickly found out that Leo is a wild boy. They were already making out before the shoot started. So I quickly worked through this photoshoot so we could get onto making a video. Their first video together will load up later this week. In the meantime, here are the photos from the photoshoot. Leo’s video with me is also loaded up now.

9 Jun, 2023

My sexy mate Rico Fatale blew his load on me as I filmed his new jerk off video for the site. Rico had already put on a hot show during his photoshoot. He had been stripping his clothes off and showing off his perfect bum while his big cock grew hard. I got him to repeat the process again while I filmed him. Rico is a great performer and loves showing off on camera. So I let him move around the room while I following with the camera. He’s got a great bum so I’m glad he takes time to show it off. It wasn’t until I was laying on the floor filming him from below that he suddenly started cumming on me. After seeing this video again I think I should get Rico back in for a couple shoot.

Behind the scenes
9 Jun, 2023

I love shooting scenes with my cute mate Andrew. Since we met two years ago we have done a bunch of shoots together and with the other guys. Apart from being pretty hot in the shoots, he’s become a good mate to hang out with. This BTS video was taken from the winter shoot we did over the hotel. I really liked the outfit of white sneakers with the white jockstrap. He looks great stripping out of this outfit. After seeing this shoot again today I can see why I ended up in the video with him. Make sure you check out the video where Andrew blows his load on me. We will be shooting some new scenes very scene.

Behind the scenes
7 Jun, 2023

This is the behind the scenes video from Dante’s first studio. I was really excited that Dante was coming over for a nude shoot. But the big surprise was that he brought his mate Charlie Sparks who also did a shoot that day. In fact the footage here is all shot by Charlie and I think he did a great job keeping track of us through this shoot. Dante has gotta be one of the hottest boys in Melbourne right now. I was super impressed when we met last winter for a shoot in the hotel. He’s got an amazing body, the most perfect bum, and a big cock that’s always hard. Since shooting this scene he’s already been back for a couple shoot with Andy. I learnt then that he’s a very talented top too. I can’t wait to see more of Dante in action.

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