Photo shoot
19 Mar, 2018

Meet our sexy new British mate Layton Charles

We are getting so many international visitors here in Melbourne this month including this very beautiful British boy, Layton Charles. Of course we love getting the hot visitors around for a shoot and also some fun with our mates. Today 26 year old Layton joins us in the studio for his first photo and video shoot. I set up this shoot so I could meet Layton for the first time and see how he goes in front of the camera. And the first shoot turned out great! Layton is a really sweet and social guy. He’s the kind of guy who would slip in to a scene with any of the guys easily. He’s also very handsome, fit and super tanned from travelling around Australia during our summer. And I’m personally excited having a fit hairy boy to shoot with. He’s got a cute little bum and a beautiful big uncut dick. And did I tell you that I love his British accent? You will have to wait for his first BTS video to hear us chatting through his first shoot. But in the meantime here is Layton’s first photoshoot. Later this week I will also post our new mate’s first video. I can tell already that Layton is going to be very busy for the remaining weeks of the warm season.

18 Mar, 2018

Kevin Babik is playing with his fat cock in his hot new video

My horny mate Kevin Babik is back playing with his super fat cock in this hot new video. This is the 19 year old’s second shoot with me in Berlin. He was so much fun to shoot with so I invited him back to make a new video with me. We had been taking loads of photos in the studio and out on the balcony before we started recording getting naked again and getting off. The action here all takes place on the bed as Kevin uses it as his stage to put on a show. In this video he gets in to some hands free fleshlight fucking on the bed. His little bum looks so hot as it bounces up and down on the bed while his huge cock splits open the rubber fuck toy. Kevin gives us a few different positions before he lays back and squirts long shots of cum all over himself. What a nice way to end the day of shooting in Berlin. Kevin Babik is a stunning young guy and loads of fun to hang out with. I hope we’ll get to shoot more videos sometime.

Behind the scenes
16 Mar, 2018

Shooting with Hungarian hottie Brian Tanner in the bathroom

One of the hottest guys to appear naked for the first time on camera in 2017 was 22 year old Hungarian Brian Tanner. You might remember that his mate Patrik Vass sent him around to meet me at my hotel in Budapest. This very handsome young guy was a bit hesitant at first when we started his first photoshoot in a speedo in the bathroom. But he soon relaxed and we had a really nice time taking photos and making a hot video on the bed. In this section of BTS video Brian is posed in a speedo in the bathroom. I am getting him to get wet under the shower and soap himself up. Eventually Brian gets naked and works his cock rock hard while I keep taking photos. The tiny bathroom is not ideal with it’s halogen lighting, but the photos turned out really nice. And it was a great way to get some intimate shots with our sexy new mate. This is the last of the content shot with Brian. All of his photos and videos are now loaded.

Behind the scenes
15 Mar, 2018

Getting naked outside with Damien Dyson

I’m really excited to have my mate Damien Dyson back this summer for some shooting outside. My tall lanky mate is popular with all our mates. So it’s great having him back in Melbourne. And since it was a nice warm day on his first shoot back we headed out to the roof to get some hot new photos. I took the BTS cameras out as well to capture this footage of our handsome mate stripping naked. Damien is always so much fun to shoot with. Since doing this rooftop shoot he has already been back for several shoots with our mates. He’s now having a very busy summer. So now you can watch his rooftop photoshoot in Melbourne.

Photo shoot
12 Mar, 2018

My skinny mate Kevin Babik is back showing off his XL cock

I’m really excited to have my skinny hung mate Kevin Babik back this month. I met up with the Polish hottie when I was visiting Berlin. His first shoot was so hot that I wanted to get him around again for more photos and videos. I got a lot of great feedback for Kevin’s shoot when I posted his stuff for the first time last year. This time I have Kevin posing in some sports gear out on the balcony and in the studio. He’s a really cheeky 19 year old and loves showing off. You might remember that Kevin has a huge cock. He loves using a cock ring or bands to tie up his balls and make his dick even bigger. These shots are fantastic. His new video and BTS are a lot of fun too. It’s really great to catch up with Kevin again.

11 Mar, 2018

Our hot new mate William Moore gets off sucking on my cock

Our fit new mate William Moore gets off sucking on my cock in his first video up in the studio. 22 year old William from Canada is travelling around Australia and dropped in recently to check out the studio. After making some really hot photos out on the roof, William and I headed back to the studio to make his first video. I set up some porn on the TV to give him some extra motivation, but in the end it was sucking on my dick that got William off. He’s a very horny boy and loves to play around. I like his hands free fleshlight fucking in this video too. Several of our mates have already asked about doing scenes with William. So he is already planning to come around again for his first duo shoot.

Behind the scenes
9 Mar, 2018

Aussie boy Brad Hunter at his first nude shoot

Our hot new mate Aussie boy Brad Hunter looks great in his first photoset in the studio. But wait until you see him naked and swinging that extra large cock! Brad actually comes across as being a bit shy at first. But he’s not really shy at all. From the moment we met I knew this was going to be a fun shoot. This is the actual video footage taken from Brad’s first day up in the studio. He has picked out some socks, jocks and trainers for the shoot. I am getting a lot of photos on the couch and then over on the bed. Brad has a really nice little bum so I am getting him bent over and showing it off. But I’m even more surprised by the size of his dick. I get on the floor and have Brad stand over me with a full erection so I can get some hot up shots. Brad’s first action video is also now loaded for member’s to enjoy. Brad will be appearing a few more times before summer is over.

Behind the scenes
7 Mar, 2018

Behind the scenes at Jesse and Dylan’s first hook up

This is actually Dylan Anderson’s first duo porn scene, a hot hook up with Jesse Carter. It was also great getting Jesse back in to doing new scenes this summer. Both Jesse and Dylan are really nice guys. I knew for sure they would get along well. And as it turned out, they put on a really hot fucking show in their video too. This video footage of their first hook up was taken from the Go Pros in the studio during their photo shoot. It’s really sweet seeing these guys get familiar with each other while getting each other naked. What a great start to the summer shoots having these guys paired up. Since shooting this scene both Jesse and Dylan have come back for more shoots with our other mates. I will post more action from these guys very soon. In the meantime check out their photoset and hot action video together.

Photo shoot
5 Mar, 2018

Our sexy new mate William Moore’s jockstrap shoot on the roof

Over the summer I have been shooting with a lot of new guys here in Melbourne, including the very sexy William Moore showing off in a jockstrap on my roof. 22 year old William is visiting Australia this summer from Montreal. The hot French Canadian has done some porn before and was interested is doing some shoots with us while he is in town. He’s incredibly sexy and loves to play around. I knew he would be the perfect addition to our group of horny mates. So I invited him around for a shoot at my place. It was really warm outside so we headed out to the roof to get some nice outdoor shots. William is showing off his beautiful bum in a jockstrap while I take loads of photos. He’s not worried about being naked in the city as he grow’s a full erection while posing with the skateboard. It’s getting pretty hot out there so we finish with Will drenching his naked body in water before we head back inside. I can tell already from his first shoot that he is going to fun to shoot with the other guys. So I am getting him around again next week for his first couple shoot.

4 Mar, 2018

My cute mate Ryan is blindfolded while I wank him off

Check out my cute mate Ryan Kai blindfolded while I play with his big cock. I thought I would try some new things with our regular performing straight twink mate Ryan Kai. This hot video starts with Ryan filming himself playing with some gear in the studio before stripping completely naked and wanking on the couch. I love watching Ryan film himself. And cute to see what he gets up alone in the studio. Then I came back in to join in on the fun, grabbing a blindfold and handcuffs for our horny mate. With Ryan sat on the chair I get to work on his stiffening cock again. He has one of the nicest big dicks of all my mates. He loves having it touched and rubbed. I lube up his cock and push a fleshlight down over it making my strokes faster. But this is just teasing Ryan. I know he wants to cum. So I get him standing so I can do longer strokes, makes Ryan fuck my tight fist. It’s not long before Ryan is showering me in long squirts of his cum. I love wanking Ryan off. His cum shots are always huge.

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