Behind the scenes
10 Apr, 2020

Shooting with porn star Rico Fatale

One of the hottest shoots from my trip to Germany was meeting up shooting with Rico Fatale. The Italian porn star is even hotter in real life. He was super horny during this shoot and was ready to put on a hot show. This is the video footage from the photoshoot we did before making a video. The shoot took a funny turn when Rico spotted the construction workers in the building next door pointing and waving as he posed naked on the bed. It turns out that German construction workers have a sense of humor too. Make sure you also check out Rico’s first video. I can;t wait to shoot with him again.

Behind the scenes
9 Apr, 2020

Shooting with cute Polish twink Justin Evans

I can’t think of any better way of spending Christmas than shooting with my Polish twink mate Justin Evans. I hadn’t seen Justin for a couple of years when we found we were both in Berlin over the Christmas period. I had no plans and invited Justin around to my hotel for a catch up shoot. As you can tell it turned into the making of a very hot video with Justin pulling on my cock as he blew his load. This is the BTS video from that day at my hotel with Justin. We also did some stuff in the bath tub which I will load soon. It was so nice to see him again.

Photo shoot
6 Apr, 2020

Our hung Canadian mate Zachary Turner

Over the summer in Australia I have been meeting a lot of new guys to shoot with including today’s new mate, Canadian Zachary Turner. The 26 year old is currently travelling around Australia and dropped in to meet me and have a little shoot in the studio. First up, I learnt that Zach is a really sweet boy. We talked for a long time before actually getting down to shooting. I liked Zach’s skinny frame and hairy chest when I first saw his photos. But what surprised me during his shoot was his big thick cock. He’s very nicely hung. I had a lot of fun taking these photos with Zach. I’m not sure if we will get a chance to shoot again while everyone is isolating, but I’m glad we got to meet when we did. I will post Zach’s very hot first shoot a bit later this week.

4 Apr, 2020

Andy gets slammed by Connor in their first hot fucking video

Our mates were getting super horny during the photoshoot before we started making this video of Andy getting slammed by our hung mate Connor. These guys are adorable together. Andy is quick to get Connor’s fat cock out in this video as we got started. And I can tell that Connor loves having that cock worshipped. After licking Andy’s hole, Connor pushes him down on the bed and shoves his cock all the way in. Andy is about to get a long hot ride. I like how Connor takes over filming for a section of this video so you get a closer look of his cock gliding in and out of Andy. Make sure you watch all of this video to see the hot ending. This has gotta be one of the hottest videos this summer.

Behind the scenes
3 Apr, 2020

Shooting with 26 year old Danny Vega in Berlin

I got to meet some really nice guys during my mid winter vacation in Germany including 26 year old Danny Vega. This is the BTS video following me around my hotel room as I shoot Danny modelling and stripping down to his underwear. I suspect this shoot was made a lot more fun in that Danny did not know what to expect. After picking out some nice gear for the shoot he proceeds to strip naked. He didn’t mind posing and stroking his big cock hard in the window as I kept clicking away. He’s actually one of the nicest guys I have met while travelling around. I like cheeky playful guys. I wish I had gotten to spend more time doing shoots with Danny. Soon I will also post the photos of Danny playing in a bubble bath.

Behind the scenes
2 Apr, 2020

Brad Hunter playing with his thick cock in the bath

This is the BTS video of Brad playing with his thick cock during this photoshoot. We start out with Brad wearing a little pink speedo before getting naked and jumping into a bubble bath. This is a really fun shoot with Brad forcing his fat dick into a fleshlight while I grab more picks. If you look carefully you will see out cute mate pissing in the bath, and then denying it! It’s a funny shoot. The photos from this set look great too! I need to do more bath tub shoots with Brad. Make sure you go back and check on the video with I fuck Brad in the spa tub. It’s one of my faves.

Photo shoot
29 Mar, 2020

Andy and Connor strip out of their uniforms in their first shoot together

How cute are our mates Andy and Connor together as they strip each other out of their uniforms. This is Andy and Connor’s first shoot together. They had already chatted online together before the shoot and were excited about meeting each other. In today’s shoot the boys are stripping out of shirts and ties as I direct them through the photoshoot. Andu gets so excited when he finally gets to see Connor’s huge dick fall out of his underwear. He quickly goes down and starts sucking on it as I keep taking photos. The are some great photos here of the boys playing with each other. But wait until you see the video they made when the photo session finished. I will also load the video of Andy taking Connor’s big dick later this week.

27 Mar, 2020

Handsfree cumming with my horny mate Ryan

Our mate Ryan has mastered the art of handsfree cumming in this video. I like making these jacking videos with my cute mate. After making a load of hot photos Ryan strips off one more time while I film him getting his big cock out. Set up with lube and some porn on the TV Ryan gets to work for his new video. He grabbed a fleshlight from the studio lubes it up for some slippery fucking action. Ryan is a speed demon when it comes to fleshlight fucking. After humping it on the couch he increases the speed of pumping his cock into it, until he’s right at the point of blowing a load. But this point he can’t stop and pulls out just in time for you to see that first squirt. This is another really hot video from our cute mate.

Behind the scenes
26 Mar, 2020

Ren Williams stripping out of his sports kit in the studio

This is the BTS video taken from the studio when our handsome mate Ren Williams stripped out of hos sports hit. I had never thought about getting Ren into a jockstrap before, but dam he looks good in one. This was a simple shoot with Ren wearing soccer gear and doing a slow strip show on the couch and bed. Being super fit Ren looks great in the gear, and out of it. This is his second shoot. I would like to get Ren back soon for a shoot with one of our mates. In the meantime you can watch Ren’s first 2 videos.

Behind the scenes
24 Mar, 2020

Shooting with my adorable mates Byron and Damien

I love shooting with my adorable mates Byron Atwood and Damien Dyson. I knew they would get along really well when they met for this shoot in the studio. Damien has already been in a load of shoots and Byron is quickly becoming a new favourite mate on the site. They are so cute together in this photoshoot. This is the video footage taken from the video cameras recording me directing the boys through the shoot. You can really see how well they get along as they play with each through the shoot. You must check out the video they made shortly after this shoot too. Both Byron and Damien are coming back for more shoots with our mates this summer.

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