Photo shoot
14 Sep, 2020

Soaping up with my cute mate Andy Samuel

This shoot with Andy soaping up in the bath tub is one of my favourite photoshoots. All our mates will tell you that Andy is so much fun to shoot with. Just before the winter break Andy dropped in for this speedo shoot in the bathroom. The light was perfect for some photos in the bathroom and a playful bubble bath. After selecting a small speedo we headed into the bathroom to get some photos in the window before jumping in the bubble bath. You can see that Andy was having fun playing in the bubbles as he slipped out of the speedo. There are some great shots of our cheeky boy showing off naked in the bath. This is one of a series of photoshoots and videos I made with Andy in solo and couple shoots during the summer. And there’s a new video from Andy coming up later this week.

12 Sep, 2020

Sucking off my fit mate Brad Hunter

The latest in the series of videos I made with Brad over summer has me sucking off the fit 22 year old after his soak in the hot tub. My videos with Brad are always super horny. Especially after we’ve just finished an hour or so of taking naked photos of him playing with his thick cock and showing off that perfect bum. Since he was already wet in the hot tub we decided to start the action there. Brad starts out pumping his fat dick in the hot soapy water before shoving it into one of the smaller fleshlights, ripping it wide open. Then he dries off and we head to the bed where I join in. I can’t get enough of shoving my face in Brad’s bum and licking his hole. But it’s his cock where he loves getting attention. Brad is watching some straight porn on the computer while I get to work sucking off that fat pole. Make sure you watch this one right to the end as I get a surprise load of cum across my face.

Behind the scenes
9 Sep, 2020

Behind the scenes look at Reece Anderson’s hot tub shoot

I’m so excited about having Reece Anderson back making some fun shoots with us again. We met up again just before we took a shoot break for winter. I’m glad we managed to get this shoot in. It was great seeing out cute mate again and getting him in for a soapy hot tub shoot. Yes, this is a bit of a theme this week. This BTS video follows me around the hot tub directing Reece into different positions. The speedo comes off so I can grab some nice bottom shots in the foam. It’s hard not to take a nice shot around this hot tub because of the abundance of natural light. I can’t wait to get Reece back around for more shoots in the studio and with our mates. He looks great!

Photo shoot
6 Sep, 2020

Hit the hot tub with our naked mate Brad

Hit the hot tub with our hot mate Brad Hunter in this new nude shoot. As we headed into winter I got Brad around for a new photoshoot and video. To warm up I got Brad slipping into the hot tub wearing just a speedo. But I had filled the tub with too many bubbles Brad slipped out of the speedo and was naked in there. I started moving around the surrounding deck of the tub to get photos from every angle. As Brad’s super think cock started to grow I gave him a fleshlight to play with. There are some fun shots here of the water rushing out the end of the toy while Brad pushes his cock up into it. I really like the photos from this set, despite the over load of bubbles in the tub. Brad starts his new video in the tub too. I will post the hot new video we made later this week. In the meantime you can check out all of Brad’s previous videos.

4 Sep, 2020

Filming my hot session with cute twink Justin

After taking some close up photos of the perfect bottom on cute twink Justin Evans I could tell what was going to happen next. I started filming Justin a little as he got naked and started playing with his cock watching some porn. But I could tell that we could make it look better if I jumped in to help my cute mate get off. Justin has got the most perfect bum. I loved eating it in our previous two video. So I got him to reverse up to the end of the bed while I positioned the cameras to catch me giving him a good tongue fucking. I ended up pulling my own cock out and started teasing his hole with it and pushing it slightly in and out of his hole. I could tell this was making him super horny. Eventually Justin wanks a loads of cum across his belly. This was a long shooting session with Justin. But well worth it for the fun we had.

Behind the scenes
2 Sep, 2020

Connor’s horny nude photoshoot

I’ve had some amazing shoots with our cute mate Connor Peters this year. Here’s a new BTS video looking at Connor’s shoot stripping out of his tight white undies and showing off his big uncut dick. This was shot at the end of summer so Connor is nicely tanned for this shoot. I started off getting a lot of photos in different positions on the couch before getting naked. Since there was nice soft light coming in the windows I get Connor laying naked on the table for some more beautiful shots. Afterwards I grabbed the video camera to capture our beautiful mate jacking off with a fleshlight. I’m looking forward to shooting more with Connor soon.

Photo shoot
30 Aug, 2020

My perfect bottom boy Justin Evans is back for a sexy shoot

My perfect bottom boy Justin Evans has done a load of shoots with me now. Earlier this year we caught up in Berlin for a series of new shoots in my hotel. Justin is always fun to shoot with. It was my last day in town when I had a model cancel at the last minute. With nothing else planned I asked Justin if he wanted to come around for one more session. The poor boy hadn’t had much sleep the night before but still jumped in a cab and turned up at my hotel ready for a horny photo and video session. I like finding sexy outfits for Justin. He pretty much looks good in anything. But I love seeing him in these long red socks pulled right up. He has the most perfect bum and a good sized cock. I didn’t want to keep him up too long so we worked through the photo session quickly so we could make a video. I will post the video where we have some fun on the bed later this week.

28 Aug, 2020

Our fit mates Billy and Dylan fuck after a soak in the hot tub

Our fit mates Billy and Dylan are ready to get into some hot fucking action after soaking in the hot tub during the photoshoot. The guys had already been kissing and fooling around naked in the hot tub before I grabbed the video camera. I let the guys take over directing and I followed them from the kissing and cock sucking in the hot tub to the rough fucking on the bed. Dylan is a great top. I couldn’t wait to see him fucking our new mate Billy with that perfect round muscle bum. As the guys took over I moved around the room making sure I captured everything for you to see. There’s a great section here where Dylan fucks Billy up against the wall. I get down between their legs to get a perfect of Dylan’s cock sliding between Billy’s thick cheeks. This is going to be one of my favourite fucking scenes of the year.

Behind the scenes
26 Aug, 2020

Shooting with sexy boy Ethan Summers in the studio

I was thrilled to get a chance to shoot with Ethan Summers again after that one hot shoot we did a couple of summers ago on the roof. I remember Ethan being full of energy at that shoot and putting on a hot show. He didn’t disappoint me in this shoot either. I took a lot more photos that usual in this shoot since Ethan was coming up with lots of hot poses. I don’t want to miss a thing as my sexy mate put on a hot show. But it’s Ethan’s new video that you must go and watch next. I jumped in on the scene working Ethan to a climax. This was a fun and hot shoot.

Photo shoot
24 Aug, 2020

Dylan and Billy slip out of their speedos in the hot tub

Our sexy mates Dylan Anderson and Billy Bones slip out of their speedos in the hot tub as they begin their first shoot together. When I first met Billy over summer I knew he would like my mate Dylan. So I invited them both over to play in the hot tub. Even before I started taking photos they were kissing each other in their speedos in the soapy hot tub. The days were starting to get cooler in Melbourne so shooting in the hot tub was a perfect way for the guys to get acquainted and warm up. The speedos came up as the guys kissed and played with each other. I got Dylan and Billy to move around into different positions so I could get photos of them from every angle. We finished the photo section of this shoot with the guys taking turns sucking on each other’s hard cocks. I’m really happy with the photos from this session. This shoot was perfect for the lead up to making what is going to be one of the hottest couple videos on the site this year. I will load Dylan and Billy’s video later this week.

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