Behind the scenes
6 Mar, 2019

Kell Fuller’s hot balcony strip show

My adorable mate Kell Fuller was giving me a hot balcony strip show on this very warm day in Berlin. His clothes came off quickly as I started taking photos. This is the last of the series I did with Kell over the European summer. I love shooting with the 20 year old Russian. Since meeting 2 years ago we have done about 5 shoots together. My favourite was definitely shooting out in the public park. But this shoot on my tiny balcony is very nice too. This footage is taken from the BTS Go Pro cameras set up to capture everything. Kell is an absolute sweet boy. I hope we will get together again later this year. In the meantime make sure to check out all of Kell’s videos now loaded.

Photo shoot
3 Mar, 2019

Introducing our cute new mate -19 year old Lincoln Hall

I’m really excited today to be introducing our newest mate, 19 y/o Aussie boy Lincoln Hall. The cute country boy was visiting Melbourne a few weeks ago and dropped by the studio for his first shoot. When Lincoln first contacted me and sent me his photos I though he was cute, but in real life it turns out that he’s really beautiful. He’s also a very interesting and intelligent boy. I enjoyed talking with him as I directed him through the first shoot. On the couch Lincoln manoeuvres into different positions as he shows off his perfect bubble butt before stripping completely naked. It was quite hot in the studio during their morning so his clothes came off quickly. Lincoln is a really sweet guy. He is going to make a great addition to our group of mates. And I hope he will visit us again soon. Lincoln’s first video will also load up later this week. It’s a very hot scene.

2 Mar, 2019

Our twink mates Brock and Andy in their first hot sex video

When Andy told me he had hooked up with Brock and would love to be fucked by him on video I wanted to see it for myself. Brock had only ever been a bottom in previous videos. I really wanted to see him fuck our cute new mate Andy. The photoshoot was really fun with the boys teasing and playing with each other. But this video is really something else. The shoot starts out very passionate with a lot of kissing and stripping each other naked on the couch. Andy is obviously enjoying sucking on Brock’s cock. But it’s not long before Brock is mounting Andy on the bed and driving his cock deep inside him. I’m so incredibly turned on by these guys fucking on the bed. So I pull out my own cock and feed it to Andy while he gets fucked. I like it when both start sucking my cock. Make sure you watch this video right to the end for Brock’s spectacular cum shot. I gotta get these guys back over for more videos soon.

Photo shoot
1 Mar, 2019

Pool boy Nick Kadec stripping down on my balcony

My sexy new mate, and now naked pool boy, Nick Kadec is back getting naked out on my balcony. My little balcony swimming pool was getting a lot of action during my stay in Berlin. And I was really happy to see Nick slipping off his speedo to show off that perfect bottom. Being the middle of summer in Germany it was the perfect time to get naked and get wet outside. Nick was quick to peel off the speedo as I began taking his photos standing in the middle of the pool. Even though there was limited space to work in I made sure I got photos of our eastern European boy from all angles. He even grabs the GoPro for a moment to grab some selfie video footage of himself wanking in the pool. The photos from the pool look great! Nick is a lot of fun to hang out and shoot with. I will also post the BTS video from this shoot soon. Nick’s first jack off video is also now loaded.

Behind the scenes
27 Feb, 2019

It’s bath time with muscle boy Luca Garcia

With the BTS cameras set up to catch the best angles I got to work on Luca’s bath time shoot in Berlin. Luca was actually a bit nervous doing this, his first nude shoot. Of course his nerves disappeared once he was fully naked in the bath tub and flexing his muscles as I took lots of photos. I really like Luca’s gorgeous smile and nicely worked out body. But it’s those incredible big thighs that grab my attention as he peels off his speedo. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot in Berlin. I am hoping that I will get to meet this beautiful South American boy again this year.

Photo shoot
25 Feb, 2019

Cute mates Brock and Andy in their first shoot together

I’m thrilled this week to be getting our cute mates Brock and Andy together for a shoot up in the studio. The boys had met before the shoot and were excited about doing a shoot together. You can see in this photoset that they were all over each from the start. We started taking some photos out in the front stairwell until we got disturbed by some neighbours. But back in the studio that stripped each other naked and started having some horny fun. Andy can’t get enough of sucking on Brock’s rock hard cock. They takes turns sucking on each other before Brock mounts Andy and pushes his cock deep inside him. The look on Andy’s face says everything as Brock up inside him. I can tell that this week’s shoot between our cute mates is going to be really hot. I will also post the the video I made with the boys later this week. In the meantime you should also check out Brock’s other videos, and Andy’s first shoot with me.

24 Feb, 2019

Playing around with horny boy Ethan Czar

My cute mate Ethan Czar is back this week stripping down and getting off. It was a hot week in Berlin so Ethan was pretty quick to get naked in his new video. We had been shooting photos on the balcony and Ethan was already very horny. We headed back in to the apartment where I started filming Ethan working his fat cock on the couch. I love sucking Ethan’s big dick and rimming his tight hole. He squirms around on my face as I tongue him deeper. We have a few changes in this video where Ethan fucks a rubber toy on my bed. I love his moaning as the fat head of his cock pushes out the other end. There’s more toy fucking on the kitchen table before Ethan blows a load of cum into the sink. I really like watching Ethan going to work on that thick cock. This another very hot video from our blond Polish mate.

Behind the scenes
22 Feb, 2019

Behind the scenes with my porn star mate Tate Ryder

My porn mate Tate Ryder is back in the studio for a hot strip shoot. Tate is showing off in some gear provided by local designer Project Claude and especially made for Tate. I love the crop top with the thigh high socks. He tells me that the long socks turn him on. In this photoshoot I make sure I get a lot of photos of Tate’s wide frame and big bubble butt as he moves around the room striking poses for me. The Go Pro cameras are set up to capture everything. At one point Tate even begins filming himself. It might appear a little odd at one stage as Tate speaks to the camera. He is actually giving his Instagram followers a little show during the earlier part of the shoot. I’m enjoying doing these return shoots with our hot mate Tate. He has another scene coming up where he is going to team up with one of our new mates.

Behind the scenes
20 Feb, 2019

Behind the scenes with soaped up muscle boy Johan

Our new sexy mate Johan Radic was very popular when I posted his first shoot in Berlin a couple of months ago. I followed up that shoot with this fun session in the bubble bath with the 19 y/o muscle boy. The fun thing about this BTS video is that it’s actually shot by his naked mate Mark. You might see him occasionally in the mirror. It’s always fun having the guys film each other during these photo shoots. And luckily the boys weren’t shy about being naked in front of each other. Make sure you check out both Johan and Mark’s first videos.

Photo shoot
18 Feb, 2019

Hung twink Ethan is showing off naked on the balcony

Blond hung twink Ethan Czar is back this week getting naked on my balcony while I take his photos. I was so impressed by the Polish 22 y/o when we met in Berlin that I invited him back for a little more fun. I had fun playing with Ethan in his first video, and now Ethan is enjoying being naked in the sunshine. And his big dick obviously likes it too. I’m a suck for a smooth guy with a huge cock, and Ethan is really sweet too. We ended up hanging out a bit during my stay in Berlin. He is a little more picky about the photos he likes, but I like them all. Later this week I will also posting my video of getting Ethan off after we finished taking these photos.

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