9 Nov, 2019

Sarpa directs his own jack off video

I’m trying something new this week in this video where Sarpa Van Rider directs and films his own video in the studio. After seeing some of his personal videos made for his Fans site I was keen to see how Sarpa would go making his own video with the Go Pros in the studio. Sarpa really has fun with this one. Grabbing the cameras in close so you get a good view of the action. After the nude photoshoot he was already very horny and ready to get off. So he quickly gets naked one more time before playing with his hole and jacking off on the couch. Now that we’ve seen Sarpa back in a couple of videos it’s time to team him up with our mates.

Behind the scenes
8 Nov, 2019

Behind the scenes with Ethan in the kitchen

This kitchen shoot the last of a series of shoots I did with young Polish boy Ethan Czar in Berlin. Ethan is a lot of fun to shoot with. Full of energy and loves showing off in front of the camera. I get him wearing an apron and nothing else as he starts soaping up his body with the soapy water in the kitchen sink. Then he loses the apron and his thick cock begins to grow. There are some great videos of Ethan on the site now, playing with his big cock, pissing and getting off. I’m hoping I will get to shoot with him again sometime. In the meantime you can check out all of Ethan’s videos now loaded.

Behind the scenes
6 Nov, 2019

Sexy couple Matt Gray and Sam Sivahn back in the studio

Our sexy couple Matt Gray and Sam Sivahn returned to Melbourne recently and popped into the studio for a new shoot. Having the guys over is always a lot of fun. And during their visit I actually got them doing some solo photos each, followed by this set together. I like working with Matt because he’s full of energy, always smiling and teasing Sam. And Sam has been in a load of shoots showing us his action as both a top and bottom. Sam is one of the most searched guys on the site. This BTS video shows how much fun these guys are as they strip each other naked while I take their photos.

Photo shoot
3 Nov, 2019

Shooting with Sarpa Van Rider in the city

My hot mate Sarpa has been helping me test out my new camera modelling for shots around the city. This is not the usual kind of shoot. I really wanted to get some nice shots of our handsome mate in some different places around the city before returning to the studio. We spent a lot of time finding some great places to get photos. And then back in the studio Sarpa picked out some more sporty gear to strip out of. I have included some of both photoshoots in this gallery. I don’t think I could ever get tired of shooting with Sarpa. He’s a really sweet boy and so much fun to hang out with. Shortly he will be back to pair up with our mates for some new couple shoots.

2 Nov, 2019

Andy Samuel bound and fucked by Damien

I was surprised when my cute mate Andy suggested he be tied up and bound to the bed in his new shoot with Damien. So we got to work tying his legs and hands for the photoshoot. Then I changed over to the video camera to capture Andy playing with a dildo in his hole before Damien joins in. The action between these guys is amazing. Andy can’t get enough of Damien’s big dick. I love how Damien feeds it to him. Then Damien picks Andy up while he’s still tied up and carries him over to the bed where he pushes his feet up in the air so we can get a nice view of him shoving his cock deep into Andy. It’s surprising the positions Andy can get into while still tied up. Damien is a great top who has appeared in many videos. This one could be my favourite.

Behind the scenes
31 Oct, 2019

Behind the scenes at Abel’s balcony shoot

One of the sexiest guys I’ve met while travelling in Europe is muscly Brazlian Abel Martin. I had invited him around to my studio in Berlin for a mid summer shoot. He didn’t know he shoot was actually going to be happening in my little inflatable pool on the balcony. But Abel was such a good sport stripping naked in the pool while I took a load of photos. This muscle boys almost fills the pool as he lays on his belly with his big round bum bobbing up and down in the water behind him. Abel is such a sweet guy. I’m kinda distracted by those big brown eyes looking at me. All of Abel’s photos and videos are now loaded.

Behind the scenes
30 Oct, 2019

Shooting with hot Italian Joe Milano at my hotel

One of the hottest guys I have met this year is 25 year old Italian Joe Milano. This is the BTS footage from the cameras recording our shoot in the hotel room. Initially I had Joe wearing some sports gear to start his strip show. I hadn’t actually planned to shoot there so Joe is wearing my gym shorts here. Once he is fully naked I am getting Joe to work his big cock stiff for some nice natural light shots in the window. And then I perform the complicated task of getting Joe into a bright blue body harness I found over there. It was fun dressing Joe up, but I’m sure he would like good in anything. Make sure you check out both of Joe’s shoots and the videos we made during my vacation. He’s such a beautiful boy.

Photo shoot
27 Oct, 2019

Andy gets tied up and used by Damien Dyson

Two of my sexy mates are back together for this kinky shoot as Andy gets tied to the bed so Damien can do anything he likes with him. After seeing the guys in action together earlier this year I got them back to do another hardcore action shoot. Andy liked the idea of getting tied up for this new shoot. So we got busy tying him down to the mattress part way through this shoot. There are some great shots here of Damien feeding Andy his huge dick. After lots of kissing and teasing helpless Andy, Damien squats of his little bum and shoves his cock deep inside him. These guys get along really well and the photos look great! The action continues on in their new video which will load up later this week. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Andy and Damien this summer.

26 Oct, 2019

Skater boy Sam Chalker just finished his first video

My cute new mate Sam Chalker has just shot his first video in the studio. After having such a fun photoshoot I grabbed the video camera to catch Sam stripping off one more time to make this video on the bed. I love watching Sam go to work on a fleshlight as he fucks it deep into the mattress. He even grabs the camera and films himself a little here. And he doesn’t stop until he’s milked every last drop of cum. Sam does a great job in his first solo video. Now I can’t wait to get him back to match up with our other mates.

Photo shoot
25 Oct, 2019

Our sexy mate Lucas makes a mess in the kitchen

The last time my mate Lucas dropped around he made a great mess of my kitchen as he stripped naked for some photos. This is actually a really fun shoot as Lucas first soaps up his naked body after washing the dishes. But then it got even wilder as our sexy makes grabs the milk out of the fridge and proceeds to pour it all over himself. I got some great shots of Lucas down on the floor letting the milk run down his arse crack. I’m never really happy with the lack of natural light for shoots in my kitchen, but it was still fun getting some hot shots with Lucas.

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