Photo shoot
17 Dec, 2018

Our beautiful mates Alex Sanchez and Dylan Anderson

I have finally gotten our beautiful mates Alex and Dylan together for a hot shoot. These guys have been in a bunch of scenes with our other mates, and I’m glad I could get them over together. Alex is always a lot of fun to shoot with. He is always up for making fun scenes and is full of energy. And I know that Dylan would love to play with him. We actually met out in the park so the guys could get to know each other before heading to the studio and taking these photos. It’s a very passionate shoot with lots of kissing as the guys strip each other naked. I can tell that Dylan really likes Alex’s perfect round bottom. And you will see in their first video together that Dylan enjoys fucking it. The guys look great together. I will post Alex and Dylan’s video later this week.

15 Dec, 2018

Jeffry Branson filming himself getting off

One of the hottest things I have seen is porn star Jeffry Branson filming himself jacking off on my bed. This was a very unusual shoot because on this day in the Berlin studio I had become very ill on the morning of Jeffry’s shoot. But since it was our last chance to do the shoot we went ahead with it. After quickly working through the photoshoot we set up to catch some video footage of the hunky Hungarian stripping naked one more time and jacking off. But I was feeling terrible, so with cameras set up around the bed, and Jeffry armed with a GoPro on a selfie stick, he proceeded to film his own jack off video. And it’s pretty dam hot. I wouldn’t normally do this with the guys, but Jeffry is a good mate and had no problem taking over. He always looks amazing and I love shooting with him.

Photo shoot
14 Dec, 2018

Our hot fit mate Mark Smith stripping in the bathroom

This is our hot fit mate Mark Smith. We met a couple of months ago when I was visiting Berlin. Mark was also visiting the city with some friends and brought Johan along with him to this shoot. In fact you might see Johan holding the BTS camera in some of Mark’s shoot. I wanted to get some shot of the super fit 18 year old stripping out of a lycra singlet and soaping up in the bathroom. That’s when I noticed that Mark has got one of the nicest bums I’ve seen! So of course I made sure I took a load of photos with Mark show off that bum. Then he turns around to show his abs and a very nice fat uncut dick. Even though the light in the bathroom was not great, Mark’s photos turned out really nice. I liked working with him and Johan a lot. I hope we will do it again. I will also post the BTS video shot by Johan soon.

Behind the scenes
12 Dec, 2018

Our cute mate Johan in his first cheeky nude shoot

This is a fun behind the scenes look at cheeky Johan Radic’s first stripping photoshoot in Berlin. And it’s actually filmed by his naked mate Mark Smith. You might see Mark pop in to view occasionally as he watches on while I direct Johan through the shoot. Both these guys are really cute. As you can see it was a fun day shooting with the guys, and the photos and both their videos were amazing! The guys also posed for an extra set in the bathroom which I will also post soon. But in the meantime you can enjoy both Johan and Mark’s photoshoots and videos, and now these BTS videos.

Photo shoot
10 Dec, 2018

Our hunky mate Jeffry Branson is back stripping on my balcony

I’m very excited to have our hunky mate Jeffry back with us again this summer. I was lucky top meet the beautiful Hungarian during my visit to Budapest a few years ago. And we have stayed in touch ever since. He is one of the nicest guys I have met while travelling around the world. He’s also really sexy. I have also had the chance to shoot with some of Jeffry’s hot mates. But more recently I found he was visiting Berlin just as I was about to leave town. So I made sure I got a few hours free to catch up for one more shoot. Since it was a really hot day we headed on the balcony to grab so stripping photos. It’s a funny shoot because we shot in the same place 3 years earlier. Jeffry is still sexy as all hell and looks amazing in the photos. Afterwards we made a very special video. I will post Jeffry’s new video later this week. In the meantime you can check out his new photoset and all of the videos we have made in the past. His first is still my favourite.

8 Dec, 2018

The first video with my hot mate Pablo Pen

I really like shooting with my hot mate Pablo. I met the sexy South American in Berlin for a photoshoot and video at my apartment. I had spent a couple of hours taking photos with Pablo. As well as being super fit and having a big cock, Pablo has a cheeky smile that he flashes throughout the shoot. I was incredibly turned on by him. The video was going to be a solo jerk off scene, but I ended up playing with him too. In the end I found myself on the bed with Pablo bouncing up and down on my cock. Luckily there were plenty of cameras positioned around the bed to catch it all. And I love that Pablo continues to fuck himself on me until his blows cum across me. What a hot session that was. Now I can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Photo shoot
7 Dec, 2018

Our sexy country boy Perry is naked out on my roof

Now that the days are long and hot in Australia I can start shooting outside with our mates, and first up is country boy Perry Jameson. This is actually Perry’s first solo photo session after his shoot with Tate. I can tell that Perry is a little apprehensive about getting naked in the middle of the city. So we worked through this session quickly as the muscle boy stripped all his gear off. I was also concerned he might get quickly burnt out there. There are some great shots here. I’m really happy Perry is joining us this summer. And it’s so nice getting outside again. I am looking forward to Perry’s next shoot and see who he is going to team up with.

Behind the scenes
6 Dec, 2018

Our horny mates Dylan and Layton in the hot tub

This video footage is taken from the cameras I had hooked up around the hot tub for Layton and Dylan’s first photoshoot together. As you can tell the guys were really turned on as they slipped out of their speedos in the hot water. There’s a lot of kissing and grabbing during this shoot as I direct the guys in the tight tub. I’m glad I caught this footage because there are some funny moments between the guys. Of course this shoot was just the foreplay in the lead up to the hot video they made in the water and later on the bed. You can check out all of Dylan and Layton’s videos now loaded up in the member’s area.

Photo shoot
3 Dec, 2018

Meet my sexy new mate Pablo Pen at his first nude shoot

One of the hottest guys I have met this year is 26 year old Pablo Pen. He is one of the beautiful South American boys I met during my recent vacation in Germany. I saw some stunning photos of Pablo online and asked him about modelling for me. I could tell that he was apprehensive at first. But I’m glad I finally talked him in to meeting me, because he’s a really nice guy. And we made a very hot shoot. In fact I ended up getting in on the shoot with Pablo. He has a great smile and often breaks out in a big grin as I direct him through the shoot. Pablo is also very fit with a nice round bum, and one very fat cock. I was probably taking too many photos during this shoot, but I didn’t want to miss a thing. Pablo is going to make a great addition to our group of mates and I can’t wait to shoot with him again. The hot video we made together will also get loaded up this week.

1 Dec, 2018

Cute muscle boy Johan getting off at his first shoot

Follow our cute muscle boy Johan Radic around my hotel room as his strips naked, flexes his muscles and jacks off. After being naked already and making his dick rock hard in the photoshoot, John is now ready to get off. I grab the video camera as his mate Mark watches from the side. I have some porn playing on the TV but he doesn’t really need it. Johan is ready to put on a hot show. He moves around a lot in this video, making sure I can get plenty of footage from every angle. But it’s over on the bed where John finally blows cum over himself. This boy is incredibly hot and I can’t wait to shoot with him again. I will also post the BTS video from Johan’s day at my hotel soon.

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