Photo shoot
25 Dec, 2019

Our horny mates Zak and Sarpa back in the studio

This is part 2 of shooting with our horny mates Zak Bray and Sarpa Van Rider. After getting some great shots out on the roof, I wanted to catch more action between the guys back in the studio. It was pretty hot outside so the clothes came straight off again. Zak was getting hard again as Sarpa starts sucking on his big cock. This are some beautiful photos of the guys kissing and playing with each other here. But of course this is all just foreplay for the video the guys are about to make.

Photo shoot
24 Dec, 2019

My Bi mate Joe Milano showing off his thick ass and cock in the bath

This is the photoshoot I did with my bi mate Joe Milano before we fucked in the bath tub. Joe is a beautiful Italian boy I met in Bangkok earlier this year. I had so much fun shooting with him that I invited him back for this romp in the bath tub. The fit 25 year old was also there on vacation and was keen to model for me. We made some amazing photos with Joe stripping naked and also wearing a full body harness. But these photos of Joe working up his fat cock in the bubble bath are my favourites. Joe has a nice thick bum too which I later learnt that he likes having it played with. I’m hoping to shoot again with Joe sometime.

Photo shoot
23 Dec, 2019

Our hot mates Sarpa and Zak get naked on the roof

To celebrate the beginning of summer in Australia I have out together two of our hottest mates to get naked out on the roof. And this is also the first time our beautiful mate Sarpa has met our new mate Zak Bray. I’m really excited about getting the guys over for this shoot. Being a perfect sunny day we headed up to the roof to get some fun clothed, stripping and nude photos together. The guys look great together and got along very well. It’s a big shoot so I have split this into a couple of galleries to loaded this week as well as one very hot video session at the end of the week. This was actually my first time meeting Zak too. He’s going to make a great addition to our group of mates this summer.

21 Dec, 2019

Cody fucks our cute mate Andy Samuel

One of the hottest couple scenes of the year is when Cody fucks our horny boy Andy Samuel. This shoot couldn’t have gone any better. Putting Cody and Andy together made for one really hot shoot. The guys were really playful with each other during the photoshoot. But it’s the video where the real action is. Cody was rock hard the whole time as Andy wouldn’t leave his cock alone. After sucking on that big dick on the couch, the boys move over to fuck on the bed. Cody bottomed in many of his previous shoots, but I really like watching him fuck. He’s very good at it. And you can tell by the look on Andy’s face that he is enjoying getting hammered. I’m adding this to the list of best couple shoots of the year.

Behind the scenes
20 Dec, 2019

Lucas brought his mate Roger Wood to his shoot

The guys bringing their mates to a shoot is always hot and always a lot of fun. Lucas brought his hot mate from Sydney, Roger Wood around for a shoot. I had only planned to shoot Lucas by himself, but this made the shoot a whole lot more interesting. It’s not often that a new guy will jump straight in on a couple shoot, but since they were mates Lucas had already told Roger what would happen. The photoshoot when really well with Lucas sucking on Roger super fat cock. The photos look great. But you must check out the video the guys made too. The guys particularly liked fucking with the long socks on.

Photo shoot
19 Dec, 2019

Our sexy Colombian mate Gio Velsaco

When Andy introduced me to his sexy Colombian mate Gio Velasco I knew right away that I would be getting him in for a lot of shoots. One of his first shoots was with Andy, and it was one of the hottest shoots of the year. So when I got him back for a quick shoot with Brock, I also pulled him aside to get these photos. You can see from the photos that this was a fun shoot. Gio started getting pretty horny too as he got completely naked. He looks great naked wearing just a pair of white Converse sneakers. I can’t wait to get him over again to shoot with some of our mates.

Photo shoot
16 Dec, 2019

Cody James teams up with Andy Samuel in his return shoot

When Cody dropped in for a return shoot I asked him who he’d like to get for him to do a couple shoot. Right away he said Andy. All my mates love shoot with Andy Samuel. He’s always horny and always fun to shoot with. So I knew that Cody was gonna have some fun playing with Andy. And I really wanted to see him topping again. This photoshoot was perfect with Andy teasing Cody and his big dick as they stripped each other naked. And Cody was loving all the attention. There are some great shots in this gallery. I have included a peek at their hot video coming up this week. I’m so happy having Cody back and teaming up with our horny mates.

15 Dec, 2019

Dylan and Sarpa’s first sex video

There’s some really hot action here in Dylan and Sarpa’s first sex video. The guys were already close to fucking during the photoshoot. So it didn’t take long before Dylan started pounding Sarpa’s arse when I started recording. I knew these guys were going to get along well when we all met up and they were picking out shorts to wear for the photoshoot. Both Dylan and Sarpa are very laid back guys and get along with everyone. I knew that Dylan wanted to fuck Sarpa for a while now, so getting them together made perfect sense. I love the positions that Dylan gets Sarpa into for this scene. This is a pair up that I would love to do again.

Behind the scenes
13 Dec, 2019

Our hot mate Brad showing off in a jockstrap

Here’s a nice little look behind the scenes at Brad Hunter’s new photoshoot as he shows off in a jockstrap. Brad Hunter became one of the most requested guys to return for shoots in the past year. I’m not sure if it’s his good looks or huge dick that keep all these requests coming. I’m glad Brad is fun to hang out with and likes doing these horny shoots. He looks great in the long green soccer socks and white jockstrap. I get some nice shots of our cute mate with his bottom poking up in the air as he bends over the couch. But then he turns around to show his fat cock growing stiff. This was a really fun shoot.

Photo shoot
12 Dec, 2019

Sam Sivahn is showing off naked in a harness

My sexy mate Sam is back this week showing off in a hot full body harness. When we were getting ready for his shoot with Matt, Sam spotted the harness and wanted to try it on. So I suggested we go grab some photos of him stripping down to it. Sam loves to show off and this revealing gear was perfect for him. These shots of our chunky muscle boy look fantastic. The BTS video of this shoot filmed by Matt will be fun to watch again. And interesting fact.. Sam is one of the most searched for models on the site this year.

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