9 Oct, 2020

Nate’s just filmed a beach wank down the coast

My sexy mate Nate took one of his mates down the coast to film a beach wank. I was so surprised when I what the guys made on their day out at the beach. I realised later that it’s the same beach and dunes where I shot Ivo Rocchi jacking off a long time ago. It’s a great spot to get naked and go for a swim. So Nate’s mate filmed him walked down to the beach and then getting naked and having a wank up in the dunes. I can see they got interrupted a couple of times by people walking. Nate later told me that a couple of guys were having sex in the dunes near them as they shot this. I can’t wait till summer gets here and I can get down there again with the guys. I love all the creative ways the guys are making their own videos for the site during the current movement restrictions in Melbourne.

Behind the scenes
8 Oct, 2020

Behind the scenes at Justin’s horny red sock shoot

This is the BTS video from Justin Evans horny long red sock photoshoot. Earlier this year I had a lot of fun shooting and playing around with our cute twink mate. Justin is a really nice guy and always makes a big effort to look great for his shoots. This was a last minute thrown together shoot when another model cancelled. I was glad Justin was still in town. The shoot started a bit later than usual so there was not much natural day light left. By the time we started making a video it had gotten dark outside. But we still managed to get some nice photos and make a hot video. This is the second shoot we did while I was visiting Berlin.

Photo shoot
4 Oct, 2020

Heading down to the nude beach with Nate Anderson

Our new horny mate Nate is heading down to the nude beach in this new home shoot. I’m really impressed by the videos the guys have been making at home for the site. I was really surprised to hear that Nate took a mate down the coast to a nude beach to get some photos and make a hot new video. Nate took a few photos first back at his house in the backyard while waiting for his mate to come over. The photos are really beautiful. Then the fun down at the nude beach begins, getting some shots and video walking down to the sand. Beach photos always look great! I love the shots of Nate’s bum on the sand. I’m glad Nate and his mate had a fun day doing this. Nate’s new beach video will later this week.

2 Oct, 2020

Fooling around with my new mate Anson

Andon and I had already started fooling around during his photoshoot before we started making this video. I found that Anson was getting super horny when I pulled out my cock for him to suck on. So we continued into this video. I really wanted to plant my face in Anson’s perfect little muscle bottom. He squirms around on the bed as I force my tongue up his hole. Then Anson rolls over and starts sucking on my cock. He’s really good at it too. But I really wanted to continue playing with Anson’s bum. I can tell he loves the tease of my dick slightly penetrating his hole. I keep it up until he gets really close to blowing. I grab the Go Pro to make sure you get a good look. It’s down on the floor with me filming between his legs that Anson finally climaxes. And I gotta say.. for his first porn video, he did a great job. Anson is such a cutey. I hope we get to shoot again sometime.

Behind the scenes
30 Sep, 2020

Brad Hunters shoot in the lane and up in the studio

Before winter really hit in Melbourne I wanted to get some photos of Brad out in our graffiti filled laneway. This is the BTS footage of me taking Brad’s photos out in the lane and back up in the studio. I always like shooting Brad in different settings and scenarios. And the photos from this shoot are some of my favourites of Brad. I particularly liked the shots of him resting in the bean bag. In fact we ended up using it in the video we made after the photoshoot. I can’t wait to get him back for new shoots over summer.

Photo shoot
27 Sep, 2020

Meet our cute new mate Anson Yang from Berlin

Let’s meet our cute new mate Anson Yang as I take his first photos out on the balcony. I met this 21 year old Chinese boy while I was visiting Berlin. Initially Anson dropped by the Berlin studio for some photos but we ended up making a hot video as well. Since it was a warm sunny day I got Anson started wearing some small shorts, a tank top and long tube socks out on the balcony. We started getting some cheeky bottom out photos while we were out there. But as it started getting too hot we headed in side where we started having some fun getting some nude photos. Anson is very fit and likes to show off his muscles. I could tell by the end of this shoot that we would end up making the video together. Anson’s first video will be up later this week.

26 Sep, 2020

Our sexy mate Reece Anderson jacking off at home

While we’re all staying at home in Melbourne our sexy mate Reece has been getting busy in front of the camera at home. Reece made this hot video in his bedroom last weekend and sent it over to me. I love seeing Reece in action and I was excited to see what he was going to do by himself. He’s so dam cute as he introduces himself before getting busy on the bed. I saw the dildo on the window ledge and I’m glad he lubed it up and put it to good use. I’m really impressed by the guys home videos so far. And this is a really hot one from Reece. I can’t wait to get him back to the studio again.

Behind the scenes
25 Sep, 2020

Our popular mate Zak Bray stripping off in the studio

Just before we started out winter break I got our popular mate Zak Bray around for a shoot in the studio. This handsome boy started shooting with last year when Sarpa brought him around for a hot couple shoot. Today I’m doing a simple shoot with Zak posing on the couch and stripping out of a shirt and jeans. I am smiling watching this again as I see Zak peeling off a pair of my jeans. Zak has got big legs and a thick bum. Much bigger than me, so I’m surprised he was able to wriggle into my jeans. Zak always looks good in the photos and video. I can’t wait to get him back into some scenes with our mates this summer. Make sure you check out his video with Sarpa too.

Behind the scenes
23 Sep, 2020

Behind the scenes with Dylan and Billy in the hot tub

The behind the scenes capture everything as I direct the guys through their photoshoots. This hot tub shoot with our mates Dylan and Billy was particularly hot with the guys making out before we even started. Starting in speedos I get the guys into different positions while I get the first photos. But it’s not long before they are peeling off the speedos and the guys get more intimate. We were about to shoot a video scene so this photoshoot in the hot tub was just the foreplay in the lead up to making the video. I think Dylan and Billy look great together. I knew they would get along well and I knew the video would be very hot. The video of the guys making out in the hot tub before fucking on the bed is also now loaded. I’d love to get these guys together again.

Photo shoot
20 Sep, 2020

Fit Aussie boy Reece Anderson

I’m really happy getting to catch up with our fit Aussie boy Reece. There was a long break between shoots for Reece when he moved out to the country. I’m glad we reconnected again and he popped into the city for this shoot before we broke for winter. I got some really nice shots of Reece wearing small shorts and sneakers before stripping and showing off naked. I love his long curly hair. I knew he was growing his hair but didn’t know what it looked like till we met. Since we still have visitor restrictions here in the city Reece made a hot new video last week to also share with you. I will edit it and load it up later this week. In the meantime you should also check out some of the videos Reece made with our mates in previous years. Our mates love shooting with him.

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