29 Apr, 2023

My hot new mate Herman was already getting horny when he stripped naked during his photoshoot. So I grabbed the video camera to catch his getting naked one more time. Armed with some lube and some porn on the TV, Herman got busy on the couch. I love this handsome sold Spanish boy. We start with Herman playing with his cock in some pink undies before he pulls it out. It’s really thick. Then he gets on his knees and turns around to show off his big muscle bum. We didn’t get a chance to talk about it but I think Herman might like someone to play with his bottom. On the bed he starts wanking faster until he starts blowing a load onto his belly. He looks very satisfied as he heads off to the bathroom to clean up. I loved shooting with Herman. I am looking forward to meeting up with him again.

Behind the scenes
27 Apr, 2023

Our mates Dylan and Rory loved fooling around together in jockstraps in this shoot. This BTS video follows me around this hotel room while I shoot our sexy mates stripping each other naked. I liked Dylan and Rory’s first shoot together last year that I got them back for round 2 while I was doing some hotel shoots. The got along really and look great together. I love how turned on Rory gets when he’s being kissed. After seeing him again in this shoot today I want to get him back for more. Make sure you check all of Rory’s videos now loaded up on the site.

Photo shoot
23 Apr, 2023

I met beautiful Herman Barranco while I was staying in Berlin over the winter holidays. The 29 year old from Spain was visiting at the same time. When I saw some photos he had posted online I took a shot and asked if he would come model for me. I’m really glad he said yes, because in real life Herman is even more beautiful. I was actually a little nervous shooting him because Herman is also a very talented photographer. When he started stripping off I really had to concentrate. I can tell that he worked out as he reveals a beautiful thick chest, huge arms and big legs. I kept the shoot pretty simple with Herman stripping out of footy shorts and a white t-shirt. He also looks great in the pink underwear. Even though it was a really dull day withe grey skies in Berlin, I’m pretty happy with these photos of our very attractive new mate. I will also post Herman’s first video this week.

21 Apr, 2023

Andy Conboi gets plowed by his new mate Dante in his first couple video. When the guys met for this shoot I knew pretty quickly they were going to look great together. There were some moments in the photoshoot where I could see them just smiling at each other. By the time we started the video part of the shoot I could tell they were ready to play and get off. We start with the guys kissing shirtless on the couch before Andy pulls out Dante’s big cock and starts sucking on it. Then Dante gets over Andy and starts fucking his mouth from above. I got in nice and close to see Dante rimming Andy’s hole, preparing him to take his dick. The fucking action in this video is really hot. I’m so impressed how well Andy takes it. We end the scene with Dante busting his load on Andy. This is one of the nicest pair ups we’ve had between our mates. I can’t wait to get the guys back for more.

Behind the scenes
20 Apr, 2023

I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a winter day than being stuck inside photographing Brad Hunter. We spent this day in a hotel room in a tower in the city. It turned out to be a perfect morning to get in a shoot with Brad. This BTS video is a little longer than usual because I didn’t want you to miss any part of Brad stripping naked and showing off his cute bum in a jockstrap and fat throbbing cock. It wasn’t until I looked at the photos afterwards that saw how good he looks in the white jockstrap and blue sneakers. Brad loves to show off and you can tell as his cocks grows rock hard in front of the camera. I could tell from the photoshoot that we were about to make a hot new video. This is Brad’s 20th shoot with me on the site.

Photo shoot
16 Apr, 2023

I’m pretty excited about this shoot with our beautiful mates Dante DeMoro and Andy Conboi. It’s actually the first couple shoot for both of them. Usually I would pair the guys up with one of our more experienced mates. But I couldn’t wait to get my two gym mates together. And it worked out really well. Both Dante and Andy are really lovely. We had fun picking out some cute outfits while they got to know each other. In the studio we got do to taking a lot of photos while the boys kissed, pulled each other’s clothes off and fooled around a bit. Dante was getting really turned out while Andy was sucking on his big cock. So I hurried the photo session to an end so we could get on to making the boy’s first video. This gallery is a little larger than normal. I didn’t want to miss any of the hot moments between them. Dante and Andy’s first video together will also load up later this week.

14 Apr, 2023

My first video with our new mate Bruno got wild pretty quickly. At first I had just planned that Bruno would be jerking off while I filmed him. He had already been naked and hard when we finished taking some photos. In this video he was stripping naked and wanking on the couch. But when he started showing off his perfect bum toward me I was getting turned on. I ended up joining Bruno on the couch, playing with his bum, and his thick throbbing cock. Then he pushed my head down on his cock to suck on it. I ended up getting my own cock out and started pressing it up against Bruno’s hole. I knew we weren’t going to go all the way. I just wanted to tease him. But what came next really surprised. Suddenly Bruno moved up off the couch, pushed my head down and squirted a lot of cum in my mouth and across my face. I’m so glad he enjoyed making his first video and getting some help from me. It turns out that Bruno is fun to play with.

Photo shoot
10 Apr, 2023

During my stay in Berlin I got to meet the very beautiful Bruno Gaucho. Visiting from Brazil the 26 year old dropped into the studio on this chilly winter day to model for me. We had not met before so I wasn’t sure how he would go getting naked in front of me. I turns out that Bruno is really lovely. After picking out some clothes I got busy taking photos, directing him into different positions. Bruno’s online photos really stood out as this skinny boy having a very big thick cock. But what I hadn’t noticed is that he also has one of the nicest bums I’ve every seen, I’m really happy with this first photoset. We quickly moved on to making a pretty hot video too. I will post my first video with Bruno later this week. He’s really beautiful. I hope we can meet again sometime.

8 Apr, 2023

I’m really impressed by our new mate Charlie as he gets railed again and again by Dylan. This was Charlie’s first couple shoot so I lined him up to meet our more experienced mate Dylan to show him how it’s done. I really don’t think Charlie needed any guidance at all. When we finished taking the photos that were ready to strip off one more time and get into it. Dylan likes getting his partners into different positions as he continues to ride them. Even though Charlie is a big boy he has no trouble moving him around. And I can tell that Charlie is loving every moment. Make sure you watching this right to the end as the guys blow at the same time. You’ll see why I think this is one of the best videos from summer.

Photo shoot
6 Apr, 2023

My sexy fit mate Marti stripped naked for me one after in Berlin. It was a really warm day so I suggested we get out on the balcony while he play with the soccer ball while stripping off. Marti is a big boy. So I scouted out some soccer gear to fit him the day before the shoot. The gear didn’t really stay on very long since Marti was getting hot wearing them. So we quickly worked toward getting the shirt and shorts off. By the time he was getting the shorts off I realised that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. But that’s okay. It was less to take off. Marti always looks good both in and out of clothes. He’s a super nice guy and looks great in these photoshoots. Make sure you also check out Marti’s videos. I’m looking forward to meeting with him when I get back to Germany.

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