Behind the scenes
12 Oct, 2023

This would have to be the hottest BTS video starring our mates Beau Jackson and Andrew Tran. The guys told me a while back that they were keen to do a shoot together. And I was really interested to see what a shoot with our big muscly mate Beau would look like with cute slim Andrew. I was surprised to find Andrew already sucking on Beau’s fat cock before we even started the shoot. The guys were really horny. You will see in this video they were getting into some really hot positions for the photo session. The photos from the day look amazing. But it’s important that you also watch the final video scene because it turned out that Beau had saved some positions up for when they were going to be fucking. You will see why I think this is one of the hottest scenes this year. It’s another couple scene I’d love to do again.

Photo shoot
8 Oct, 2023

One of my favourite shoots over winter happened when I got our cute mates Eddie and Andy together for this shoot. They have both appeared in some very hot scenes with our mates this year, but never in the same scene. It was time to get two of my favourite mates in to meet each other. We picked out some shorts, jeans and boots to start the shoot in. There’s some really nice shots of Eddie and Andy undressing each other and kissing along the way. Eddie grabs a hand full of Andy’s perfect bottom as he goes in for another kiss. I mad sure I got plenty of nude photos here too. But I didn’t want to go too far because we had a video to make as well. I’m really happy with the results of this photoshoot. I also got some great stills where they are just looking at each other between photos. I’m working on the video right now too. It will be loaded later this week. Make sure you also check out Eddie and Andy’s previous videos with our other mates.

6 Oct, 2023

Buzz Hardy is naked and jacking off for me in his hot new nude video. The photoshoot of Buzz stripping and showing off really was just the tease leading up to making this scene. And I knew it was going to get wild. My only direction to Buzz was to put on a hot show and I would follow him wherever he goes. You’ll see that he gets really turned on as he shows off naked in the bathroom windows looking over the city. I have learnt they he gets even more turned on when he has something stretching his hole. Make sure you watch this video right to the end as he pushes my hand further into his hole making him blow a big load. I love watching Buzz get off. I’m planning on making more hot scenes with him this summer.

Behind the scenes
5 Oct, 2023

This BTS video follows me through the shoot with my sexy Italian mate Rico. It’s Rico’s second shoot with me. We met a few years ago right before the lock downs begun and international travel became restricted. His first shoot was so much fun. So we kept in touch and finally got together in Berlin earlier this year. On a chilly winter’s day I heated up the apartment so Rico would be comfortable getting naked again. The photos of Rico stripping and naked look great. I ended up paying a lot of attention to his gorgeous muscle bum since he liked showing it off. He has incredible flexibility in his back making it possible to tilt his bottom high up towards me. You’ll see what I mean in this video and in the photos. I’m looking forward to shooting more with Rico when we meet up again.

Behind the scenes
4 Oct, 2023

I love getting my fit mate Cody naked in these photoshoots. Just before winter I got him over to the studio for one more shoot before the break. I was looking forward to this because it had been a long time since I’d seen him. You might remember Cody made some of the hottest “at home” videos during the lock downs we had in Australia. Cody makes some of the hottest videos I’ve seen from all our mates. All the guys love shooting with him. But for this day I wanted to get some photos and video with Cody only. I’m pretty happy with the results. He had picked out a cute outfit with sneakers and socks for this strip show shoot. You can watch me now directing Cody through the shoot. But make sure you take a look at his solo videos too. Really they are some of the best.

Photo shoot
1 Oct, 2023

My sexy French mate Buzz dropped by recently for a visit and a new shoot. If you saw his videos from summer you’ll remember that Buzz is this handsome wild boy who made some very hot videos with Dylan and Charlie. I’m really happy to have him back over because he’s so much fun to shoot with. For this catch up I was really interested in getting some new solo photos. While I was staying up in the tower it was a great time to get some shots of Buzz stripping off and showing off his perfect athletic body. There’s a load of cheeky photos here. Buzz get’s his big cock hard as he shows off in the bathroom windows. The new photos look great. I am preparing Buzz’s new video to also load this week. I have included some stills in this gallery. Who do you think I should pair Buzz with this summer?

29 Sep, 2023

I loved wanking James in his first video. We had been getting some great photos when we met up for the first time at the studio. But I was really keen to see James in action when I grabbed the video camera. Relaxing back on the couch James starts putting on a show for me. Wriggling out of his shorts I can see his cock is already bulging out of that jockstrap. I’m so glad he gave a little bum show on the couch before taking off the jockstrap. My own cock is stiff watching his cheeks bounce on the couch. I join in for a little in this video playing with James thick rock hard cock and then push his legs in the air to get a taste of his hole. I gotta say that James is a lot of fun to play with. I’m excited about doing more with him this summer.James is a really nice addition to our group of horny mates.

Behind the scenes
28 Sep, 2023

I didn’t actually mean to go in, says Dylan Anderson as his cock accidentally slips into Charlie’s hole. This was such a fun shoot with the guys. It was the first time Dylan and Charlie had met. This is the behind the scenes footage from their first shoot together. I had them stripping out of tight denim shorts. And they kept going until they were completely naked except for their sneakers. This was one of Charlie’s first couple shoots and I’m really impressed. He gets along well with the guys and his big cock gets super hard when they start kissing and playing around. Make sure you check out the video they made where Dylan fucks Charlie up against the wall. I can’t wait to get them over again this summer.

Photo shoot
25 Sep, 2023

I’m really excited today to post the first shoot with our hot new mate James Rhyder. I met the 26 year old from Queensland a couple of weeks ago while he was visiting Melbourne. I had just finished shooting with one of his mates when he contacted me about doing a shoot. I was really keen to meet him when I saw a couple of his photos. It looked like he was having some fun with a few of my mates that weekend. I’m so glad he managed to squeeze in a shoot. James is pretty cute. He’s small in size. He’s a big thick uncut cock and the most perfect little bubble butt. And he loves to show off. You’ll see in these photos that we had a lot of fun taking some photos and making a hot video. His bottom looks perfect in a jockstrap as he strips down to just his socks and sneakers. I got him posing naked behind a skateboard before revealing his fat cock. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more with James when he visits again over summer.

22 Sep, 2023

My hot mate Brad always puts on a hot show whenever I invite him over to make a new video. I was really impressed by the photos we got shooting over at the hotel. But wait till you see Brad stripping naked one more time and showing of his huge rocket cock. Filming his videos if one of my favourite things to do. And he always surprises me. I won’t give it away, but Brad shows me a new way he has of making himself blow a load in this video. His cock grows rock hard and massive as he shows it off in between his legs on the bed. When he turns around and looks at me I can tell that he’s getting close to blowing. Make sure you stay to see that cheeky big grin at the end.

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