Behind the scenes
17 Feb, 2021

Behind the scenes with our adorable mates Nate and Andy

This shoot with our adorable mates Nate and Andy would have to be one of the most fun shoots we’ve done this summer. It’s actually the first time the guys have met since they live in different cities. Having shot a lot with them over the past year I knew they would get along really well. In this BTS video you can watch me directing the guys through their first shoot together. We start with some posing and kissing on the couch. Andy is getting turned on as Nate pulls down his shorts and starts licking his bottom. I made sure I also got plenty of shots of Andy sucking on Nate’s fat dick. Of course this photoshoot is just the foreplay for the video we were about to make. Make sure you check our the video of Andy riding on Nate’s cock. As well as the previous videos they have featured in. I’ll be getting the guys back for more videos soon.

Photo shoot
14 Feb, 2021

Dylan and Sam dropped in for their first shoot together

After what seemed like the longest lock down I finally got to catch up with my mates Dylan and Sam. I have been wanting to get them back over for a while. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get them over together and shoot some new photos and video with them. I got a lot of comments about the very cute Sam Angel over winter so I made sure to get him back this summer. Dylan has been working on getting himself fit after the lock down and he looks great! After the guys got acquainted while pick out shorts and singlets for the shoot we headed into the studio to grab these photos. After bunch of positions with some kissing I get the guys pulling each other’s shorts off. It doesn’t take much for Dylan to get to full erection when Sam goes down on his dick. After seeing these photos I can’t wait to see the results of the video we made. I will load Dylan and Sam’s first video together later this week. In the meantime you can check out their previous shoots with our other mates.

12 Feb, 2021

Getting my handsome new mate Eddie Archer off

It’s not often I am getting in front of the camera but when I started filming my handsome new mate Eddie Archer I got a lot more involved than I expected. Our new mate looks amazing in that sporty jock strap. I didn’t learn until later that Eddie loves sucking cock, and he’s really good at it too. I’m glad I had multiple cameras set up around the bed to capture Eddie sucking on my dick and me tongue fucking his hole. I was getting turned on by him massively as we played around on the bed. Make sure you watch this video to the end to see Eddie’s impressive cum shot. I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Eddie in action this summer.

Behind the scenes
11 Feb, 2021

Shooting with our sexy mates Zak and Billy

I’ve been waiting to get Zak and Billy together for a while now. When we finally all got together the guys got busy picking out outfits for the photoshoot. I love the tight little shorts that Billy picked out. I quickly got busy taking a lot of photos of the guys kissing and undressing each other. The photos of Zak showing off Billy’s perfect bum are amazing! I made sure I got plenty of shots of Billy sucking on Zak’s big dick too. Zak and Billy were mates before we all met, so the shoot went quite smoothly without any of the “first meeting” awkwardness. They are really easy going guys and fun to have in the shoots. I am looking forward to getting them back on more shoots this summer. Make sure you also check out the hot video we made after this photo shoot.

Photo shoot
7 Feb, 2021

Meet our handsome new mate Eddie Archer

It’s been a little while since we’ve added a new mate so I’m excited today to introduce you to Eddie Archer. I met this handsome 28 year old from the suburbs a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw his photos I wanted to get him over. And it turned out that’s he’s even more beautiful in real life. After chatting and trying out different clothes to wear for his first shoot I got busy with him in the studio. I am sure that I took way more photos than I needed to. But since we were chatting and trying out different positions the shoot went a bit longer than usual. I’m really happy with this photoset. Jockstrap fans will love the photos and video from this shoot. I’m glad I got the chance to get him over for this shoot. This photoset includes a peak at what happened in Eddie’s first video too. It’s one of the hottest videos I had made with a new mate. I will post Eddie’s first video later this week. I am already planning his next shoot.

6 Feb, 2021

Nate and Byron’s hot fucking session

This is one hot fucking session between our horny mates Nate and Byron. The guys were already turned on during their strip show photoshoot. By the time we switched over to making the video they were ready to get off. Our sexy guys start with kissing on the couch before Nate pulls down Byron’s shorts and starts sucking on his cock. Nate’s own dick is already throbbing in his shorts waiting for Byron to grab a hold of it. It’s Nate who’s getting fucked in this video as Byron lubes up his dick. I love seeing Nate bounce up and down on Byron completely naked except for his sneakers. He’s so turned on that he blows his load as Byron keeps thrusting into him. This is a really nice horny session between two of our favourite mates.

Behind the scenes
5 Feb, 2021

Behind the scenes with our cute mate Rick Dalton

I was really excited to get Rick Dalton back in the studio after a few years since his first shoot. I had never actually shot with Rick before. It was Zac who did his first shoot all those years ago. Rick and I had kept in touch and eventually I talked him around to coming in for a new shoot. And I’m glad he did. Rick is really adorable. I like skinny hung guys. Rick is all that and handsome too. In this BTS video you’ll get to see me directing Rick as he strips naked and works himself rock hard in the studio. He also made a hot video after this. I’m going to get Rick back for more shoots this summer. He’s fun to shoot and pretty dam hot to jack off with.

Photo shoot
3 Feb, 2021

It’s bath time for our cute mate Justin Evans

This bath time shoot with my cute mate Justin was perfect considering it was lightly snowing outside when we met up in Berlin. Justin is one of my favourite mates in Europe to shoot with. He’s cute and full of energy. I have done some really nice shoots with him, making some great photos and hot videos. I wasn’t completely happy with the photos in this set since the bathroom lighting was not great. But getting to shoot and play around with Justin made it a fun shoot anyway. This is the last of the series of shoots we did in Berlin last year. Make sure you check out the videos we made too.

Photo shoot
31 Jan, 2021

Nate and Byron got together for this fun shoot in the studio

Our cute mates Nate and Byron got together last week for their first photoshoot and video together. Both Nate and Byron have appeared in a bunch of shoots with me and our mates over the past year. But this is the first time they are meeting for this shoot. I love these guys. They are so much fun to shoot with. And I knew getting them together would result in a really fun and hot shoot. The boys are very affectionate as they begin kissing while I take photos. To Byron’s surprise Nate’s fat cock is already rock hard from all that kissing when he pulls his shorts down. I got a bunch of great shots of Byron sucking on his new mate’s big dick. While the guys were feeling horny I moved them into several different positions to get a few more shots before changing to make a video. I’m fairly sure these guys will be back for more videos with our mates this summer.

29 Jan, 2021

Take a bushwalk with our horny mate Cody James

Cody James makes takes us on a hot and horny bushwalk in this new video he made last weekend. I’m really impressed by the videos the guys have been making at home to share with you on the site. And Cody’s videos are always full of surprises. He tells me he’s been into piss play lately and shows off his skills in this hot outdoor video. When I watched the video for the first I was thinking… is he still pissing? That’s the longest piss with a rock hard cock I’ve ever seen. And to show you how horny he got making this he blows his load on the dirt track before finishing up. The video is not as long as they usually are since there were a couple of people nearby. I love seeing Cody’s videos and I especially love that he shows us how horny he can get playing with his big cock and pissing outside.

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