Behind the scenes
29 Nov, 2019

Our British mate Jack at his first photoshoot

Our British mate Jack Durham is a big boy and barely fits into my bath tub. This is the behind the scenes footage from Jack’s first photoshoot with me. I hadn’t thought about Jack being so tall when I planned this shoot. He squeezed into a speedo as we headed to the bathroom to get some photos of the handsome Brit posing and getting naked. I also got him into the soapy bathtub for some naked and wet shots. Jack was good sport getting into some tight places for this shoot. The shots look great and Jack is an interesting guy to hang out with. He has since come back and got into a couple shoot with Dylan.

Behind the scenes
28 Nov, 2019

Behind the scenes with Lucas in the kitchen

This is the BTS video from my shoot with Lucas Deen in the kitchen. This was one of the extra photoshoots I’ve done with Lucas before heading to the studio. Being a fit furry boy I wanted to see Lucas getting naked and soapy as he washed dishes in the sink. Lucas always looks good naked. But the thing about this type of shoot is that you have to move on quickly before the model gets cold. We then moved over to the fridge where Lucas pours 2 litres of milk down his naked body, While it makes a huge mess of the kitchen, the photos look great! I get Lucas to go down on his knees and bend over so I can see the milk running down the crack of his bum. He then runs to the shower while I quickly mop up. Lucas is always fun to try different shoots with. He’s a good sport and looks great in the photos.

Photo shoot
25 Nov, 2019

Getting my beautiful mates Sarpa and Andy together in the studio

My beautiful mates Sarpa and Andy are getting together for the first time in today’s studio photoshoot. The guys had seen each other’s previous shoots online and were really keen to meet. Sarpa has previously been the bottom in his shoots but was keen to try another role in this shoot with our horny boy Andy. Apart from the guys getting along amazingly well from the moment they met, the photos look fantastic! It was a very relaxed shoot with lots of kissing as they strip each other naked. The guys chose jockstraps for this shoot and they look as they pose for more photos. Andy gets Sarpa dick rock hard as he gets it all the way down his throat for a few more shots. I can tell that the video from this session is going to be really hot.

24 Nov, 2019

Byron puts on a hot show in his first video

My cute new mate Byron is putting on a hot show for his first video in the studio. The photoshoot was just foreplay for our new 20 year old mate. Byron is really fun and playful to shoot with. I got him doing a strip tease to begin his video on the couch. He slips out of those white undies to reveal his uncut dick and beautiful thick furry bum. He grabs a fleshlight and starts stroking with it. Later in the video I get down on my knees to suck Byron’s dick before licking his hole on the couch. By now Byron has grabbed the GoPro and is filming himself. I’m really impressed that he was still holding the camera as he squirts a load of cum across the couch. What a great first video from our beautiful new mate. I can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Behind the scenes
21 Nov, 2019

Shooting out in the CBD with Andy Samuel

I love shooting with out cute mate Andy and this time we are out running around the Melbourne CBD looking for places to take photos. Andy is perfect for this shoot since he’s always up for doing something a little naughty. The purpose of this shoot was to test out the new camera, but also to get one more shoot with him before we took a break for winter. There are pretty much 3 locations in this shoot. First was the steps up to the opening of an office block. We couldn’t do too much there since there were people around. And then we headed up the back fire escape of another building. Again we had to be quick since the office works were using the bathroom in the stairwell where Andy was getting naked. And then we headed back to the studio for some final photos and a video session. The photos from this shoot look great! I have done a few shoots since then with the new camera and I’m so happy with the results. Andy will be back for more shoots soon too.

Photo shoot
18 Nov, 2019

Our cute new mate Byron Atwood at his first nude shoot

Cute new mate alert! I’m excited about posting Byron’s first shoot today. I met the 20 year old boy from Melbourne a few weeks ago. He’s even cuter in real life. And so much fun to hang out and shoot with. We spent a lot of time pulling apart my room getting out things to wear for the shoot and chatting. I like the little shorts and long socks he chose for this shoot. The photos look good. But wait till you see Byron’s first video and the BTS from this shoot. Byron is full of energy and loves to show. Which is perfect for the style of shoots we are doing this summer. I’m already scheduling him for another shoot with one of our mates. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Byron in the next few months.

17 Nov, 2019

Roger Wood rough fucks our mate Lucas

Roger Wood joined us this week in a scene with he rough fucks my sexy mate Lucas. The guys were really passionate during their strip show photoshoot. But it really was just the foreplay to making this video. Lucas cops a hammering from every angle as Roger drills him. It’s the first time seeing Lucas get fucked. And he takes it very well. He ends up cumming while Roger sucks on his cock. And Roger blows all over Lucas’ bum before fucking him again. It’s a really hot new videos from Lucas and his hung mate. I will load the BTS video from the guys shoot soon.

Photo shoot
16 Nov, 2019

Get wet with Ren Williams in the bathroom

It’s time to get wet with our beautiful mate Ren Williams as I direct him through his first nude photoshoot in my bathroom. When I met Ren for the first time earlier this year I got him changed into a skimpy speedo for a photoshoot. I was just getting to know Ren at this point. Firstly he’s very cute. And then you’ll see that he’s incredibly fit. I was getting him posed up in the window to get the best light across his face and body. Over in the shower the speedo comes off and Ren reveals his beautiful chubby cock. I get him to soap up his body before he starts stroking his dick to full erection. I’m really excited about having Ren join us for shoots this year. I will be getting him back very soon for more shoots. Ren’s first video is also now loaded.

Photo shoot
14 Nov, 2019

Brad Hunter showing off in a jockstrap and socks

My hot mate Brad is one of the most requested of our mates to come back for more shoots and today he’s stripping down to his socks as he models naked for me. Before making that video in the hot tub I got Brad posing in a jockstrap and socks on the couch. I love shooting with Brad because he’s cute and he likes trying new things. And his photos and videos look great! His previous shoot during the car trip turned out amazing. So today’s fairly simple with Brad showing off his bum in a jockstrap and eventually stripping down to nothing but his socks. I can tell he’s getting turned on as his big cock begins to stretch out of the jockstrap. After looking through his photos I can see why the 21 year old is so popular.

Photo shoot
11 Nov, 2019

Lucas brought his mate Roger over for a hot studio shoot

Lucas Deen dropped in last week and he brought his mate Roger Wood in for a hot studio shoot. Initially Lucas was just coming by for a solo photoshoot. But when he brought along his mate Roger, I knew we were going to be making a hot video as well. Lucas was full of energy, kissing and playing with Roger as they picked out clothes for the photoshoot. I took a tonne of photos of the guys stripping each other’s clothes off. There was also a quick change for some shots in footy shorts toward the end. And this is how they were to begin the new video. Lucas and Roger clicked very well and the photos with them turned out great! I can tell that Lucas loves sucking on Roger’s big daddy dick. I will get down to editing their first video together now to be loaded later this week.

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