23 Apr, 2021

First video – Our cute new mate Bailey James

Our cute new mate Bailey James finished his first shoot with stripping one more time and jerking off on video. I grabbed the video camera to record our hot new mate whipping our his big dick and putting on a hot show. Bailey also grabs a fleshlight to lube up and shove his cock deep into it. I’m really impressed by the heavy thumping he gives the rubber fuck toy. There were a couple of moments there where I thought he was going to blow into it. Bailey puts on a nice wanking show right to the end when he stands up and blows cum above me.THis really is a nice hot video from our beautiful new mate.

Photo shoot
22 Apr, 2021

Kell Fuller naked in my hotel room

My sexy mate Kell doesn’t mind getting naked and modelled for me last year in my hotel room as I stayed in Berlin. The fit young Russian has been modelling for me over the past years. He is very outgoing and likes to show off on camera. The perfect naked mate for our shoots. This the most recent shoot. We were staying inside on this very chilly day in Berlin. Kell had already done some shots in the bubble bath and was now modelling in shorts, tshirt and sneakers. He was one of the nicest thickest bums. So I make sure I get plenty of him showing it off over the back of a chair. I can’t wait till I can get back to Germany and shoot some new stuff with him.

Behind the scenes
20 Apr, 2021

Shooting with my hung mate Brad Hunter

This a fun BTS look my hung mate Brad’s stripping photoshoot. When we caught up for this shoot Brad was looking a bit shaggier than usual with his hair growing long and thick. So he chose a cap to wear in the shoot. I quickly get to work taking photos while he pulls down the shorts to show off his bum. It’s in this shoot that I realise I like taking photos of naked guys on top of tables. I think it’s because it always gets a great angled photo. Brad is getting aroused as he bends over in these shots. The photos look good and we had some hot fun making a video after it. Brad is always super horny and fun to shoot with. I’ll get him around for a new shoot very soon.

Photo shoot
18 Apr, 2021

Meet our new mate Bailey James

I’m really excited today to introduce Bailey James. The newest mate to join our group of sexy young guys. Bailey is a country boy from regional Victoria. We had been in touch some time ago but only recently managed to organise a meet up and shoot. And I’m really glad we did because 20 year old Bailey is a really sweet boy and I learnt later that he’s hot to shoot with. He’s a cheeky boy who like to show off his bottom and thick uncut dick. I took way too many photos in this shoot because I was having fun getting him into different positions. And once I saw that perfect round bottom I had to see it in a lore more different positions. I like Bailey a lot, and I think he’s going to make a great addition to our group of sexy mates. I will post Bailey’s first video later this week. And I will get him back around for more shoots soon.

16 Apr, 2021

Nate Anderson hammers our twink mate Sam

Nate really hammers Sam in their first video together. The guys had already been kissing and playing naked together in the photoshoot. They were ready to get it on in this video. Starting on the couch Sam pulls out Nate’s big cock and begins sucking on it again. Soon they are naked and rolling about on the bed. Nate’s cock is pushing against Sam’s hole as they kiss. I gotta say that Sam take’s Nate’s big dick really well. And quickly he’s enjoying it sliding in and out. Eventually Sam turns over so he can take Nate in a different position. Then he can’t hold off any longer and cuts on his belly. Nate doesn’t stop until he’s also finished. Sam can barely get up from the bed when Nate is finished with him.

Behind the scenes
14 Apr, 2021

Behind the scenes at Sam’s solo shoot in the studio

There are a bunch of guys that I love shooting solo in the studio. You can probably guess who they are by the number of times I have shot with them. Sam Sivahn is one of these sexy fit guys that I love hanging and taking photos with. Each time he turns up for a shoot I always think he looks hot. He’s has been in some hot sweaty sessions with some of our mates. But I still like getting him to myself for a solo nude shoot. Sam is looking much thicker these days from all the time he spends training at the gym. Those big legs and thick bum are amazing. I want to try to get him in to make a new video with me soon. In the meantime you can also check out the hot jack off video he made at the end of this horny photoshoot.

Photo shoot
11 Apr, 2021

Our cute mates Nate and Sam in their first shoot together

I love seeing how our mates get along in their first shoots together. After his shoot with Dylan I really wanted to get Sam Angel back again for another couple shoot. Our cute and hung mate Nate seemed like a perfect partner to team up with Sam. Well the guys got along really well as they tried on clothes in the dressing room. Then in the photoshoot it wasn’t long before they were all over each other. I think Nate and Sam look great together. The photoshoot was fun. And the photos look great! But wait until you see the video the guys made together. It left Sam unable to walk! I will load Nate and Sam’s video a little later this week.

9 Apr, 2021

My hot video session with Andy Samuel

After a fun photoshoot Andy and I got into a hot session making this new video. I get getting turned on like crazy seeing Andy model naked wearing just those thigh high socks. While he lays back wanking on the couch I set up the cameras to catch the action between us. I love tongue fucking Andy as he squirms around on my face. As he starts begging me to put my cock in him I lube up to give him a good fucking. I can see why our mates love shooting with Andy. He gets pretty wild in his videos. After seeing this video I can’t wait to get him over for another shoot.

Behind the scenes
8 Apr, 2021

Bathtime with our cute mate Justin

Take a look at this BTS video of bathtime with our cute mate Justin Evans. On a freezing winter day in Berlin Justin dropped by my hotel for this impromptu photoshoot and video session. It was a last minute shoot as my previous model for the day had cancelled. Since I knew Justin was still in town I invited him over for one last shoot before I returned home. To get started I had Justin warm up in a hot bubble bath. The light wasn’t great in this bathroom but I still managed to get some great shots with Justin playing in the bubbles. I am finally catching up on some of these older BTS videos from last year. I will post the remaining videos from our mates in Berlin over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime make sure you also check out the latest videos I made with Justin.

Photo shoot
4 Apr, 2021

Thigh high socks on my cute mate Andy

My cute mate Andy loves to show off naked and today he’s modelling in a pair of thigh high socks as he strips naked in the studio. What started out as a joke while trying out clothes for the shoot became reality as Andy pulled those white socks right up past his knees. So I though… why not. Let’s see how it looks. I think the long socks pulled up made me focus more on Andy’s bum as he proceeded to pull his underwear down revealing his perfect little round bottom. I got him into all different positions so you can get a close look at Andy’s little hole before he licks a finger and finger fucks himself. The photos in this set are really nice. I will post the video where I fuck Andy at the end of his photoshoot a little later this week.

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