Photo shoot
4 Jun, 2023

One of the best days in Germany was spent catching up with my horny mate Rico. This Italian boy is so full of energy. We had met just once back in 2019. I wanted to see him again once I was able to get back to Berlin again. We had kept missing each other. So on my recent visit I invited him around to my studio for a new photo and video session. I remember he gave me a wild show when we first met. Rico loves getting naked and showing off in front of the camera. Even though it was a cold grey day outside, we managed to get some really hot photos. I love see him bent over the chair with his bottom stretched wide. This week I will also post the new video I made with our sexy mate.

2 Jun, 2023

My cute mate Andrew is super horny and really wants to take Beau’s thick cock. He had already been sucking on it during the photoshoot. So Beau was all ready for it. The scene starts out with the boy kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. Beau is on a mission when he throws Andrew’s legs in the air and starts licking his bum. Then he stands up holding onto Andrew and flips him over mid air so he can get his cock sucked while standing. Andrew doesn’t mind and starts getting face fucked while dangling in Beau’s arms. I’m really impressed with the positions they are getting into. Andrew takes a little warning up to Beau’s big dick, but eventually works it into his tight little hole. I love watching Beau push Andrew into different positions and eventually blows a load in his mouth. These boys are hot together!

Photo shoot
1 Jun, 2023

This is the second shoot with my sexy mates Dylan and Nate. We had so much fun when they first met back in the studio that I got them together for this shoot over at the hotel. Being a late Autumn shoot I had the boys wearing jeans and shirts. So there was a bit more to strip out of in this shoot. I only just remembered that they wore matching jockstraps too. They looked great where they started pulling each other’s jeans down. Dylan and Nate got turned on very quickly in this photoshoot as they begun kissing and pulling each other’s jockstraps off. I got some nice shots of the boys kissing and sucking on each others dicks. I can see why I like shooting them together. Make sure you also check out the video they made after this in the hot tub.

Behind the scenes
31 May, 2023

Take a look behind the scenes at me directing my sexy mate Rory through his first bubble bath shoot. I can’t think of a better way to spend a winter day in the city than getting my mates naked in a hot bubble bath. Rory has quickly become one of my favourite models. This is his second solo shoot. He’s done some couple shoots as well. I wanted to get some simple photos of Rory in a speedo and then getting soaped up in the bubble bath. You can see he’s getting turned on having his nude photos taken in the bath tub. We had an amazing view from the bathroom, so I guess the neighbours had a nice view too. Make sure you check out Rory’s videos now loaded up on the site. I gotta get him back for a new scene soon.

Photo shoot
28 May, 2023

My cute mate Andrew wants to get fucked by muscle boy Beau in their first shoot together. When I first met Andrew he told me about this model from a few years ago that he thought was really hot. Turned out he had been crushing on Beau Jackson who had just started shooting with us again. When I suggested they do a shoot together, they were both really keen. You can tell that they are really into each other from the moment we all met. In fact Andrew was already sucking on Beau’s cock before I even started the photoshoot. You can see it’s a really passionate photoshoot as Beau pulls off Andrew’s clothes. We got some fun positions in this shoot as my big mate pulls Andrew into different positions before eventually pushing his cock up against his hole. I can’t wait to see the video the boys made when we finished taking these photos. Andrew and Beau’s first video will load up a little later this week. In Thea meantime you can also check out their videos in the studio with me.

27 May, 2023

My hot mate Cody rips open my fuck toy with his big cock in his new video with me in the studio. I love watching Cody go to work whenever he gets free reign in front of the camera. He’s done some really hot videos with my mates, but his solo videos are just as good. Once we had finished taking a load of photos with Cody showing off his big dick, I suggested he try out my rubber fuck toy in a video. Well he tried it and it reminded me of how much of a good top he is. Cody’s fucking action is relentless. He doesn’t stop until both he and his mate have both cum. He’s a real hot fucker. I’m gonna have to pair him with one of my bottom mates soon.

Behind the scenes
24 May, 2023

Aussie muscle boy Carter Andrews got super horny when he stripped naked for me at his first shoot. I was really eager to meet him when I saw that he had done some private shoots with a couple of my mates. I thought he looked pretty cute. But dam! When I saw him in real life, this boy is super hot. I kinda wish I had met him sooner as he was planning to leave Australia when we did this shoot. I took way more photos than I needed for this shoot. I just wanted to make sure I got him doing a few different things before getting completely naked. And the he really surprised me when all of a sudden he grew this huge boner. I really wish I’d had more time to do more shoots with Carter. I’d love to see him in shoots with me and our mates. But I’m glad we managed to get this one shoot for the site.

Photo shoot
21 May, 2023

I love shooting with my hung mate Cody. We’ve been doing hot shoots together for a long time. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him so I invited him over for a catch up and shoot before the end of summer. I like shooting with him because he’s always up for trying different things. My mates love shooting with him too. He’s a little guy with an extra large cock. And he always gets super horny when he’s being photographed. Our friends at Andrew Christian sent us some free undies so Cody is modelling a fun pair in this shoot. It’s a really nice nude shoot with Cody. His new toy fucking video will also load up this week. In the meantime make sure you check out his bush walk wanking and pissing video.

19 May, 2023

Getting my hot new mate Leo off was a lot of fun. I hadn’t planned on jumping in on this video, but Leo Rex is crazy hot. When he started backing up that perfect bum toward me I jumped in. British porn star Leo has got one of the nicest tight bums, and the most perfect big dick. He gets rock hard really quick in this video. I got him into a few positions to make sure you see everything. I even like stick my cock in his hole from above as he lay on his back with his legs in the air. He sucks cock really well too. One of my favourite positions if having my mates sit on me while they blow a load toward me. What a great way to end the shoot with Leo.

Behind the scenes
16 May, 2023

Hung skater boy Jamies Fawkes loves showing off naked on camera. I quickly learnt that our hot new mate is not shy at all. This is the BTS video from Jamie’s second shoot in the studio when he visited us over summer. Jamie has got a lot of energy and can’t wait to show you his big dick as it grows to full erection. In this shoot I was getting him to do some wild nude poses with a skateboard. We had some fun making his second video too with me wanking his big dick. Jamie is cute and very horny. I can’t wait get him over for some more horny fun soon.

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