14 Aug, 2020

Hot tub sex with my sexy mate Nate

Having hot tub sex with Nate Anderson is going to be one of my favourite videos of the year. I don’t get in on the videos as much as I used to. But as the city began it’s shut down I wanted to record one more hot sex session. Nate was keen to get it on in the hot tub as much as I was. And the cameras surrounding the hot captured everything perfectly. I love shooting with Nate. He gets so turned on in his videos. I had one goal in this video, make Nate cum while I fucked him. I love the way he bounced up and down on my cock in the hot soapy water. I am looking forward to shooting a lot more with our horny new mate.

Behind the scenes
13 Aug, 2020

Behind the scenes at Connor Peters debut shoot

This is the BTS look at Connor Peters debut nude shoot with me in Melbourne from earlier this year. I was on my way home to Australia from Europe when I got an email from this cute guy asking about modelling on the site. He looked pretty cute in his photos. Two weeks later we met up at my place for this initial shoot in the bathroom. I could tell that Connor was a little nervous at first. We started out in the model closet trying on speedos for the shoot. Connor settled on this orange and white speedo I had picked up while I was travelling. Being the middle of summer Connor was quite tanned in this shoot. He quickly got naked in the shower. It was then that I realized this 21 yer old from the suburbs was really quite hung as he wanks his soapy cock. The photos from the shoot are really nice. I could tell during this shoot that I would end up shooting a lot more with Connor in the following months.

Photo shoot
10 Aug, 2020

Nate Anderson is having a soapy wank in the hot tub

Our cute new mate Nate came back for this horny soapy wank session in the hot tub. I had so much fun shooting with Nate in the studio that I invited him back for a new shoot with me in the hot tub. Wearing just a speedo Nate sinks into the soapy hot tub as I begin taking photos. It’s not long before he slips out of the speedo to show off his soapy bottom and nice thick cock. I also brought a fleshlight along for this shoot so Nate could play with it in the soapy water. His cock grows thicker as he pushes it deep inside the rubber fuck toy. I like the photos from this session. But wait until you see what Nate and I did together in the hot tub afterwards. I will load Nate’s new video later this week.

7 Aug, 2020

Blowing my hot mate Brad in the bean bag

You can probably tell that blowing my horny mate Brad Hunter is now one of may favourite things to do. This video is the 2nd of a series of shoots we did earlier this year. I had taken the last photos of Brad in the bean bag and decided to have him in it for his video as well. In fact it turned out to be the perfect position to get him in and I might use it more often. I love tongue fucking Brad as he lays on his belly. Having him still in a jockstrap was especially hot. It doesn’t take too much to make him cum when I’m sucking on his cock so I slow down a little. He also doesn’t make much noise when he cums so I have to move quick when I feel it move up the shaft of his cock. This video and the photoshoot are possibly my favorites from the series of shoots.

Behind the scenes
6 Aug, 2020

Sam Angel’s first couple shoot with Damien in the studio

This is the BTS video footage from Sam Angel’s first couple shoot with Damien Dyson. This is one of the last shoots we got in before lock down restrictions came in for Australia. And I’m really glad we did this shoot because it was a lot of fun. It was also Damien’s last shoot with us before he moved interstate. I could tell that Sam was a little shy at first but quickly warmed to Damien as we progressed through the shoot. And I gotta say that the video they made afterwards is one of the best action scenes of the year. They are so adorable together in this BTS look at the photoshoot. I can’t wait to get Sam in for more later in the year. And hopefully I will get to shoot with my mate Damien again when we are able to visit each other. Make sure you also take a look at Damien and Sam’s video from this shoot.

Photo shoot
2 Aug, 2020

Horny boy Brad Hunter showing off in a jockstrap

These could be my favourite photos of Brad as he strips down to a jockstrap in the studio. This is a part of a series of shoots I did with our cute mate before the lock downs begun in Australia. Each time I was getting Brad doing something a little different. In this shoot we started with some photos out in the city lane way before showing off in a jockstrap up in the studio. It wasn’t until I got Brad laying into a bean bag at the end that I started getting these amazing shots of his bum in the jockstrap. But the big cock shots earlier on look great too. We ended up using the bean bag in Brad’s new video too. I will post the new video a little later this week. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of photographing Brad’s perfect little bum.

31 Jul, 2020

Playing around with horny boy Ethan

In today’s new video I’m playing around with our horny boy Ethan Summers. What out with Ethan playing around with a dildo on the couch ended up with me tongue his tight little hole and fucking him with the dildo. You will see in this video that Ethan has a lot of energy and begs to be dominated. The video runs a little longer than usual because I didn’t want you to miss any of the action. I had many cameras set up to make sure you get the best angles as I push Ethan’s legs back over his head. I love licks his little hole as he squirms around on the bed. I like seeing how close I can drive him to climax. I like playing with Ethan.

Behind the scenes
30 Jul, 2020

Our hot mate Dylan Anderson showing off naked in the studio

This is the BTS video footage taken from the Go Pros as I directed my mate Dylan Anderson through a new solo photoshoot. When I met Dylan a few years ago we did a rushed first photoshoot in the studio. Since we both weren’t entirely happy with the results of that shoot we often talked about doing it again. Though he was always getting pulled into shoots with our mates. Earlier this year when we both got back from our trips overseas we got together for a catch up and this photo/video shoot. Dylan has been doing a lot of gym and pilates, and it’s really showing in his big legs and butt. The light was fairly soft on the day we did this giving us some really beautiful photos. I will post more shoots with Dylan hooking up with our mates soon.

Photo shoot
27 Jul, 2020

Our horny mate Ethan Summers is back in the studio

I’m pretty excited having our horny mate Ethan Summers back shooting in the studio. You might remember Ethan doing that hot outdoor shoot on the roof 2 years ago. Since Ethan moved back to the city we connected again earlier this year to do this shoot. You will see in his photos and videos that Ethan has a lot of horny energy. His playing up to the camera makes me take a lot more photos. So this gallery is a bit larger than usual. I wanted you to see the range of shots I took as Ethan stripped naked. Ethan is so much fun to shoot with. After this horny photoshoot I helped him get off in his new video. I always love having our hot mates come back for new shoots. I will load up Ethan’s new video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out his first video with me.

24 Jul, 2020

Billy Bones nailing our cute mate Connor

Our sexy new mate Billy nailing Connor Peters in the studio is one of the hottest videos of the year. The guys got to know each other really well during the horny photoshoot. I knew in the video the action was only going to get hotter. Once I grabbed the video camera Billy took over the directing as he walks in holding Connor’s hand. Things moved quickly as he forces Connor down on his erect cock. I can see that Connor likes getting pushed around as they head over to the bed. Billy is ready to dominate his new mate in this video. The fucking action on the bed is amazing! But make sure you watch to the end to see Connor smiling with a face full of Billy’s cum. I enjoyed doing the shoot with these guys.

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