20 Jan, 2019

William and Brock’s hot fucking session

William Moore looks amazing as he tops Brock in this hot fucking video. After a very passionate photo shoot the guys were ready to do a lot more. So I switched to the video camera to capture the guys stripping one more time and kissing on the couch. It doesn’t take long before Brock is sitting on William’s cock forced it deep inside him. Brock loves getting fucked so William now takes over, pushing Brock down on the couch so he can ride him faster and deeper. Moving over to the bed the guys try different fucking positions until Brock can’t hold off blowing his load any longer. I love watching William fuck Brock. What a perfect match up of our mates this is.

Behind the scenes
18 Jan, 2019

Behind the scenes with the sexy Nick Kadec in Berlin

This is the BTS video with the very sexy Nick Kadec as he poses for me in his first stripping naked photoshoot. You can tell in this video that Nick loves having his photo taken and gets turns on as he strips off his clothes. I was amazed by Nick’s perfect big round bum, and his thick cock. I knew while I was taking these photos that Nick’s first video was going to be hot. I’m really happy with the results of Nick’s photos and videos. He’s a super nice guy and I can’t wait to have him model for me again. Oh.. and how cute is Nick’s choice of t-shirt in this shoot. He’s adorable.

Behind the scenes
16 Jan, 2019

Behind the scenes at Luca Garcia’s first shoot

I’m so glad I got to meet up with the beautiful Luca Garcia during my stay in Berlin. Our meeting almost didn’t happen on that day. There were some communication problems initially but I’m glad it finally happened. Luca is beautiful, has a great smile, and an amazing muscly body. I probably took a lot more photos than I needed in this shoot, but I didn’t want to miss getting every angle of our hot new mate. And just at the end Luca, while still naked, tries on a pink harness for a few extra pics. I am amazed by all the beautiful guys I found in the past year. Luca is a great model and an excellent addition to our group of hot mates. There is one more photoshoot of Luca coming up which I will post soon. IN the meantime you can enjoy this BTS video of me directing Luca through his first stripping nude shoot.

Photo shoot
14 Jan, 2019

Our popular mates William and Brock in their first shoot together

I have gotten two of our popular mates together to make a hot scene together. Both William Moore and Brock Matthews featured in a bunch of shoots with our other mates last summer, so I’m really happy to get them back and together for this shoot. This is very special shoot since it happened just before William left Australia to return home to Canada. And also because William is going to be on top in the video. This photoshoot is a lot of fun with the boys slowly stripping each other naked, kissing and playing with each other’s dicks. And you will notice that I know exactly when to stop to leave the action for the video. These guys are really adorable and I love having them over for shoots. William and Brock’s first video together will also load later this week.

12 Jan, 2019

Our mates Layton and Damien in a hot fucking session

The match up of my mates Layton and Damien has gotta be one of the hottest shoots of 2018. Right out of the gate you can tell these guys are into each other. And after all the kissing and teasing that went on during the photo shoot, the guys are now ready to get off. Starting in the hot tub (where we left the photoshoot) Layton and Damien are already kissing and peeling off their speedos. There’s a lot of passionate kissing before I follow the guys out to the bed where Damien shoves his fat cock deep inside Layton and begins fucking him. After trying a few positions we head into the large shower where Layton bends over for Damien again. It’s not long before Layton is pumping out a load of cum as Damien thrusts into him. Damien really is a hot top, and pairing him up with Layton for this video was just perfect.

Photo shoot
10 Jan, 2019

Poolboy Pablo gets naked on my balcony

My new mate and sexy poolboy is Pablo Pen. While we were hanging out in Berlin I had the beautiful South American take a dip in the inflatable pool on my balcony while I took his photos. In this shoot Pablo takes a dip in a little pair of swimmers before changing to a little pink speedo. I love shooting with Pablo. He’s very excited about having his photos taken on my balcony in the tiny pool. I love his big smile as we joke around out there. I love his gorgeous round bum too as it bobs up and down in the water. Then he turns around and reveals his throbbing big dick. Make sure to also check out the hot video we made after this shoot. Pablo is a sexy boy and I can’t wait to see him again.

Behind the scenes
9 Jan, 2019

Behind the scenes with Mark Smith – Shot by Johan

This is a great BTS video of Mark Smith shot by his mate Johan. Since I had both guys over for two shoots, I gave each of them the BTS video camera to film each other stripping naked during their photoshoots. This is a great way to get targetted footage rather than the usual tripod camera footage I use. It also makes the photoshoots a lot more fun. I was really excited to be shooting with these two good looking 19 year olds in Berlin. Mark Smith is super fit and looks great stripping out of his wrestling vest and getting wet in the shower. Also, I think Mark has one of nicest bums I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. I can’t wait to shoot with them again.

Photo shoot
7 Jan, 2019

Our handsome mates Damien and Layton take a dip in the hot tub

In the lead up to making a very hot video our handsome mates Damien Dyson and Layton Charles got together in the hot tub to make out and get some nude photos taken. Both Damien and Layton have become regular models on the site, but this is their first time meeting. And right from the get go they were getting along really well. In fact they were already kissing in the hot tub before I got over there with the camera. They look cute in their blue speedos but they quickly slipped out of them in the hot water as the make out session got hot and horny. The guys start showing off their big erect cocks as the speedos come off. And Damien moves down to suck on Layton’s dick. It’s hard to hide his own excitement as his massive cock bobs up and down in the water. These guys are super adorable as they flash a smile to each other as they change positions. I can see why I love getting these guys into multiple shoots.

4 Jan, 2019

Nick Kadec milks his fat cock while toy fucking in his first video

I am really impressed by our beautiful new mate Nick as he rams his fat cock right through my rubber fuck toy. This is Nick’s first time making a jacking off video. After one very hot photoshoot, our horny mate Nick is ready to get off. I could tell already during the photos that Nick likes to show. So I knew he would have no problem putting on a show as I grab the video camera. Of course my favourite part of this video is filming Nick’s big round bum bouncing up and down as he rams his fat cock right through the fuck toy until the head of his cock is popping out the other end. And he keeps going like this until the toy starts milking the cum from his balls. It’s one of hotter solo videos on the site. And I can’t wait to make more with our sexy new mate.

Behind the scenes
3 Jan, 2019

Making a hot scene with our mates Alex and Dylan

Now you can watch me making a hot photo shoot with our beautiful mates Alex Sanchez and Dylan Anderson. And it’s also their first time shooting together. We actually started filming their hook up our on the street. But something was wrong with the footage, so the scene starts with the guys in the studio only. Both Alex and Dylan have done a bunch of shoots with the other guys and are always great fun to have in shoots. So I knew they would have a lot of fun shooting with each other. Apart from this BTS video, make sure to also check out their hot fucking video. Alex really works up a sweat bouncing on Dylan’s cock.

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