Behind the scenes
24 Apr, 2019

Shooting with my new horny mate Lucas Deen

I am catching up on posting the BTS videos from my summer shoots with our new mates, including this shoot with our super horny mate Lucas Deen. Lucas is a young beautiful Turkish boy who loves to play up in front of the camera. He is the perfect match for me and our mates as we make loads of hot photos and videos for the site. This is the behind the scenes video of Lucas’s first shoot in the studio. As you can see things were getting pretty hot between Lucas and I as I was directing him through the photoshoot. I could tell right away that we were going to end up having sex in his video scene. Lucas is very passionate and loves sex. I like shooting with Lucas a lot and I love getting him off. Since this shoot Lucas has already been back for several more days in the studio.

Photo shoot
22 Apr, 2019

Sam Sivahn is back and he brought his mate Matt

My sexy mate Sam Sivahn recently made a return visit to the studio and brought with him his hot mate Matt Gray. It’s always fun when our mates bring their mates along for a shoot. And this shoot with Sam and Matt was a lot of fun. It ended in making a really hot video too. Sam and Matt are both Queenslanders now and came to Melbourne for the weekend. We planned to get them around to the studio for a quick shoot before heading home. And I’m glad they did. It’s a very passionate shoot with lots of kissing and teasing on the couch and later on the bed. Both Sam and Matt are very fit and look great naked. Matt looks very happy as he’s getting his super fat dick sucked by Sam. I probably took too many photos for this gallery but I didn’t want to miss a moment between these guys. This photoshoot was really just the foreplay for the video we were about to make. It’s really nice to see Sam back and bringing his sexy mates along. I will load Sam and Matt’s first video also later this week. In the meantime you can enjoy the shots from their first nude photoshoot.

20 Apr, 2019

Getting off my huge mate Marti Trifon

Our huge mate Marti is back this week stripping off in this hot flexing and jacking video. Marti Trifon towers above me as he strips naked and begins working his big cock above me. He looks enormous from this angle as all his muscles bulge while he wanks his cock. In the later part of this part I start wanking and sucking on Marti’s fat dick. I can tell he’s enjoying the attention as he moans a little as he fucks my mouth. Marti is one of the hottest guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with, and helping him get off in this video was amazing. This is Marti’s third video shoot with me.

Behind the scenes
19 Apr, 2019

Behind the scenes at this horny rooftop shoot with Andy and Damien

This has gotta be one of the most fun shoots of summer as Andy and Damien work through this horny rooftop shoot. Shot on one of the last days of summer we headed out to the roof to get some photos of the guys together, kissing and stripping off. Things went a little bit further than I expected with Andy slipping Damien’s fat dick up his bum. I can tell that Andy really likes his new hung mate. We end up the shoot with a naked super soaker fight before heading back to the studio. This was a really fun day making photos and videos with the guys. Now you can watch all the BTS video footage from the day.

Behind the scenes
17 Apr, 2019

Behind the scenes at Brad’s milky kitchen shoot

While I directed Brad through his milky shoot in the kitchen I had a couple of cameras set up to record the shoot. With Brad starting wearing just an apron and underwear his strip show if quick. It’s not longer before Brad is all soapy and naked from pouring soapy water over himself. But the real fun comes as he grabs a bottle of milk to pour all over himself. Brad actually can’t stand the taste of milk, but it looks great running down his long lean body and fat dick. We end up with Brad on all fours on the floor pouring milk down between his butt cheeks. The photos look great, but this BTS video is really fun to watch. Brad was such a good sport to do this shoot.

Photo shoot
15 Apr, 2019

Marti Trifon is showing off his massive naked body

Hot 23 year old muscle boy Marti Trifon is back showing off those massive muscles. It was a surprise to me when I met the straight body builder in Berlin 2 years ago that Mart is one of the nicest guys I’ve met during my travels. So I was really happy to find him again on my visit to Berlin back in the summer. I had him around for a couple of shoots. And this is the second of those shoots. Marti met me in the hotel to make some sexy photos and a hot video. Marti is a very big boy who obviously puts a lot of time in at the gym. And he enjoys showing off his body and having his photos taken. I direct Mart i to do a slow strip, flexing and showing off his body along the way. He looks great naked too, showing off his whole body and working his fat cock to full erection. Marti looks fantastic as he poses wearing just socks and a cap in the window. I’m really glad I got to squeeze in this second set with Marti. I will also post the hot video we made this week.

13 Apr, 2019

Dylan and Lucas strip for this intense fucking video

Following on from a very passionate photoshoot, Dylan and Lucas strip naked one more time for this intense fucking scene back up in the studio. I could tell from the photoshoot that the video shoot was going to be really full on. Lucas was all over Dylan from the moment they met. But there’s a little twist in today’s video. Our regular top mate Dylan ends up bottoming for Lucas in our new mate’s first couple shoot. And I’m really impressed by Lucas and his aggressive fucking action. Something tells me our hot new mate could fuck for hours. But it’s Dylan who blows his load first into Lucas’s face. It’s one of the hottest action videos from the summer. I gotta get these guys together again.

Behind the scenes
11 Apr, 2019

Behind the scenes with muscle boy Tate Ryder in the bathroom

This will go down as being one of craziest shoots of summer as I direct Tate Ryder through this hot soapy shoot in the bathroom. The shoot starts out with Tate posing in a personalised jockstrap. He is looking huge as he perches himself up on the window ledge. But things get a lot more interesting as Tate slips into the bubble bath to get all soapy. To add to his slipperyness, I give Tate a bottle of thick soap to pour all over that popping bottom. Tate always makes me laugh as he plays up during the shoot. Always up for trying new stuff, which is why I love shooting with Tate. The photos from this shoot look great too! Now you can watch me directing Tate through this crazy shoot.

Photo shoot
10 Apr, 2019

Join our cute mate Lincoln Hall in his hot bubble bath shoot

Our very cute mate Lincoln is stripping naked and playing in a bubble bath in this fun naked photoshoot. This is actually the first photoshoot that I did with the 19 year old Aussie boy when we first met earlier this year. Since we were just meeting I wanted to do a fun shoot with Lincoln as an ice breaker. I wanted to show Lincoln how the photoshoots typically work and get him used to stripping off while being photographed. I was actually a little distracted by Lincoln’s gorgeous blue eyes as I took his photos in the bathroom. Then he slipped out of his shorts and down into the bubble bath. There are some really nice photos here of Lincoln showing off his nice round bum, and playing with his thick uncut dick. Later we moved over to the studio for more photos and a hot video session (which is now loaded). I like shooting with Lincoln a lot and I am looking forward to his next visit.

Photo shoot
7 Apr, 2019

Lucas Deen and Dylan Anderson hook up in the public toilet block

Hot on the heels of his first shoot our sexy mate Lucas is back for a horny hook up in this Melbourne public toilet block. I told Dylan that he was going to be in for a very hot passionate scene when he meets Lucas for the first time. And I wasn’t wrong. The guys were passionately kissing over the toilet sink before I had a chance to grab the camera. They quickly moved into one of the cubicle’s where they take turns sucking on each other’s cocks. We end in there with Lucas bent over the toilet while Dylan licks his arse. I’m sure we could have shot the whole scene in there. But instead I take the guys back to the studio so we can shoot without any chance of being interrupted. This is an excellent shoot from our newly acquainted mates. Lucas and Dylan’s first video together will be loaded later this week. In the meantime you can also check out my first video with Lucas.

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