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Andy Conboi is back for a new strip show photoshoot

Photo shoot
16 Jul, 2023
Ever since I met Andy over summer I've been wanting to get him back over for another strip show photoshoot. So before the winter break we made a date to get back into the studio to take these photos and make a hot new video. At this stage And had done just his initial solo shoot, and a couple scene with Dante. On this perfect bright day in the studio I had Andy try on some extra high Converse sneakers with some stripes long socks. I think Andy would look good in anything, but he looks especially hot in those tiny tight denim shorts with the long socks. Andy is so much fun to shoot with. You will say that in his photos and videos. After this photoshoot Andy raided the toy draw to find some to play with his video. The new video will also load up a little later this week.
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