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Behind the scenes at Ethan’s first solo photoshoot

Behind the scenes
26 Jun, 2024
This is the behind the scenes footage from Ethan's first solo photoshoot. Normally the new guys will come in for a solo session first. But Ethan was brought along to his first shoot by Sam Angel. When I got to see how amazing he looked in that shoot I quickly invited him back for a solo session. In this shoot I had Ethan stripping down to his sneakers and showing off his throbbing big cock. I get him showing off his perfect little bum before we get a look at that giant swinging dick. I had some fun in the video session with Ethan too. I could tell right away that he's going to be fun to have in the shoots with the other guys. In the meantime you can take a look at Ethan's video with Sam and myself now.
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