Summer in Melbourne

11 Mar, 2016


I wish it were summer all year round in Melbourne. I am getting some really beautiful guys to shoot outside on some of the most beautiful hot days now. I know it will all come to an end in a few weeks so I'm trying to shoot with as many guys as possible now. The guys look amazing and it's so nice getting brilliant outdoor photos. Unfortunately we haven't been back to the beach yet, but I am working on that.

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Shooting with twin brothers Elek and Luca

9 Mar, 2016

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Over the past few weeks I have been catching up on all the shoots I have done over the past few months in Melbourne, Texas and Europe. So there's a good mix of guys from all over the world. And it seems I still have quite a lot to go. Last week I posted one of the more unusual shoots I have done to date. And that was the shoot with the twin brothers Elek and Luca Barrell in Budapest. I didn't know what to expect when I invited these guys around for a shoot. And I don't think they did either. They spoke no English which made the shoot very interesting. In the end we all ended up having sex in my hotel room, recorded it all, and hoped for the best. The shots and the video turned out pretty good. But for me personally it was a strange experience.

Catching Up

21 Feb, 2016

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Since I landed back in Australia a month ago I've been super busy editing all the stuff I shot in Europe (like the shoot with the super hung Sergio above) and I have been spending every spare moment getting shoots in with guys here in Melbourne. With these long hot days, I'm making the most of the remaining days of summer. My plan every year is to shoot a load of stuff during summer so I don't have to torture my mates during Melbourne's winter months. And I gotta say, the level of hot guys wanting to get naked just keeps getting better! I'm beginning to wonder if I ever need to leave Australia again looking for guys to shoot with.

Home Sweet Home

29 Jan, 2016

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I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to be back at home in Melbourne. After travelling for the majority of the past 3 months in the US and Europe, it's nice to be home and not living out of a suit case. I returned to Australia's beautiful hot weather. So I am not wasting a moment of it. I already have a long list of guys waiting to come over for their shoots. I was going to take a couple of weeks off, but I couldn't stop myself. The guys here love getting their gear off in summer, so I'm making the most of these hot days. And I seriously need to correct the balance between the Aussie guys and the guys I've shot with in the US and Europe.

I also feel a little behind in my posts while I was travelling so there's going to be extra posts each week for a while now so I can play catch up. I've noticed that there are a tonne of BTS videos and extra galleries that I have not posted from the last few months. So I will be adding those over the next few weeks. Some of them date back quite a while.

It's so nice to be home!

Trip Update

7 Jan, 2016

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It's about time I have a quick update on the trip. It's been pretty busy after I left Warsaw. It was very quiet there. I didn't get to meet any guys (I guess they all went home for Christmas). So I had a nice quiet time there hanging out with Zac and checking out the city. Then I headed down to Budapest where things got much busier. I met a few new guys as well as catching up with some of our old mates from there. I got to meet with Jeffry Branson again, but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to do a shoot. He did introduce me to one of his sexy mates though.

And after the busy week in Budapest I am now in Berlin. And it's freezing here! The winter weather has finally hit and I finally saw a dump of snow yesterday. It's so much fun seeing snow when I never see it in Australia. I'm also keeping pretty busy here. I have a few more days left before I jump on the train and meet up with Zac again down in Austria. I can't wait to show you the guys I have met here.

Christmas in Europe

23 Dec, 2015

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Where in the world am I now? Well after spending just 5 days back in Australia after getting home from the US, I headed off to Poland with Zac. We planned a Europe trip for Christmas earlier this year. And I gotta say, spending 48 hours on a plane in one week has really kicked me arse. But the good think about this trip is that I am really on vacation. And I'm excited to be spending Christmas in Poland. Next week I will head to Hungary and then to Berlin. It's gonna be a great trip. I just wish it would snow while I'm here. I'll post some photos as we travel around.

Texas Hotties

14 Dec, 2015

Even though I was working some really long days in Texas I still had some free time on the weekends to meet up with some really hot looking guys. And every guy I met had never modelled naked before. They are all really sweet guys and I can't wait to post their stuff. I'm back in Australia for just a few days now. So I have to get busy editing. I'm using my jet lagged early mornings to start some video editing today. After being away for 5 weeks, it's really nice to be home.

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Aussie newcomer – Reece Anderson

30 Nov, 2015

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I'm pretty excited with this new duo scene between Cody and Reece this week. It's unusual for me to throw a new guy straight in to a scene, but I knew he would match up well with Cody. And that Cody would take good care of him. I took a tonne of photos of the guys together out in the back stairs and also in the studio. The shots in the stairs had a strange pink hue across them because of the renovations going on back there. There's new lighting and painting. So I need to experiment a bit more. I kinda preferred that area when it was run down and poorly lit.  I'm sure Reece will be back for more scene just as soon as I can get back to Australia.

Deep in the heart of Texas

24 Nov, 2015

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! You see I got a call from my boss asking if I could help out on a project in Texas for a few weeks. Of course I jumped at the chance for a trip to the states. But man it has been hard work! I'm really appreciating how much more relaxed the work environment is in Australia when I come and work in the office in the US. So it's been long hours and I have been learning a lot. I have also had the weekends off to see some of Texas and meet a few guys. I'm looking forward to having my first Thanksgiving in America this week.

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Berlin Fame

22 Oct, 2015

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The beautiful German Tristan Folder is helping make my little balcony famous in Berlin. Here he is appearing on the Berlin Sneakers poster for their next party in the German capital.  As soon as I started assembling my little apartment in Berlin I knew that I wanted to shoot guys out on it's balcony...  and quickly before it got too cold!  Tristan was the first to get his gear off on my new astro-turf.  I think his shots look great! And his video scene was very hot too. I wish I could be in Berlin for the party. I'm really stoked that the party organisers chose one of my photos for their promotions.

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