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Shooting video on a Gimbal

15 May, 2021


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Now that we are heading into winter and the daylight is not so great, I have been looking at other options for recording videos in low light. I discovered the full frame sensor Canon DSLR which I use for taking photos is actually the best for recording videos too. The sensor collects a lot of the light and the image quality is really beautiful. But the camera has no image stabilization. So I picked up the Ronin SC2 gimbal last week and used it for the first time in a shoot today. As you can see it’s not as nimble as a Handycam, but it does a nice job of allowing the camera to take stable video footage. I will use this in the coming weeks. However I do think I will pick up either a new video camera or a mirrorless DSLR with image stabilization. They are just more agile.  I can’t wait to edit the new videos.

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