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My mate Andrew has the cutest little butt

28 Jun, 2024
My mate Andrew Tran has got the cutest little butt. And I'm glad I got to play with it in his new video. After taking a load of photos stripping naked I got Andrew back in clothes so he could strip one more time in this video. His videos are always a lot of fun. He dick was poking out rock hard as he started playing with his bum sticking up toward me. And while he was laying back in the chair I put the camera on a stand so I could suck on his cock and lick his butt. I love how much he squirms as I drill my tongue further into his hole. Andrew was really turned on earlier when we took some cheeky photos out in the stairwell so we finished the video there with my horny mate pumping a thick load of cum onto the stairs. It's another hot video from Andrew and we're already planning the next one.
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