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Meet our cute new mate Liam Taylor

Photo shoot
13 Nov, 2022
I'm really excited today to finish editing the first shoot with our cute new mate Liam Taylor. I met the Aussie 19 year old at the studio last weekend for the first time. We had been trading messages online for a little while. I thought he looked pretty cute in his photos and asked if he'd be interested in modelling for me. I'm so glad he did because Liam is a really sweet boy and funny too. We spent a bit of time getting to know each other while he picked out some clothes to wear in his shoot. In the studio we got down to the business of stripping while I took a load of photos. He kinda surprised me when he pulled out his very thick big cock. It just kept growing as he hid it under his shirt. I'm really happy with Liam's first photoshoot and this set of photos. I am also editing his first video to post later this week. I'm really happy to be having Liam modelling with us this summer. I will get him bak for another shoot very soon.
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