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Meet our hot new mate Alex Sng

Photo shoot
10 Mar, 2024
A few weeks ago I got a message from this Melbourne muscle boy Alex Sng. I had seen some photo of this semi naked tradie on social media before and was really excited about him getting in touch. Right away I was talking to him about coming to visit me in the studio. 30 year old Alex is one of those guys who loves to show off and doesn't mind being naked in front of other people. I knew this was going to be a great shoot. Since it's Alex's first shoot I wanted to get him over for a simple strip show photo and video shoot so we could meet and talk about what he likes. The photos and the video look great. He's got the most perfect thick muscly body and a cute smile. I was very amused by his tradie tan lines. Whilst Alex is straight I am interested in getting him back over to see what else he's up for getting into. I will post his first video later this week.
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