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Meet our sexy new mate Kyler from America

Photo shoot
15 Oct, 2023
It's time to meet our hot new mate Kyler Drayke. Every now and then a guy comes along that really blows me away. I was contacted by a guy in the US who talked about coming out to Australia and modelling for me. Mostly this doesn't end up happening. So you can imagine how surprised I was that Kyler and his mate Max actually arrived in Melbourne and sent me a photo of them in the back of the airport taxi. To make the most of their time here I got the guys in for a couple of shoots. This is my first shoot with the very handsome Kyler. Now this guy is built solid! He looks great for someone who had just flown 15 hours across the Pacific. We had a really lovely time chatting and taking some photos. Kyler is a really sweet guy with big muscle and a very bog cock. I can see why a bunch of our mates were wanting to get into some scenes with him. These photos are a result of the first photoshoot. I will also load Kyler's first video this week. I'm really happy with the results and so glad we got to meet during his trip to Australia.
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