Behind the scenes
13 Feb, 2020

Dylan and Andy’s hot tub shoot BTS video

This is one of the fun “extra” shoots I did with Andy last year. I’m finally catching up on the BTS videos from these shoots. This hot tub BTS follows me around the hot tub as I shoot Andy having some fun with Dylan Anderson. The guys both start in speedos but quickly peel them off. Then things get soapy as Dylan starts lathering up Andy’s bottom. There’s some hot cock sucking while I take their photos, and I’m pretty sure Dylan penetrated Andy under the water too. The photos from this shoot are really hot.

Behind the scenes
5 Feb, 2020

Behind the scenes with Andy and Cody

Getting Andy and Cody together turned into one of the most fun shoots of the year. I was really excited getting Cody back for another shoot. And Andy was very excited about meeting Cody for the first time. The guys got along really well. Cody is a fairly laid back boy and probably wasn’t ready for our super horny boy Andy. It’s fun watching these boys tease each other throughout this very passionate photoshoot. Andy has tears rolling down his face at one point as he tries deep throating Cody’s big cock. But even Andy is surprised as Cody shows him he can lick his own dick. This is a really fun BTS video to watch.

Photo shoot
28 Jan, 2020

Damien is fucking Andy in the public bathroom

Our hung mate Damien surprised me when he pushed his big cock inside Andy during our photoshoot in the public bathroom. This is the second part of the shoot I did with the boys before Andy got into a hardcore fucking session with Damien in the studio. The action got so hot in that tiny bathroom that I kept these shots for this special update. The guys loved shooting with each other so much that they came back for a second round. It’s one of the hottest shoots of the year. And I’m looking forward to getting them together for more shoots this summer. Make sure you take a look at the 2 videos the guys made.

11 Jan, 2020

Andy’s first video getting fucked by Luc Dean

This is Andy Samuel’s first video where he gets fucked by our hot mate Luc Dean. I’m really excited to have Luc back for a new shoot. It’s even better seeing him pair up with our horny boy Andy. The photoshoot was a lot of fun with the guys teasing and playing with each other. But in this video I let the guys do their thing while I follow them around with the video camera. They quickly get naked on the couch where Andy starts sucking on Luc’s cock making him rock hard. Luc turns Andy around so he can begin licking his hole. After carrying Andy naked to the bed, Luc gets on top and pushes his cock deep into Andy’s hole. This is where the video gets really hot. Even whole being vigorously fucked, Andy grabs the Go Pro so you can get a closer look. There are a lot of hot positions here and close up angles. You can tell that even though they are finished, Andy wants to keep going.

Photo shoot
6 Jan, 2020

Luc Dean is back and hooking up with our cute mate Andy

I’m very excited about this shoot starring Andy Samuel and Luc Dean. It has been a couple of years since I had have seen Luc after he moved interstate. When I heard he was coming to town, I quickly suggested he drop in for a new shoot. And Luc chose our cute mate Andy to team up with for his return shoot. While the guys got acquainted we chose some sports gear to model in the photoshoot. Though the guys were more interested in each other than what they were going to wear. Both Luc and Andy are always fun to have in the shoots. So I knew this shoot would go perfectly with them together. There is a lot of kissing and teasing throughout this photoshoot. The shots look great! Luc is getting very turned on by Andy. It’s a very playful shoot and the video they made afterwards is really hot. I’m so happy to have Luc back shooting again.

Photo shoot
3 Jan, 2020

Dylan and Andy’s horny hot tub shoot

Our mates Dylan and Andy are back for this horny hot tub shoot. I had filled the tub up with hot soapy water before the guys arrived as a surprise for their shoot. I got them to start in speedos as I snapped a few photos. Then Dylan started peeling off Andy’s speedo and poured creamed all over his bum. Andy is very playful and loves the attention from Dylan. There’s a lot of kissing and fondling each other’s dicks under the water. Then we move onto some cock sucking and a little penetration. I shot this with the guys last winter, so it’s nearly time I got them together for a new shoot.

21 Dec, 2019

Cody fucks our cute mate Andy Samuel

One of the hottest couple scenes of the year is when Cody fucks our horny boy Andy Samuel. This shoot couldn’t have gone any better. Putting Cody and Andy together made for one really hot shoot. The guys were really playful with each other during the photoshoot. But it’s the video where the real action is. Cody was rock hard the whole time as Andy wouldn’t leave his cock alone. After sucking on that big dick on the couch, the boys move over to fuck on the bed. Cody bottomed in many of his previous shoots, but I really like watching him fuck. He’s very good at it. And you can tell by the look on Andy’s face that he is enjoying getting hammered. I’m adding this to the list of best couple shoots of the year.

Photo shoot
16 Dec, 2019

Cody James teams up with Andy Samuel in his return shoot

When Cody dropped in for a return shoot I asked him who he’d like to get for him to do a couple shoot. Right away he said Andy. All my mates love shoot with Andy Samuel. He’s always horny and always fun to shoot with. So I knew that Cody was gonna have some fun playing with Andy. And I really wanted to see him topping again. This photoshoot was perfect with Andy teasing Cody and his big dick as they stripped each other naked. And Cody was loving all the attention. There are some great shots in this gallery. I have included a peek at their hot video coming up this week. I’m so happy having Cody back and teaming up with our horny mates.

30 Nov, 2019

Sarpa and Andy filming their own porn video

This is a very unique video as Sarpa and Andy take over filming themselves as they get into their first video together in the studio. I started out recorded the guys as they kissed and stripped down on the couch. But then the guys took over positioning and holding the cameras to make sure you get a good look at the action. It’s also Sarpa’s first time being the top in a video. And I gotta say I love watching him hammer Andy’s tight little bum. There’s a lot of variety in this video as the guys go from making out on the couch to fucking in different positions on the bed. I’m really impressed by the results in this video. It’s always a risk getting the guys to film themselves, but they did a great job of it. And you can see that Andy is very talented at doing several things at once.

Photo shoot
25 Nov, 2019

Getting my beautiful mates Sarpa and Andy together in the studio

My beautiful mates Sarpa and Andy are getting together for the first time in today’s studio photoshoot. The guys had seen each other’s previous shoots online and were really keen to meet. Sarpa has previously been the bottom in his shoots but was keen to try another role in this shoot with our horny boy Andy. Apart from the guys getting along amazingly well from the moment they met, the photos look fantastic! It was a very relaxed shoot with lots of kissing as they strip each other naked. The guys chose jockstraps for this shoot and they look as they pose for more photos. Andy gets Sarpa dick rock hard as he gets it all the way down his throat for a few more shots. I can tell that the video from this session is going to be really hot.

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