2 Sep, 2023

My hot mate Andy rides on Beau’s fat cock in their first video scene together. The guys had been getting to know each other as they stripped each other naked in the photoshoot. Andy had gotten super horny while kissing Beau and sucking on his big dick. So their clothes came off quick when we started filming. With Andy stripped naked Beau picks him up and carries him into the bedroom. After sucking on Beau’s cock some more he backs up on it, letting Beau slide himself between his cheeks. You must see this video for the hot fucking action. For a while there Andy actually slides himself up and down Beau’s shaft. Andy has made some very nice videos with our mates. This one is really hot.

Photo shoot
27 Aug, 2023

I’m very excited about hooking up my gym mates Beau and Andy. I’ve had this pairing on my mind ever since Beau came back to do some new shoots earlier this year. Beau and Andy are always fun to have in the shoots. I knew they would get along really well. When I suggested they do a shoot together they were very keen. Since the shoot was in the beginning of winter we picked out jeans, flannel shirts and sneakers to start the shoot. I quickly got them undoing each others shirts to show off their perfect chests. There’s a lot of kissing between each position as we progress through the shoot. Initially I wasn’t happy with the warm lights in that room. But overall the photos and video look great! Andy looks so happy with Beau’s fat cock rubbing on his hole. This is one of my favourite pairings this year. I will load Beau and Andy’s first video together later this week. In the meantime you can watch Beau and Andy’s video with our other mates.

11 Aug, 2023

I love seeing seeing Benny get ravaged and fucked by my beefy mate Beau. The guys were getting along really well as they kissed and stripped naked in the photoshoot. When it came time to make a video it was Beau who was ripping off Benny’s clothes. After fucking his mouth with his fat cock he tore a hole in the back of Benny’s underwear so it could start pushing up in his hole. It took a little while for Benny to warm to Beau’s girthy cock. But once he got it in, he didn’t want to get off. Even after Beau had blown his load, Benny slipped it back in his hole making himself cum. It’s a pretty hot video between my two very horny mates.

Photo shoot
6 Aug, 2023

In the series of shoots with Beau Jackson I couldn’t wait to see him paired up with my cute mate Benny. I knew they would get along really well and Beau would love to play with Benny’s cute little bum. But first I wanted to get some photos of the guys stripping each others clothes off in a photoshoot. Benny picked some little denim shorts and crop t-shirt for this shoot. Not much for Beau to strip off him. Benny sucking on Beau’s fat cock as I took more photos. There’s some great shots here of Beau pushing his cock down Benny’s throat. I could tell already that we were about to make a really hot video. I’ve included some stills from the video in this gallery. The video will also load up his week. I’m really happy the guys had fun getting together to do this shoot.

1 Jul, 2023

Beau Jackson loves feeding Eddie his fat cock in their first video together. Beau carries Eddie across the room to the couch where he strips him naked before pulling down his own underwear and giving him his cock. It’s at this point that Beau realised how well Eddie sucks. Over on the couch Beau gets down on his hands and knees so Eddie can give him a nice rimming. He then swaps places with Eddie so he can suck on his new mate’s throbbing cock. Eddie also gets to fuck Beau’s big muscle bum on the couch. They head to the bed to get into a 69 position. They keep going until Eddie unloads a spray of cum across Beau’s face. And after a bit more face fucking Beau blows in Eddie’s mouth. What a nice way to end their first shoot together. It’s one of my favourite pair ups over summer.

Photo shoot
26 Jun, 2023

My beautiful mates Eddie Archer and Beau Jackson got together in the studio for this couple shoot at the end of summer. I was really keen for Beau to meet some more of our mates. With Eddie back in town is was a perfect time to get them together. Eddie looks so happy in this shoot wrapped in Beau’s giant arms. It’s a really fun shoot as I direct them through different positions mixed up with a lot of kissing and stripping each other naked. And I can see that Beau loves having Eddie suck on his cock. I wanted to leave some of the action for their video scene, so I stopped this shoot to start making the video. Eddie and Beau’s new video will also load up this week.

2 Jun, 2023

My cute mate Andrew is super horny and really wants to take Beau’s thick cock. He had already been sucking on it during the photoshoot. So Beau was all ready for it. The scene starts out with the boy kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. Beau is on a mission when he throws Andrew’s legs in the air and starts licking his bum. Then he stands up holding onto Andrew and flips him over mid air so he can get his cock sucked while standing. Andrew doesn’t mind and starts getting face fucked while dangling in Beau’s arms. I’m really impressed with the positions they are getting into. Andrew takes a little warning up to Beau’s big dick, but eventually works it into his tight little hole. I love watching Beau push Andrew into different positions and eventually blows a load in his mouth. These boys are hot together!

Photo shoot
28 May, 2023

My cute mate Andrew wants to get fucked by muscle boy Beau in their first shoot together. When I first met Andrew he told me about this model from a few years ago that he thought was really hot. Turned out he had been crushing on Beau Jackson who had just started shooting with us again. When I suggested they do a shoot together, they were both really keen. You can tell that they are really into each other from the moment we all met. In fact Andrew was already sucking on Beau’s cock before I even started the photoshoot. You can see it’s a really passionate photoshoot as Beau pulls off Andrew’s clothes. We got some fun positions in this shoot as my big mate pulls Andrew into different positions before eventually pushing his cock up against his hole. I can’t wait to see the video the boys made when we finished taking these photos. Andrew and Beau’s first video will load up a little later this week. In Thea meantime you can also check out their videos in the studio with me.

Behind the scenes
10 May, 2023

I got so excited when I heard that my favourite gym muscle boy Beau was gonna come back and do a new shoot in the studio with me. It’s been years since he did that shoot in soccer gear out on the roof. I would see him in the gym occasionally and mention he should come and model again. So early in summer I lined up a day for Beau to come around for a new solo shoot. I gotta say he’s a much bigger boy now than he was in that first shoot. We had some fun finding clothes that would fit him for this shoot. The photos look great and he made a hot jack off video for the site. He’s been pretty keen to shoot with some of the other guys so we are busy now lining him up for some new couple shoots. I already have a few volunteers.

13 Jan, 2023

My muscly mate Beau splits a fleshlight with his fat cock in his first video session back in the studio. I can really see that he is built like tank as he starts fucking the toy into the mattress. Beau is a big boy! But first I got him showing off his bum in that pink jockstrap first. Giving us a teasing strip show. When he’s laying back naked on the bed I couldn’t resist getting a taste of his precum and getting a hold of that thick dick. Then after working his cock on the bed he sits up and unloads a nice thick load of cum. I love watching Beau get all worked up. His muscles grew huge as he get closer to climax. I can’t wait to see him team up with our mates.

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