Behind the scenes
21 Mar, 2024

Our cheeky new mate James is so much fun to shoot with. When I took his photos last year I wanted to get him back again right away to pair up with our mates. The first volunteer was Beau Jackson. I couldn’t wait to see our huge mate pounding James’ perky little bottom. But first I wanted to get some photos of them stripping each other naked. This is one of my favourite pair ups from summer. From the moment we all met the boys were pretty chilled with each other. They helped each other pick out some clothes for the shoot before heading into the studio. I learnt from this photoshoot that James can deep throat really well and loves having Beau push his cock up between his bum cheeks. I could have taken a lot more photos here, but we needed to get onto making the video. The results of this photoshoot look great. The results from James’ first photoshoot were stunning too. I’m looking forward to getting him over again this year.

8 Mar, 2024

By the time we shot this video between our muscle mates Beau and Chase the guys had already hooked up. So there were no first time nerves when it came to making this video. With the photoshoot out of the way I was looking forward to a hot show as I grabbed the video camera. I love how Beau takes control picking Chase up in the air before laying him out on the couch. He slips off his shorts and with Chase’s legs still in the air starts licking his hole. You can tell by the look on Chase’s face he’s loving this good rimming. Over on the bed they get into a 69 position to suck on each other’s cocks. Beau is really turned on now and starts prodding Chase’s hole with his cock. Beau loves a cock in his mouth and ends up blowing his load while Chase feeds him his cock. I knew before we started this was going to by a hot scene. I’d say that Beau and Chase is one of the most perfect pairings. I’m glad we were able to get together to film this during his short visit.

Photo shoot
3 Mar, 2024

In this shoot I’m hooking up our fit mates Chase Landon and Beau Jackson. When I met Chase from LA a few weeks ago for his first shoot, I couldn’t wait to get him into another scene with one of our mates. And then I heard he had also become mates with Beau, the choice was obvious. Why not get out two muscle boy mates together? Beau was pretty excited, making sure we booked in a date weeks in advance. And when Chase visited again, he was a busy boy. I grabbed them for a midday photoshoot and video session in the studio. The guys picked out jockstraps to wear under little shorts with a tank top. They were very cute together, kissing and teasing each other through the shoot. Chase and Beau are really adorable together. It was a fun session and the photos turned out great! I am working in the new video now to load later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Chase’s first video where he rides on my face while he jerks off.

Behind the scenes
15 Feb, 2024

Eddie is so happy meeting up with Beau for their first shoot together. When I was thinking of our mates to line up with Beau last year Eddie sprung to mind right away. The big smile on Eddie’s face through most of this shoot gives away how excited our cute mate is to be getting wrapped in Beau’s huge arms and thrown around in this shoot. We had been picking out clothes together in the model closet before heading into the studio to take some stripping and naked photos. There are some really funny moments in this footage like when Eddie struggles to pull off Beau’s tight shorts down. Eventually I get them both naked so we can get some nice naked and cock sucking photos. The photos are hot and the BTS stills so much fun. Make sure you also take a look for the video we made at the end of this photoshoot.

18 Jan, 2024

With the photoshoot out of the way Byron and Beau get down to the business of getting each other off in their first video together. Beau surprised me by carrying Byron in over is shoulder and tossed his new mate onto the bed. Right from the outset I could see this was going to be a hot video. On the couch they are pulling each others clothes off between kissing. Then Byron is down on the floor with Beau’s fat cock fucking his mouth. You can see that Beau loves having his dick sucked. They swap positions a few times on the bed as Beau’s keeps going deeper in Byron’s mouth. There’s a nice 69 position too so Beau can suck on Byron’s cock. You have to watch this to the end to see Byron take Beau’s load before Beau returns the favour and sucks Byron off. It’s one of the hottest oral videos between our horny mates.

Photo shoot
14 Jan, 2024

I’ve finally got my adorable mates Byron and Beau together for their first shoot up in the studio. They have been in a bunch of scenes with our other mates over the past year, but this is their first time meeting. I was pretty excited to see how they would get along. And right from the outset they were having a ball as we helped each other pick out clothes for the shoot in the model closet. In the studio I got them posed and kissing for some amazing photos. I could tell right away that the results were going to be amazing. At one stage Byron got a cramp sucking on Beau’s big cock. I couldn’t have asked for a better match up. Byron and Beau really are two of our sweetest mates. You can see why I love getting them over for new shoots. Their first video together will load up a little later this week.

Behind the scenes
4 Jan, 2024

After doing this shoot with our sexy mates Beau and Andy I knew I wanted them back together for the special Christmas shoot. One of my favourite shoots of the year was getting the guys together over at the hotel to grab some photos and make a new video. Andy was pretty excited to be teaming up with Beau for this session. We started out with some posing and kissing on the couch. I was getting them to move around the room a bit here since I wasn’t really happy with using the tungsten lights. But we didn’t have a lot of choice since it was a low light winter day in Melbourne. There are some stunning photos from this session. They really are two of my favourite models on the site. Make sure you also take a look at the video we made after the photoshoot.

Behind the scenes
28 Dec, 2023

I should have known that this Christmas shoot was going to be chaotic when I invited Beau, Eddie and Andy over at the same time. I had also planned for a 2nd elf in this shoot but it didn’t work out. Beau, Eddie and Andy had all done shoots with each other before, so I knew they would be comfortable doing this shoot, but in Christmas costumes. When Beau started modelling for me again I knew right away he would make a great Santa Claus. And Eddie I pictured as an Elf since last year. Though he couldn’t make it into last year’s shoot. This was a lot of fun to shoot, and everyone had each other cracking up as they teased each other through the shoot. This is why the video scene started out a little silly. I’m not entirely happy with the lighting used for this shoot. But I do like a lot of the photos and stills from the video. Now I’m already thinking about next year’s Christmas shoot.

23 Dec, 2023

The Christmas video starring our sexy mates Beau, Eddie and Andy is here. What started out with a very silly start turned into one of the hottest group sex videos of the year. We had a lot of fun taking photos with Beau dressed as Santa, Eddie as an Elf, and Andy in the skimpiest of outfits. But now it was time to get down to the business of making this year’s Christmas video. I love seeing Beau lick Andy’s hole after ripping open his underwear. Then Beau and Eddie take turns at fucking Andy. These 3 way videos are always fun to make. And I’m so happy to get our mates together for this one to end the year. You can tell that I like filming Beau’s big bum while he’s fucking Andy in this one. Merry Christmas!

Photo shoot
16 Dec, 2023

I’ve been waiting all year to see Beau dressed as Santa for this year’s Christmas shoot. I also pulled in Eddie to be an elf and Andy to be the boy getting a visit from Santa. This has gotta be one of the most fun shoots of the year. Since Christmas hits us in the middle of summer we filmed this scene a few weeks ago before it got too hot to wear these costumes. Beau and Eddie look great in their outfits, and Andy was left wearing the skimpiest of clothes. In the lead up to making the Christmas video I got our mates into some fun positions before pulling out and sucking on Santa Beau’s cock. The photos from this session look great! But wait till you see the video we made. I will post the video and the BTS footage from the day later this week.

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