Behind the scenes
16 Jun, 2021

One of the most fun shoots of Summer – Byron and Eddie

One of the most fun shoots of summer happened when I got our mates Byron and Eddie together in the studio. The guys had met previously. But this was the first time they were going to get naked together. While picking out gear to wear in the shoot Byron suddenly rolled in wearing roller skates! We decided to go with it and he wore them through the shoot. Eddie told me later that he was scared of being accidentally kicked with them. Luckily they didn’t stay on for the video part of the shoot. The guys got along really well and had so much fun shooting together. We decide right there that we would shoot them together again this year.

Behind the scenes
2 Jun, 2021

Shooting with Nate and Byron in the studio

This is a really fun shoot with our horny boys Nate and Byron in the studio. The guys had helped each other pick out clothes to wear for the shoot before peeling them off each other for the photos. This BTS video follows me around the studio as I direct the guys through their first stripping photoshoot together. Both Nate and Byron are really easy going guys and got along really well during the shoot. They both got horny very quickly as their clothes came off. I knew this meant that we were about to make a really hot video. So I moved through the photos quickly so we could move onto making the video.

7 May, 2021

Byron and Eddie’s hot sex session in the studio

Our cute mates sex session in the studio is here! After all their playfulness in the photoshoot I was excited to see the boys let loose on the bed. This is the first time I’ve seen Byron bottom, and he’s really good at it. I think he and Eddie are the perfect match. From hot kissing on the couch, long deep cock sucking on the bed, followed by fucking in a load of different positions. And Eddie wasn’t going to stop hammering Byron until both of them were totally spent. It’s one of the nicest fucking sessions I’ve had the pleasure to record. You’ll see why I like shooting with these boys when you check their photos and watch this video. I will also post the BTS video from this shoot soon.

Photo shoot
3 May, 2021

Our cheeky mates Byron and Eddie in their first shoot together

I have been wanting to get our cheeky mates Byron and Eddie for a while now. They knew each other before the shoot but had not hooked up before. And I love how excited that are for this shoot. I forgot that Byron had selected skates for the shoot as they played around the bedroom while getting dressed. Then in the studio we get down to business with the boys kissing and stripping each other naked as I take a load of photos. I love the passionate action between them. The photos look good and we had a lot of fun taking them. After looking through this set again I can see why I like shooting with them. I will load their first video together later this week. You can also check out their videos with our other mates now.

Behind the scenes
17 Mar, 2021

Behind the scenes with our adorable mates Reece and Byron

Our adorable mates Reece and Byron are the perfect match for this photo and video shoot in the studio. I wanted to get Byron back in for some new shoots, and I thought Reece would look great teamed up with him. The boys got along very well as they picked out clothes to wear in the shoot. This BTS look at their photo shoot follows me directing the guys through getting each other’s clothes off and having some naked fun before starting the video shoot. I love their smiles as they play around between photos. Reece and Byron are always fun to have over for shoots. I’m glad I was able to get them together for this. I am keeping both of them busy doing new shoots with our mates this year.

6 Feb, 2021

Nate and Byron’s hot fucking session

This is one hot fucking session between our horny mates Nate and Byron. The guys were already turned on during their strip show photoshoot. By the time we switched over to making the video they were ready to get off. Our sexy guys start with kissing on the couch before Nate pulls down Byron’s shorts and starts sucking on his cock. Nate’s own dick is already throbbing in his shorts waiting for Byron to grab a hold of it. It’s Nate who’s getting fucked in this video as Byron lubes up his dick. I love seeing Nate bounce up and down on Byron completely naked except for his sneakers. He’s so turned on that he blows his load as Byron keeps thrusting into him. This is a really nice horny session between two of our favourite mates.

Photo shoot
31 Jan, 2021

Nate and Byron got together for this fun shoot in the studio

Our cute mates Nate and Byron got together last week for their first photoshoot and video together. Both Nate and Byron have appeared in a bunch of shoots with me and our mates over the past year. But this is the first time they are meeting for this shoot. I love these guys. They are so much fun to shoot with. And I knew getting them together would result in a really fun and hot shoot. The boys are very affectionate as they begin kissing while I take photos. To Byron’s surprise Nate’s fat cock is already rock hard from all that kissing when he pulls his shorts down. I got a bunch of great shots of Byron sucking on his new mate’s big dick. While the guys were feeling horny I moved them into several different positions to get a few more shots before changing to make a video. I’m fairly sure these guys will be back for more videos with our mates this summer.

8 Jan, 2021

Reece and Byron’s first hot sex video

After stripping each other naked in their first photoshoot together Reece and Byron were ready to make their first hot sex video. I knew the guys would get along well together and I couldn’t wait to see Byron in action again with his new mate. Reece is looking super fit with his chest hair growing nice and thick. After kissing on the couch the boys h=get naked again and head over to the bed. Reece sits on Byron’s face while sucking on his dick. It’s not long before Byron is sliding his dick deep into Reece’s bum. I can tell that Reece is enjoying himself by his moaning. Byron is a good top and I love seeing him at work as he thrusts into Reece again and again. I’m so excited to have the guys back shooting new videos again.

Photo shoot
3 Jan, 2021

Hooking up our cute mates Reece and Byron

I’m really excited to be hooking up our cute mates Reece Anderson and Byron Atwood for their first shoot together. After returning earlier this year I really wanted to get Reece back for some shoots with our mates. It timed perfectly with Byron coming back for new shoots as well. The guys got along really well as they picked out some clothes to wear in the shoot. Up in the studio the guys started making out as I got busy taking their photos. Reece and Byron are always fun to shoot with and give a positive energy to every shoot. I just knew this shoot would go easily as the guys got acquainted. The photos of the guys taking off each other’s clothes look great! It’s also my first time shooting 2 guys with long hair. I am editing their first video together now to load later in the week. I’m so happy having Reece and Byron back for shoots this summer.

Behind the scenes
15 Jul, 2020

Shooting with our sexy mates Tomas and Byron

One of the best photo shoots of the year happened when I got my sexy mates Tomas Kyle and Byron Atwood together. Tomas was only in town for the weekend and was interested in meeting my cute mate Byron. They hit it off right away in the studio and you can see that in this BTS video as I direct them through the photoshoot. Both Tomas and Byron are incredibly sweet boys and would get along well with any of our mates. The photos from the shoot look great! The video they made afterwards is pretty hot too. It’s been quite some time since we shot this now. I am hoping to get them back over again later in the year.

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