Behind the scenes
1 Jul, 2021

On a freezing cold day in Berlin I suggested we make the most of my hotel room’s big bathroom and do a bath time shoot. My hot mate Cristian was up for trying pretty much anything. Dressed in a pair of little green shorts Cristian started modelling for me. Soon he dipped into the bubble bath and peeled off the shorts. I love how cheeky he is in this shoot. Showing off his thick bum and shoot me a smile. During the shoot I wank his big dick making him fully erect for the photos. Even though the light was not great in this bathroom I think the photos turned out nice. Nice you can watch this short BTS video of me directing our sexy mate through this horny strip show in the bathroom. Make sure you also watch the video where I get Cristian off on the bed after this shoot.

Photo shoot
24 Mar, 2021

When I met Cristian Berry last year in Berlin I didn’t know we were going to hit it off so well and go on to do a bunch of shoots together. I’m a sucker for a muscle boy with a big smile, and a big cock. I got Cristian back around for one last shoot in my hotel’s big bathroom. With Cristian laying back in the bubble bath I got to work snapping photos. Some in a speedo, but mostly nude shots. Cristian pulls some cheeky poses as his big uncut dick starts to swell in the hot water. Whilst the lighting wasn’t great for this shoot I’m still happy with Cristian’s photos. You should also check out the hot video we made in the same hotel room on the bed. Cristian is also a lot of fun to play with.

Behind the scenes
10 Jul, 2020

What a fun day I had shooting with the very sexy Cristian Berry in Berlin. This is the footage taken from the BTS cameras I had running during the photoshoot with Cristian. I’m amused by the photoshoot from this shoot because Cristian was actually wearing my PJ bottom and my winter scarf. When I’m travelling I don’t have all the usual model gear, so often the guys will be wearing my clothes. I love Cristian’s big legs and bum. Those pants were a tight fit. Cristian is so much fun and a real good sport. I was surprised that I ended up fucking him as he got off in the video we made when I had finished taking photos.

Behind the scenes
10 Jun, 2020

This is the behind the scenes video footage taken off the Go Pros at Cristian’s first shoot with me in the bubble bath. This was the first photoshoot I did with Cristian and also the first time I realised how much fun he is to shoot with. After squeezing in to a little pink speedo we headed into my hotel bathroom to get some shots of our sexy new mate stripping off. I had prepared a bubble bath to get some nice soaping shots. Cristian likes to play up to the camera which helped me get some really fun photos for the set. Cristian gets easily turned on as he plays with his thick cock in the bubbles. And talking about thick, I love Cristian’s big legs and round bum. The light in the bathroom wasn’t the best for the photos, but I got some nice shots and had fun doing this with Cristian.

30 May, 2020

One of the best days of my vacation in Europe was fucking Cristian Berry back at my hotel room. We had just been shooting a load of photos on the bed when I grabbed the video camera to capture Cristian getting off. But when he back up that big round bum toward me I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing it. From there was started to play around more. Cristian was sucking on my dick as I filmed from above. But it’s what happened next that surprised me. As I was crouched on the floor at the bottom of the bed Cristian slid down far enough so that my cock was going inside him. He was getting turned on like crazy as I started pushing up and down. It wasn’t long before my hot mate was blowing his load. It’s one of the horniest shoots from my stay there. Cristian is so much fum to shoot with.

Photo shoot
25 May, 2020

After the fun shoot with Cristian earlier this year I invited him back for another hot nude shoot. I’m amused by this photoset with the beautiful muscle boy because he is wearing my pyjama pants in this shoot at my hotel. I was travelling with very few clothes for the models to wear and I’m glad he managed to wriggle his big thighs and bottom into them. Once again this was a fun shoot with Cristian playing up and being very cheeky during the shoot. I got a lot of nice photos of Cristian showing off his big round bottom and thick uncut dick as he does his strip tease. And as you can see by the photos, things went a lot further between Cristian and I in this shoot. I will post the video we made together a little later this week. In the meantime you can also take a look at Cristian’s first shoot and video. I think everyone should have a horny mate like Cristian Berry.

Photo shoot
24 Apr, 2020

This bath time shoot is the first photoshoot I did with 26 year old Cristian. I had just met this hot boy in Berlin and I took him up in to my hotel room in the middle of winter to warm up in a hot bubble bath. Cristian and I hit it off immediately as I began showing him a bunch of speedos he could wear in the first photoshoot. He barely fitted his beautiful big legs and bum into that little pink speedo. It didn’t matter much because they weren’t going to stay on for long. Cristian is such a sweet boy and was a ton of fun to shoot with. His big cock starts to grow as he poses naked in the bubble bath for me. Whilst the light wasn’t ideal for a photoshoot, I like these shots a lot because they remind me of that fun shoot.

Behind the scenes
4 Mar, 2020

This is the first photoshoot I did with the fit Colombian Cristian Berry while I was visiting Germany. This behind the scenes video follows me around the room as I shoot my new mate wearing just tight shorts, super long socks and a t-shirt. Cristian’s shorts come off first revealing his nice full bum as he poses on the bed. But Cristian as got a really nice thick uncut dick too. He gets fully aroused while I take his photos sitting in the window. Then I grab some shots with his socks pulled right up to thigh high level. We are just having fun now making these photos. Of course this is the foreplay leading up to Cristian’s first hot video.

8 Feb, 2020

After having a hot photoshoot with Cristian it was time to grab the video camera to catch his hot wank show. My new fit mate was already worked up by the time we had finished taking all those photos so he was now ready to get off. I start of catching Cristian slipping his fat erect dick out the side of his underwear as the show begins. I am getting in close to you can get  better look at him rubbing his cock along the couch. Cristian even grabs a camera to film himself wanking while I am still down on the floor. I give his cock a cheeky lick as he films from above. I really like Cristian’s big uncut dick. I put my hand around it and he starts pushing it in and out of my fist. It’s not long now until our mate is blowing a load of cum across the floor.

Photo shoot
2 Feb, 2020

I get to meet a lot of hot guys while I am travelling around and while I was on vacation in Europe I was lucky to meet up with Cristian Berry. The 26 year old from South America was heading to Germany at the same time I was there and we planned to meet up. I had seen some photos of Cristian wearing a speedo and was impressed by his big round bum and cheeky smile. And I gotta say that I had the best time hanging out with Cristian taking photos and making videos in my hotel. Cristian is obviously very fit, has a nicely decorated body, a big thick bum, and a gorgeous fat uncut dick. But it’s his smile catches my attention as he does something cheeky during the shoot. I like all of the photos from this shoot, but particularly those in the window and in the red chair. I like Cristian a lot and enjoyed the time we had together in Germany. I will post the hot video we made after this photoshoot a little later this week. It’s great having Cristian join our group of mates.

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