17 Jun, 2018

Sam Sivahn gets hammered by our dominant top mate Dylan

Our sexy mate Sam is about to get hammered by our hot top mate Dylan Anderson. If you have seen his videos before you will know that Dylan loves to tease his mates before fucking them really hard. I’m not sure that Sam knew he was going to be in for such a heavy session when I paired him up with Dylan for this studio shoot. The guys were getting along really well during the photo shoot. There was already a lot of passionate kissing and some teasing during the photoshoot. So I knew the video was going to be great. Most of the foreplay had already happened in the photo shoot. So when I started recording this, Dylan and Sam were ready to get right into it. The fucking in this video is intense. Dylan takes over directing the action, making sure he gets to ride Sam’s big muscle bum from every angle possible. He even blows twice doing it. This is one sex session that Sam is not going to forget.

Photo shoot
11 Jun, 2018

The first hook up of my mates Sam Sivahn and Dylan Anderson

While Sam was visitnng Melbourne last month I got him over for his first hook up with our sexy mate Dylan Anderson. I knew these guys would get along well and make one very hot video. Sam is all beefed up these days and looks great naked. Dylan boned up quickly when he saw Sam’s perfect round muscle bum. These guys are adorable together. We are starting this week with Sam and Dylan’s stripping naked photoshoot in the studio. Later in the week I will also load the guys first video together. In the meantime you can enjoy these shots of two of our favourite mates getting to know each other. Both Sam and Dylan have done a bunch of videos with our mates over the past year. I always have a great time shooting with them.

Behind the scenes
10 Jun, 2018

Hooking up Dylan and Tomas in Melbourne

Setting up Dylan and Tomas to meet in Melbourne turned out to be the perfect thing to do. After meeting out in the park we headed back to this studio where I could take photos of the guys get naked and a lot more intimate with each other. This was the first couple shoot for Tomas. I knew he would like playing around with Dylan. There’s lots of kissing as the guys strip down to their undies. I can see that Tomas is already boned up in his undies while kissing Dylan. We go a step further in this BTS video with the guys taking turns at sucking on each others dick. I can tell they are really worked up at this point, so we stop the photoshoot and move to to making a video. Tomas gets fucked really hard by Dylan. It’s a very hot video. In the meantime you can watch these guys having some fun in this photoshoot.

19 May, 2018

My hot mate Tomas is getting fucked by Dylan Anderson

After a great photoshoot up in the studio my hot mate Tomas couldn’t wait for his session getting fucked by Dylan Anderson. There’s lots of kissing and foreplay to start off this new video. By now the boys are acquainted and ready to strip each other naked one more time. The video starts in the city park where the guys first meet and get to talk about the shoot. Back in the studio there’s lots of kissing, stripping naked and dicks sucking on the couch. Tomas is already rock hard when Dylan pulls off his jocks. He goes straight down deep on his fat cock. Moving over to the bed Tomas then gets a good tongue fucking by Dylan before having his hole lubed up. Tomas doesn’t know this yet but Dylan is about to fuck him in all different positions around the room. I haven’t seen Dylan this worked up before. And Tomas is loving all the attention. This is one of the hottest fucking scenes this summer. What a great show these boys put on.

Photo shoot
14 May, 2018

Tomas Kyle is back for his first duo shoot with Dylan

I’m really excited about posting this duo shoot between my beautiful mates Dylan and Tomas. Tomas was visiting Melbourne for the weekend and wanted to come by the studio for a new shoot. So I invited Dylan around at the same time to see how the guys would get along. After meeting out in the park we headed back to the studio where the boys could get better acquainted. I started taking photos as Dylan and Tomas started kissing on the couch. Soon the clothes were coming off and they both had their erect cocks out. Dylan was down on his knees sucking on Tomas’ fat shaft. This is his first duo shoot and I can see that he’s going to enjoy his first session with Dylan. Once the guys are completely naked I can tell that it’s time to grab the video camera and let them go for it. Tomas and Dylan’s first video will also be loaded this week.

Behind the scenes
19 Apr, 2018

The BTS nude shoot with mates Damien and Dylan in the studio

With the GoPros running in the studio I created this BTS nude shoot with my hot mates Damien and Dylan. It’s actually their first shoot together and it turned out really hot. Both Damien and Dylan have quickly become regulars in the shoots over this summer. They have done a bunch of scenes solo and with our other mates. Putting them together made perfect sense. And it turned out to be one of the most fun scenes to shoot so far this year. I like seeing Damien grinding his big cock against Dylan’s hole as I take photos of them on top of each other. But as always, we know that the photoshoot that precedes the video is just the foreplay session and a chance for the guys to get to know each other and each other’s bodies. Check out the video the guys made too. Damien’s big dick gets a lot of attention from Dylan.

1 Apr, 2018

Dylan and Damien jerking each other off in their visit video together

My sexy mates Dylan and Damien look so dam hot jerking each off in their first video together in the studio. The guy had lots of fun before this making photos in the stair well and back in the studio. But it really was just teasing in the lead up to making this movie. Both Dylan and Damien have done a bunch of videos now so they needed no directing at all. Dylan is all over Damien’s big uncut dick in this video. There’s lots of kissing and cock sucking before Dylan lubes up a fleshlight and pushes it all the way down Damien’s fat shaft. Then he grabs another so he can play with his own dick at the same time. The fleshlight fucking gets furious in this scene as the guys watch each other stroking their dicks. First Dylan blows cum all over Damien before Damien also explodes. It’s a big sweaty cum mess. But the boys are very happy and finish up with more kissing.

Photo shoot
26 Mar, 2018

Damien and Dylan’s first nude shoot together in the studio

It was inevitable that I was going to get two of my favourite mates together up in the studio for a hot shoot. After meeting Dylan late last year I wanted to get him back doing more shoots with the other guys. And with Damien returning to Melbourne it was a perfect time to get them together. Well they hit it off right away. You can tell that they are really into each other in this photoshoot. Of course they had checked each other out on the site before this day came up. After a quick meeting and chat we headed out to the stair well where I wanted to get the guys doing some straight up kissing and dick sucking shots. And then we headed up in to the studio where they could get totally naked. This is a really fun shoot with Dylan being very focused on playing with Damien’s big dick. The shots look great. But of course we all know that this is just the foreplay before shooting the boys getting off together. I will load up Damien and Dylan’s first video together later this week. What a perfect match up this turned out to be.

Behind the scenes
7 Mar, 2018

Behind the scenes at Jesse and Dylan’s first hook up

This is actually Dylan Anderson’s first duo porn scene, a hot hook up with Jesse Carter. It was also great getting Jesse back in to doing new scenes this summer. Both Jesse and Dylan are really nice guys. I knew for sure they would get along well. And as it turned out, they put on a really hot fucking show in their video too. This video footage of their first hook up was taken from the Go Pros in the studio during their photo shoot. It’s really sweet seeing these guys get familiar with each other while getting each other naked. What a great start to the summer shoots having these guys paired up. Since shooting this scene both Jesse and Dylan have come back for more shoots with our other mates. I will post more action from these guys very soon. In the meantime check out their photoset and hot action video together.

13 Jan, 2018

My hot mates Jesse and Dylan fucking each other in their first video

Check out my hot mates Jesse and Dylan going at in on the bed in their first video together. I can’t think of a hotter set up than getting these guys together in the studio. It is also Dylan’s first couple video. He looks amazing when he is fucking Jesse. This video is a little longer than usual since Jesse and Dylan took turns at fucking each other. I didn’t want you to miss anything. The guys start the video with some passionate kissing and cock sucking on the couch. They move up on to the back of the couch so Dylan can give Jesse a good tongue fucking. It’s not long in before Jesse starts fucking Dylan. He warms Dylan up with a dildo first before riding his new mate himself. Then it was Dylan’s turn to be fucked. And with Dylan’s cock all lubed up, he slides right on in and starts to ride him. Dylan also get a turn on top again later in the video. The guys make sure they are completely spent before they both unload with Dylan ending up coated in cum. What a perfect ending to our day together in the studio.

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