Behind the scenes
4 Jul, 2024

Take a look behind the scenes at this photoshoot with my most adorable mates Eddie and Ryan. I had been wanting to get them together for a long time. During the summer holidays I jumped at the chance to get them over while they were both back in town. I need to start these BTS videos during the dressing part of the shoot. It’s very cute seeing them picking out which clothes they are going to wear for the shoot. You will see in the photos and this BTS video that Eddie and Ryan get along very well. They had so much fun stripping each other naked and making out for the photos. Also make sure you check out the video where Eddie ends up fucking Ryan on the bed. It turned out to be one very hot scene.

Behind the scenes
12 Jun, 2024

Take a look behind the scenes at Buzz and Eddie’s recent photoshoot. I’m so glad I was able to get them together when we were all in the same city over summer. The scenes with Buzz and Eddie always look great. Getting them in to the same shoot was always going to turn into a hot session. Being late summer they were both looking nicely tanned from a few days down at the beach. I was getting them stripping each other naked for a series of teasing photos. We ended up with Eddie sucking on Buzz’s big cock for the final shots. After the shoot I found that the photos were really stunning. Buzz and Eddie look great together. The video we made after this shoot is also available to watch now.

19 Apr, 2024

I can tell by watching my cute mate Ryan that he likes getting fucked hard as Eddie pushes down on him in this video. Both Eddie and Ryan were getting turned on as they kissed naked during the photoshoot. Before things went too far I stopped taking photos so we could make this video. If you’re ever going to have you dick sucked in one of our videos, you’re gonna want Eddie to do it. After seeing him take Connor’s big cock some time ago I knew he’s got a very deep throat. And you can tell by the look on Ryan’s face that he’s good at it. I wasn’t sure if they were going to fuck in this video, but I’m glad they did. Ryan always looks so happy when he’s getting drilled on the bed. Both Eddie and Ryan are gorgeous and I’m so happy I got them together for this shoot.

Photo shoot
14 Apr, 2024

I was really excited to be shooting our mates Eddie and Ryan together. I’ve had this shoot on my mind for a long time. Over summer we finally got a chance to make it happened. Both Eddie and Ryan are two of my favourites mates who have appeared in a bunch of scenes with me and our other mates, but never together. And I knew it was going to be a fun shoot. They were joking and teasing each other from the moment we started picking out clothes for the shoot. Both Eddie and Ryan are really adorable. I made sure we got plenty of photos of them kissing while pulling each others clothes off. I’m really happy with the photos we got on the day and now I’m editing the video we made when I stopped taking photos.

Behind the scenes
27 Mar, 2024

I had just one chance to shoot with the beautiful Marcel Eugene during his short visit to Melbourne. So I got him to over to the studio to meet up with Eddie and I. We were both pretty excited to meet this sexy guy visiting from the US. I had been seeing a lot of his impressive work on social media. And it turns out that Marcel is lovely in real life too. This turned into one of the nicest shoots over summer. Eddie and Marcel look great together in this scene. We spent a lot of time taking photos as we all got to know each other. I’m really impressed with the photos and the video we made on that day. This is the BTS footage I pulled off the cameras that were running during the photoshoot. I’m hoping Marcel will visit us again sometime. In the meantime you can now watch his hot action video with Eddie.

Behind the scenes
13 Mar, 2024

When I was thinking about two of my favourite mates to get together I thought about that =shoot with Eddie and Byron from a couple of years ago. And at the risk of getting kicked out of this hotel for being too noisy, I invited them over for remake of one of the most fun shoots. Eddie and Byron love getting together and get very excited… you’ll see. After picking out some cute outfits we got down to taking a load of photos. I was really surprised at how fit Byron is looking now. We had to stop to get some extra photos of his perfect bum as he bent over the table. Both Eddie and Byron have become regular models on the site. And I can see why our mates love getting into scenes with them. I’ll be getting them back for another shoot before we head into winter.

Behind the scenes
15 Feb, 2024

Eddie is so happy meeting up with Beau for their first shoot together. When I was thinking of our mates to line up with Beau last year Eddie sprung to mind right away. The big smile on Eddie’s face through most of this shoot gives away how excited our cute mate is to be getting wrapped in Beau’s huge arms and thrown around in this shoot. We had been picking out clothes together in the model closet before heading into the studio to take some stripping and naked photos. There are some really funny moments in this footage like when Eddie struggles to pull off Beau’s tight shorts down. Eventually I get them both naked so we can get some nice naked and cock sucking photos. The photos are hot and the BTS stills so much fun. Make sure you also take a look for the video we made at the end of this photoshoot.

2 Feb, 2024

My cute mate Eddie blows a huge load while fucking Buzz Hardy in their first video together. They were getting really turned while sucking each other’s dicks in the photoshoot. I didn’t want them getting too excited during that shoot because we still have a video to make. Watching too of our most beautiful mates making out on the couch was really hot. Buzz pulled down Eddie’s shorts and started licking that cute little bum. You can see how much Eddie is enjoying this. They swap positions so Eddie can go down to suck on Buzz’s big stiff cock. Watch how Buzz repeatedly fucks Eddie’s mouth in this video. After some nice tongue fucking I’m really happy to see Eddie mounting Buzz and fucking him like crazy. Eddie fucks really well and you can see that on Buzz’s face. This was a very hot session to film.

Photo shoot
28 Jan, 2024

I’ve been wanting to get my handsome mates Eddie Archer and Buzz Hardy together all summer. It finally happened up in the studio last week. Buzz has been coming over to make videos over the past year but has only met a few of our mates. When I asked him who he’d like to meet next he told me he’d love to see Eddie. So I got them round together for this playful strip show photoshoot. Eddie was really excited about meeting out sexy French mate. They could’t keep their hands off each other as I worked through the photos. They look pretty amazing together. And the photos look brilliant. I could tell that we were going to be seeing a hot video at the end of this photoshoot. I will post Eddie and Buzz’s first video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out their videos with our other mates in the members area now.

Behind the scenes
25 Jan, 2024

This scene comes from winter when I was shooting with my cute mates Eddie and Andy. It’s also the first time they met. So I was really excited about getting them together. In the model closet they picked out jeans, shirts and boots for the shoot. It turned into a really fun shoot. There’s some really nice photos of them joking around and teasing each other as we worked through the stripping shots. Even though it was a fairly dull day the photos looked great! We made a hot video too with Eddie fucking Andy at the end. Eddie and Andy have become good mates and I love getting them back for new shoots. You might remember seeing them recently together again for the Christmas shoot. They have also been back for scenes with some of our other mates recently.

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