Behind the scenes
8 Nov, 2019

Behind the scenes with Ethan in the kitchen

This kitchen shoot the last of a series of shoots I did with young Polish boy Ethan Czar in Berlin. Ethan is a lot of fun to shoot with. Full of energy and loves showing off in front of the camera. I get him wearing an apron and nothing else as he starts soaping up his body with the soapy water in the kitchen sink. Then he loses the apron and his thick cock begins to grow. There are some great videos of Ethan on the site now, playing with his big cock, pissing and getting off. I’m hoping I will get to shoot with him again sometime. In the meantime you can check out all of Ethan’s videos now loaded.

Photo shoot
27 Sep, 2019

Ethan Czar showing off his smooth naked body in my kitchen

Our cute hung mate Ethan is showing off his smooth pale body in my kitchen in this last of the series of shoots we did together in Berlin. Ethan was so much fun to shoot with. This horny boy was up for trying everything so I have him around a few times to try everything from pissing to toy fucking. I was really impressed by his willingness to try different things. And as a result we got some great photos and videos. In this final shoot Ethan is soapy up his naked body in my kitchen. He works his super thick uncut dick hard as I snap photos from the floor. His photos look great. If you haven’t checked out Ethan yet, make sure you take a look at the most recent video we made. It’s one of the hottest twink teasing videos we’ve made.

Behind the scenes
18 Sep, 2019

Behind the scenes with Polish hottie Ethan Czar

This is the video footage taken from the cameras on the balcony as I direct Polish twink Ethan Czar through his first nude outdoor shoot. This was one of a series of shoots on my tiny balcony in Berlin. I had so much fun shooting with Ethan that we made several shoots through the month. But the pool shoots are always fun with the guys splashing about naked in the inflatable pool and playing with the toys. Ethan has got an impressive big dick and strokes it rock hard with the help of a fleshlight in this photoshoot. Check out the speed of my camera when Ethan starts pissing in the pool.

Behind the scenes
21 Aug, 2019

Out on the balcony with blond pool boy Ethan

This is the BTS video with cute blond pool boy Ethan in Berlin. This boy was so much fun to shoot scenes with during my stay there. Starting in a skimpy speedo Ethan starts modelling for me in the little pool on my balcony. Slowing he gets naked. And as he does his big dick starts growing. In the warm water he rolls over to show off his perfect smooth bum. There were some great shots taking during this shoot. Ethan is such a sweet guy. We even ended up the video in this shoot with Ethan pissing in the pool. Make sure you check out all of Ethan’s hot videos now loaded.

26 Jul, 2019

Playing with my cute bound twink Ethan Czar

Here I am playing around with bound twink Ethan Czar in my last video with the Polish boy. I made a series of shoots with blond fit Ethan during my stay in Germany. The videos with Ethan featured toys, wanking, pissing and dick sucking. But today I have Ethan tied up on a chair on my balcony while I tease him with a vibrator before cutting his underwear open to reveal his perfect fat cock. I can tell that Ethan is getting excited as it grows in my hand. I lead him inside to the couch where I make him suck my dick. I love how Ethan gets rick hard while I push my dick into his mouth. I start sucking on his cock and licking his hole as he lays face down on the bed. This is one of the hottest videos I’ve made with our twink mates. Watching Ethan blow a thick load of cum on me is a great ending to this video.

Photo shoot
21 Jul, 2019

Our cute mate Ethan Czar playing in the balcony pool

I love this shoot with our cute mate Ethan Czar in the little balcony pool. I hd so much fun shooting this this Polish twink that I invited him back for more hot photoshoots and videos. In today’s shoot I have Ethan playing in my inflatable pool on the balcony. He pulls out his big uncut dick and strokes it hard in a flesh light for the photos. We even got some nice pissing photos into this shoot. But it’s the video after this that you have to look out for. I think it’s one of the hottest performances from one of our twink mates I’ve filmed. I will post Ethan’s new video later this week.

Behind the scenes
20 Mar, 2019

Ethan Czar showing off naked on the balcony

Here is the BTS video footage of me directing cute Polish boy Ethan Czar through his second strip show shoot. This time we are out on the balcony on a hot day in Berlin with Ethan slowing getting naked. He was a funny boy to shoot with. He is very fit, has a nice smooth body and one very fat uncut dick. I actually think he was hard the while time he was visiting. Wearing some high socks and pink jocks Ethan starts his strip show as I direct him in different poses. Toward the end of the shoot Ethan asks for a change into a wrestling singlet which looks great with his big cock bulging out of it. Make sure you watch the 2 videos now loaded of Ethan getting off. I love watching him wank his big dick.

24 Feb, 2019

Playing around with horny boy Ethan Czar

My cute mate Ethan Czar is back this week stripping down and getting off. It was a hot week in Berlin so Ethan was pretty quick to get naked in his new video. We had been shooting photos on the balcony and Ethan was already very horny. We headed back in to the apartment where I started filming Ethan working his fat cock on the couch. I love sucking Ethan’s big dick and rimming his tight hole. He squirms around on my face as I tongue him deeper. We have a few changes in this video where Ethan fucks a rubber toy on my bed. I love his moaning as the fat head of his cock pushes out the other end. There’s more toy fucking on the kitchen table before Ethan blows a load of cum into the sink. I really like watching Ethan going to work on that thick cock. This another very hot video from our blond Polish mate.

Photo shoot
18 Feb, 2019

Hung twink Ethan is showing off naked on the balcony

Blond hung twink Ethan Czar is back this week getting naked on my balcony while I take his photos. I was so impressed by the Polish 22 y/o when we met in Berlin that I invited him back for a little more fun. I had fun playing with Ethan in his first video, and now Ethan is enjoying being naked in the sunshine. And his big dick obviously likes it too. I’m a suck for a smooth guy with a huge cock, and Ethan is really sweet too. We ended up hanging out a bit during my stay in Berlin. He is a little more picky about the photos he likes, but I like them all. Later this week I will also posting my video of getting Ethan off after we finished taking these photos.

Behind the scenes
22 Sep, 2018

Behind the scenes with blond twink Ethan

Our new blond twink mate Ethan Czar was already playing with his thick dick through his shorts when he arrived for this shoot. I was thinking to myself that this guy really wants to get on with the shoot. And it really is a nice fat cock. This is the BTS video footage from Ethan’s first shoot over in the Berlin studio. We were actually meant to meet up the last time I was in Berlin but I ran out of time. So I’m glad I got to meet with him this time. As you will see in the video Ethan is very enthusiastic and bursting with energy. I can’t remember why there was an outfit change in the middle of this shoot. But I do like the red jock and red socks on Ethan. The shots look great. There were probably a few too many “posing” shots, where I prefer guys to be looking more natural to the camera. But overall Ethan is a good new mate for the site, and I had him back for a second shoot too.

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