Behind the scenes
23 May, 2018

Ethan’s naked outdoor shoot on the city rooftop

One of the most popular things we get to do over the summer is the naked outdoor shoots. My mates love to get naked outside when the weather gets hot. And a lot of our new mates actually end up doing their first photoshoots outside. Our super fit mate Ethan Summers had his first shoot out on my inner city rooftop. I could tell me the photos he sent me that Ethan was going to be fun to shoot with. In fact his first shoot was one of the best of this summer. The 24 year old was up for trying anything. And as a result his photos and videos turned out great! It was a perfect hot sunny day to get out on the roof so decked out in sneakers with a skateboard we headed out to take some photos. This is the BTS video footage of Ethan’s first nude photoshoot with me.

Photo shoot
3 May, 2018

Our nude skater mate Ethan Summers gets out on the roof

My shoot with nude skater boy Ethan would have to be one of the most fun shoots this summer. I had only just met Ethan when we headed outside to the rooftop to grab some photos. 24 year old Ethan Summers is incredibly fit and has amazing ab definition. I couldn’t wait to get some photos of him showing off those muscles on this hot sunny day. He is bursting with energy too which made the session a lot of fun. I didn’t even really need to direct his shoot. And we were getting so carried away with trying different things that I took way more photos than I needed to fill a gallery. I suspect this is the largest gallery on the site, so my apologies for all the scrolling you need to do here. It’s worth it to see Ethan in action. I can’t wait to work with him again. What a babe! You can also now check out Ethan’s studio shoot and his first video.

Behind the scenes
22 Mar, 2018

Behind the scenes at Ethan Summers first studio shoot

One of the hottest solo shoots this summer has had to be the day I met Ethan Summers. I got Ethan around because in his photos he looked amazingly fit. A nice 6 pac under his shirt and a cheeky smile. But I also found out during the shoot that Ethan loves showing off on camera. I took the most photos of Ethan that I have ever taken of anyone in the shoot. We took a load of photos on the roof (to be posted soon) and then a tonne of photos in the studio. The video we made that day was very hot too. But this video is taken from the BTS cameras during the studio photo shoot. So you will get to watch me directing Ethan through the photos. Though he really didn’t need much directing.

11 Feb, 2018

Ethan Summers is giving his first super hot wanking show

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started filming my sexy mate Ethan in his first jerk off show. And I ended up getting much more than I expected. After taking loads of photos of the muscle boy doing a strip tease and showing off naked, he was now ready to get off. Ethan quickly gets naked on the couch as I start filming. His dick is already hard as he starts showing it to the camera. At times he is playing with his precum, and other squirting more lube over his cock head. I am getting some great angles of Ethan suspended mid air as he plays with his bum. Then he grabs a fleshlight and starts pumping it wildly into the side of the couch. He is really going off at this stage. The video is a little longer than a usual solo video because I wanted you to see everything Ethan has planned for you. Make sure you watch this right to the end for his massive cum shot. It was really hard not to join in on the action of Ethan’s first video. This boy is super hot.

Photo shoot
6 Feb, 2018

Let’s meet our hot ripped mate Ethan Summers

I have been excited about posting my new ripped mate’s photoset ever since we met and shot this scene last month. Ethan Summers lives in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and obviously takes a lot of care about his fitness. He had sent me a few photos before we met and I thought this guy looks fit and pretty cute. But I had no idea how ripped he was until he started peeling off his tank top during our photo session. Apart from his amazing chest and abs, Ethan has got the most beautiful eyes. I’m kinda trying not to be distracted as I take his photos. The shoot ended up being a lot of fun because Ethan is very energetic. I kept clicking away while Ethan moves in to one position after another. In fact I took more photos in this shoot than any other single photographer shoot I have done before. I didn’t want to miss a thing. Ethan eventually ends up completely naked and starts showing off his beautiful cut erect dick. You will see in these photos some shots from after his video shoot. I will load the video up this weekend.In the meantime, I’m really happy to Ethan joining our beautiful group of mates.

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