14 Jul, 2023

With one of the hottest photoshoots our of the way Benny was ready to get fucked hard by our hung mate Jamie. I don’t think Benny realised just how big Jamie’s cock was when we started this shoot. But he still managed to deep throat his new mate during the photoshoot. He was going to need a little warming up to actually getting fucked by Jamie. While I grabbed the video camera the boys got to work, kissing and pulling each others clothes off on the couch. Benny can’t believe the size of Jamie’s cock as he tries to get it all into his mouth. You’ll be surprised how many ways Benny sucks that dick in this video. After getting rimmed he’s ready to take on the big lubed up dick. Jamie took it slow push his erection a little at time into Benny’s hole. After trying a couple of different positions Benny eventually jumped on top of Jamie to start riding him. I won’t give away the ending, but you should watch till the end. It’s a great video to end a very hot shoot between our beautiful mates.

Photo shoot
9 Jul, 2023

Our hung mate Jamie is back for his first couple shoot with Benny Fox. I’m really excited to see Jamie getting into shoots with our mates. And I think Benny was the perfect partner for this scene. The boys were pretty excited about meeting and getting into the studio. After picking our some clothes and sneakers for the shoot, we headed to the studio and got down to taking photos. I got them trying out a load of different positions while taking their clothes off. You can see that Jamie loves having Benny sucking his cock deep into his throat. My favourite shots would have to be with Jamie feeding Benny his cock from above as Benny lays on the bed between his legs. It’s a really fun shoot. I’m also editing their first video today to load later this week. You can also take a look at Jamie and Benny’s previous videos.

Behind the scenes
16 May, 2023

Hung skater boy Jamies Fawkes loves showing off naked on camera. I quickly learnt that our hot new mate is not shy at all. This is the BTS video from Jamie’s second shoot in the studio when he visited us over summer. Jamie has got a lot of energy and can’t wait to show you his big dick as it grows to full erection. In this shoot I was getting him to do some wild nude poses with a skateboard. We had some fun making his second video too with me wanking his big dick. Jamie is cute and very horny. I can’t wait get him over for some more horny fun soon.

Behind the scenes
1 Mar, 2023

Super hung Canadian Jamie is having so much fun in our shoots. I met the skinny boy with the huge cock at the beginning of summer in Melbourne. He was visiting from interstate for a few days. I was really keen to meet him and get him naked in the studio. Jamie’s posts on Twitter really stood out. It’s that tanned lanky body, mullet hair cut and extra fat cock which really stood out. And he doesn’t disappoint win real life. Jamie is full of energy and ready to have a good time. This is the BTS video from his first shoot with me in the studio. He picked out shorts and a tank top for this shoot since it was a pretty warm day. I knew I was taking more photos than I needed. I just didn’t want to miss getting a good angle as his stripped naked. I like Jamie a lot and I’m hoping he’ll pay us a visit again soon.

27 Jan, 2023

I couldn’t wait to see Jamie stroking his fat cock in our second shoot in the studio. I could tell he was ready to go by the time we had finished taking his nude photos. Jamie is a lot of fun to shoot with so I knew that this video would have a few surprises in it. I even jumped in on this to feel how amazing that fat cock feels in my hand. He also splits open a rubber fuck tool with his lubed up cock. I’m really impressed by his toy fucking action. Jamie is one really sexy boy with some crazy tattoos and a really big dick. I can’t wait to get him over again. This is Jamie’s second video on the site.

Photo shoot
22 Jan, 2023

Cute and horny skater boy Jamie is back this week for his second shoot in the studio. I was so impressed by this Canadian twink that I invited him back for a new shoot. He really suprised me in that first shoot when that massive cock fell out of his underwear. It was a fun shoot, but I knew we could make something even better. I’ve got Jamie posing with a skateboard in this shoot as he strips off in the studio. He really gets into it pulling some crazy poses with the board as he tries to keep his big cock hidden behind it. I think Jamie is totally adorable and I want to do a lot more with him. Enjoy these new shots of our big dicked Canadian mate. I will post his new video this week too.

4 Nov, 2022

The first video starring my cute new mate Jamie is here. I was really surprised when my new lanky mate pulled out that huge cock during the photoshoot. I was really keen to see what he was going to do in his first video. After picking out a toy and some lube from the toy drawer, Jamie got to work on that monster. At one stage he even gives the vibrating wand a go on the head of his cock. I like watching Jamie working that big dick in this video. I followed him around the room and got in close so you just about touch those big balls bouncing as he repeatedly thrusts the fuck toy down on his cock. I’m sure that toy is completely ripped open now. I really enjoyed doing this shoot with Jamie. I’m looking forward to him visiting again over the summer.

Photo shoot
31 Oct, 2022

My cute new mate is 26 year old Jamie Fawkes. I have been speaking to the beautiful Canadian about modelling for a few months now. Jamie lives interstate so I had to wait until he was coming to visit us. I was pretty excited to here he was planning a trip to Melbourne. We quickly worked out the details for a shoot and settled on a day for us to meet. I had only seen a few photos of Jamie before we met. And it turns out that he’s even cuter in real life. In the studio I started directing my new mate through a slow strip show. I was actually really surprised to see his big fat dick fall out of his underwear. Jamie has got one of the thickest big dicks I’ve ever seen. It just kept growing as I clicked more photos. Jamie has got a lot of energy and loves to show off in front of the camera. I think he’s going to make a really nice addition to our group of mates this summer. We made a pretty hot video too. I will post Jamie’s first video this week.

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