Behind the scenes
15 Jan, 2020

This is the BTS video from my shoot with the beautiful Joe Milano in my hotel bathroom. I met 25 year Joe in Bangkok last year when we were both on vacation there. This is the second shoot we did where Joe poses in a skimpy speedo before getting naked in the bath tub. This is actually my favourite shoot with Joe because he shows off his nice thick bum in the bath and we ended up fucking in the bath for his video. He’s a really hot boy and I hope we will get to shoot together again sometime.

Photo shoot
24 Dec, 2019

This is the photoshoot I did with my bi mate Joe Milano before we fucked in the bath tub. Joe is a beautiful Italian boy I met in Bangkok earlier this year. I had so much fun shooting with him that I invited him back for this romp in the bath tub. The fit 25 year old was also there on vacation and was keen to model for me. We made some amazing photos with Joe stripping naked and also wearing a full body harness. But these photos of Joe working up his fat cock in the bubble bath are my favourites. Joe has a nice thick bum too which I later learnt that he likes having it played with. I’m hoping to shoot again with Joe sometime.

Behind the scenes
30 Oct, 2019

One of the hottest guys I have met this year is 25 year old Italian Joe Milano. This is the BTS footage from the cameras recording our shoot in the hotel room. Initially I had Joe wearing some sports gear to start his strip show. I hadn’t actually planned to shoot there so Joe is wearing my gym shorts here. Once he is fully naked I am getting Joe to work his big cock stiff for some nice natural light shots in the window. And then I perform the complicated task of getting Joe into a bright blue body harness I found over there. It was fun dressing Joe up, but I’m sure he would like good in anything. Make sure you check out both of Joe’s shoots and the videos we made during my vacation. He’s such a beautiful boy.

11 Oct, 2019

I didn’t expect to be having this much fun on my vacation until I met Joe in Thailand. This is the second shoot I did with the handsome Italian during my stay. After taking Joe’s photos I set him up with the camera to make a video while I went for a bath. Joe’s selfie session on the couch is very hot as he gives us a close up of his big cock growing from soft to hard. But then it gets even more interesting when he joins me in the bubble bath. My cock quickly grew between his legs as he straddled me in the hot water. I slip deep into the water so I could suck on Joe’s cock before turn him around to lick his bum. Meanwhile Joe is down low sucking on my dick. He’s really turned on now and sticks my cock in him. It’s while he pumping up and down on my dick that he ejaculates all over my face. Dam.. Joe is amazing and I really want to shoot another video with him now.

Photo shoot
6 Oct, 2019

My sexy fit mate from Italy is back this week getting his gear off and showing off his thick body and cock. You might remember that I met 25 year old Joe earlier this year during my vacation in Thailand. I was so impressed by Joe at his first shoot that I organised to meet him again. This time Joe was going to be stripping out of some sports gear and then I would be getting him off in the bath tub. Joe was up for trying anything so I had him naked on the desk showing off that gorgeous fat cock as he flexed his muscles. We even took some fun shots with Joe wearing a body harness that I picked up over there. I think Joe would look good in anything. He was great sport getting naked and pulling some cheeky poses for me. I will post Joe’s newest video later this week.

Behind the scenes
28 Aug, 2019

My beautiful Italian mate Joe is being directed through his first nude photoshoot in this BTS video I made with him in Bangkok. I hadn’t planned on doing any shooting during this vacation and didn’t expect to meet anyone for modelling there. But when Joe said he would model for me, I was determined to make it work. Joe was actually wearing my clothes during the photoshoots and thankfully I had the camera and GoPro with me. Joe is a big handsome Italian boy and was pretty laid back about modelling and getting naked. In fact it was a really fun day hanging out with him. I met him for a second shoot in the following week which I will also post soon.

Photo shoot
19 Jul, 2019

This is the first photoshoot I did with chunky Italian muscle boy, Joe Milano. I loved shooting with this gorgeous 25 year old while I was on vacation in Thailand. Wearing just a speedo I directed Joe through his shoot in my hotel bathroom. I hadn’t actually prepared to do any shoots while I was there. But I was lucky to have a couple of cameras with me for recording my holiday. And I wasn’t going to miss getting to shoot with Joe. Make sure you also check out Joe’s first jack off video now loaded on the site.

Behind the scenes
26 Jun, 2019

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Thailand was meeting this beautiful Italian guy, Joe Milano. I was so excited when he agreed to model for me. Luckily I had brought my camera and the BTS video camera along on the trip. It was enough to do a nice shoot with Joe. And he actually wore my clothes in this shoot. I love big chunky guys. ANd Joe is thick all over. You will see in this video as I direct him through this stripping photoshoot in my hotel room. Joe was a little nervous in this shoot as he didn’t know what to expect. But the photos look great! Make sure you also check out his first hot jack off video.

8 Jun, 2019

Here is my gorgeous new mate Joe Milano stripping and jacking off in his first nude video. I really loved hanging out with Joe during my Bangkok vacation. He’s a really sweet and sexy guy. Since it was our first meeting neither of us knew what to expect. But after seeing Joe get naked and stroke his big cock hard during the photoshoot, I couldn’t wait to see what kind of show he would put on on his first video. And I gotta say it is pretty hot. I follow Joe with the camera as he moves around the bed while fisting his fat cock. After a few different positions he lays back and squirts a big load of cum over his belly. I like his big smile when he’s done. I like Joe a lot and I’m so happy with the results of his first shoot.

Photo shoot
3 Jun, 2019

I’m just back from my quick vacation in Bangkok with a mate. While I was over there I had not planned to be shooting with anyone, but then I met this beautiful Italian boy, Joe Milano. 25 year old Joe was also on vacation there. I told him about my website and suggested modelling. I was really surprised when he said yes. And luckily I had my camera along with me to shoot with him. Though no model gear, so Joe is actually wearing my clothes in this shoot. I had a hotel with great light so it was the perfect choice of location for his first shoot. We started with Joe laying on my bed while I got some test shots. And then we moved on to the strip show. Joe is very tall at 187cm, very fit and has quite a big fat dick. We had a fun shoot up in my hotel room and the photos look great! I’m going to enjoy editing Joe’s first video this week.

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