Behind the scenes
6 Dec, 2019

Directing my hung British mate Lachlan in this bathroom shoot

This video footage follows me directing our hung British mate Lachlan through his second shoot in the studio. I’ve got Lachlan wearing just some skimpy green shorts for this shoot. After some photos in the window I get our handsome mate soapy up in the shower, where he loses the shorts. The soapy part of this shoot is fun for the guys, but also makes some interesting photos. While he’s still soapy I get Lachlan rubbing his cock to full erection while he sits on the bench. And man… I forgot how big that thing is. Lachlan is a really sweet guy. Now that he’s back in Britain I’m not sure if we will get to shoot again. But you can check out all of Lachlan’s photos and videos from his two sessions now.

Photo shoot
6 Sep, 2019

Soaping up with our handsome mate Lachlan Wolf

My first shoot back with Lachlan had the handsome boy soaping up naked in my bathroom. After a year away it was great having Lachlan back in town and back in the studio modelling for me. I like Lachlan a lot and we spent a lot of time catching up before he stripped down to some little shorts for this shoot. It was a bright day and the best light was streaming into my bathroom, so we went out there to grab these photos. The shorts came off and soon Lachlan was soaping up his body in the shower. He gets horny easily and his giant cock is standing tall as I grab a few more photos. This is the first of the two photoshoots before we made Lachlan’s new jack off video in the studio. It’s so nice having the beautiful British boy back in town.

Behind the scenes
17 Jul, 2019

Shooting with my sexy British mate Lachlan Wolf

How happy am I to have our sexy British mate Lachlan Wolf back in the studio. I have to admit that I have a little crush on Lachlan. We spent more time talking at this recent shoot than actually taking photos or recording the video. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the past couple of years. He’s smart and very sexy. Lachlan is always amused by the poses I put him in. In this BTS video you can watch me direct Lachlan through his new return shoot.

22 Jun, 2019

Lachlan Wolf whips it out for a new hot jack video

After taking a series of amazing new photos with Lachlan in the studio our hot mate settles in to make a new hot jack video. Set up with some porn on the TV, lube and toys, Lachlan gets busy. Lachlan is one of the most beautiful guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with and I find it very hard not to join him in making this video. But I wanted to make sure I capture every bit of him lubing up his huge cock, stuffing it into a fleshlight and fucking it deeply. Lachlan even takes over filming himself in a section of this video making sure you get a nice close up of that big dick. Make sure you watch this one to the end to see Lachlan milk his cock all over his furry belly. It’s a really nice new video from our hot mate.

Photo shoot
17 Jun, 2019

My sexy British mate Lachlan Wolf is back

I’m very excited today to be releasing a new shoot with my sexy British mate Lachlan Wolf. You might remember that Lachlan did just one shoot about a year ago before he returned to the UK. We kept in touch because I had always hoped that I would get to shoot with him again. And I was really surprised to hear he had come back to Australia and was up for modelling again. Lachlan is one of the nicest laid back guys you could meet. We were chatting so much that I almost forgot that we should be taking photos. Lachlan changed in to a cut off t-shirt and shorts before we headed in to the studio. Lachlan has got very striking dark features and occasionally breaks out in a big cheeky grin. I love Lachlan’s handsome looks, his British accent and his extra large dick. I’m so glad he’s back modelling with us. The photos in this set look great too! There’s even a few cheeky selfies included in this set.

Behind the scenes
29 Aug, 2018

Behind the scenes with our new super hung mate Lachlan

Even I got a surprise when our new super hung mate Lachlan Wolf dropped his pants at his first photoshoot. I had actually already stopped shooting for winter. But when I saw Lachlan’s photos I really wanted to get him in a for a quick shoot before I took off overseas. And I’m glad I did because Lachlan was loads of fun to shoot with, and he’s dead sexy when he strips on camera. For anyone who has already seen the photos you will know by now that he has a huge rock hard cock in the shots. This is the BTS footage taken from the cameras during the photoshoot. You will get to hear Lachlan’s Brit accent as we chat through this shoot. His first video was pretty hot too. He blew cum all over me and the camera at the end of this shoot.

11 Aug, 2018

Lachlan’s first strip and jack video in the studio

Lachlan Wolf’s first photoshoot up in the studio looks great! But now you must watch this very horny video we made afterwards. After picking some porn to watch on the TV Lachlan gets to work stripping off on the couch while I start filming. He has a huge cock and I can’t wait to see him working it. Armed with some lube and toys our hot new mat’s video is underway. I wasn’t sure where this was going to go. But it must have gotten pretty hot for me to get my cock out as well. With Lachlan propped up on a chair sliding the lubed up fleshlight up and down his shaft I take over for a little. I love the feel of wanking his fat dick. But my favourite part of this video is when he stands up on the bed and blows a massive load of cum all over me and the camera. What a great first video! I can’t wait to film more hot scenes with Lachlan.

Photo shoot
6 Aug, 2018

My new mate Lachlan Wolf at his first nude studio shoot

Check out my hot new mate Lachlan Wolf. I met 27 year old Lachlan recently here in Melbourne. Normally I am not shooting here in winter but I made an exception when I saw the photos Lachlan sent me. He comes to us all the way from Britain and I love his British accent. Right from the start I knew that Lachlan was going to fun to shoot with. What I didn’t know what that it was going to turn in to a very hot shoot. I started out with a simple photoshoot in the studio. Our new mate is stripping out of a tracksuit and trainers. I love Lachlan’s naturally hairy body. But what really surprised me is the size of his cock when he rubbed it hard. That’s a really big dick! And he’s so laid back and funny while doing this shoot. I think Lachlan is going to make a great addition to our group of sexy mates this year. His first video will also load up later this week. In the meantime you can enjoy this first nude photoset with Lachlan Wolf.

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