Behind the scenes
17 Nov, 2022

When I took my British mate Michael Kent out on the roof I just wanted to get some shots of him doing some tricks on the board. I didn’t think he would actually get totally naked out there. This shoot happened in summer last year when there were still a few travellers left in the city. Michael had come back for a second shoot before he left to continue his travels. I was really impressed by the shoot we had done in the studio. But it’s these photos of him stripping naked on the roof that really stand out. It was a perfect warm summer day to get naked outside too. This is the behind the scenes footage from the video cameras I’d set up to show me directing Michael through the shoot. Make sure you check out the photo gallery from this shoot as well as Michael’s previous videos.

Photo shoot
22 Sep, 2022

Getting my hot mate Michael naked on the roof was one of the best shoots we did over summer. The straight British boy came back for one more shoot on a hot day over summer. Rather than stay inside we headed out on this brilliant sunny day to get some shots of Michael playing around on a skateboard. Michael actually rode to the shoot on his own board so this wasn’t going to be a problem for him. Though I wasn’t sure he was actually going to get totally naked out there. I was surprised that he was comfortable getting naked out there and finished drenching himself in water as we took the last photos. I love the photos from this set. Michael was a good sport getting out there and getting all his gear off for these shots.

Behind the scenes
8 Sep, 2021

This is the BTS video from my shoot with this sexy straight boy Michael. WIth all the lock down’s it was rare to find any visitors from outside of Australia to shoot with over summer. But I was lucky to meet up with two British boys. This is from the second shoot I did with Michael before he left on his travels. I quickly learnt that he’s a very laid back skater boy. And he had no problem getting naked in front of me and having me take his photos. I was really impressed with his first shoot that I quickly invited him around for this. Make sure you also check out Michael’s two videos already posted. I also have an outdoor shoot with our sexy British mate coming up soon.

Behind the scenes
3 Aug, 2021

Take a peek behind the scenes at Michael Kent’s first shoot with me. Many of our guys first shoots happen in the bathroom. It’s a great way to get the guys mostly naked to see how they go being semi and fully naked in a photoshoot. It’s also a great way to get some speedo/nude/wet photos. In this case Michael was about to soapy up naked in the shower. Being the middle of summer Michael was really tanned for this shoot. So the soapy really stood out on his skin. I ended up pouring a lot of the soap over his bum to get is really soaped up. Later I get him up soapy up near the window wanking his dick hard. I really like the photos from this set. Michael’s a really nice guy too.

Photo shoot
15 Jul, 2021

This is the first photoshoot I did with Michael Kent when we met early in summer. I wanted to get some shots of this straight British boy in the shower before heading to the studio. I wanted a simple shoot with Michael in some skimpy shorts and naked in the bathroom. He’s pretty easy going and was happy to strip off in the bathroom and soap up in the shower while I grabbed a load of shots. Being the beginning of summer Michael is very tanned, and really fit. Being a perfect warm day he rode his skateboard across the city to meet me. Michael’s photos look great and I really enjoyed shooting with him. Before he headed off on his travels I got a chance to shoot with him out on the roof. I will post that shoot soon.

1 May, 2021

Our Brit mate Michael is back this week stripping and getting off. After taking a load of photos getting naked and getting hard, Michael was ready to get off by the time I started filming him. With some porn playing on the TV and lube and fleshlight nearby we were ready to go. I like watching Michael get to work putting on a hot show as he strips naked again. He pumps his cock in and out of the fleshlight while watching some straight porn. After a few different positions he gets down on the floor with me and gives his final strokes before spurting a load of cum. It’s really nice work from our hot Brit mate.

Photo shoot
25 Apr, 2021

Sexy British boy Michael Kent is back this week stripping naked in my apartment. The handsome traveller was staying in Melbourne over the summer and dropped in for this quick shoot before heading to northern Australia. I learnt that Michael is a really sweet straight boy who is travelling to see the different areas of Australia. It was really interesting talking to him about his travels. The fit 27 year old had no trouble stripping naked while I filmed him in his last shoot. So we planned to do a similar shoot today. While he was over we also go some nude shots outside which I’ll also post soon. I will also post his new video this week.

Behind the scenes
6 Jan, 2021

This is the BTS video footage from my first shoot with handsome British straight boy Michael Kent. I had Michael come around to the studio for his first shoot a few weeks ago. I was really impressed that he had ridden his skate board into the city from a couple of suburbs away. Michael is very fit and really tanned. He has being making the most of the start of summer in Australia. He’s very laid back and has no problem getting naked while I take his photos. I love his British accent too. I like Michael’s photoshoot and his video a lot. I’m going to get him back for a follow up shoot very soon.

5 Dec, 2020

I have just loaded up Michael Kent’s hot first video. After spending a lot of time taking photos of Michael posing with a skateboard and stripping off in the studio it was time to get down to making his first video. I put some porn on the TV, gave him some lube and toys, and then let him take over. It was a pleasure to watch Michael strip off one more time, take out his big uncut dick and work it while watching the porn. I liked seeing him thrusting into the fleshlight on the bed as his beautiful bum bounced up and down on it. It’s a great first video from our sexy new mate. This is the first video shot on the DSLR. You will notice it had to be cropped slightly to get rid of the shakiness. So I have to make some changes before I use it again. I will get Michael back for another shoot soon.

Photo shoot
29 Nov, 2020

We’re kicking off the summer season of shoots with our newest mate Michael Kent. The 27 year old Brit contacted me a little while ago about doing some modelling on the site. I love British guys and thought Michael looked hot in the photos he sent me. So I quickly organized a day for him to come over for his first shoot. The first shoot is usually a chance for us to meet and get to know each other during a simple solo photo and video shoot. Michael has had a little experience doing some nude modelling before. So he was comfortable getting naked in front of me. I noticed that he’d ridden a skateboard over from the suburbs of Melbourne so we included one of the boards in the shoot. Though we didn’t get a chance to photograph him riding this time. He’s very laid back and easy to talk to. I love his long hair and large body tattoos. Later this week I will load up Michael’s first video. I’m looking forward to getting this beautiful Brit back in the studio for more shoots over summer.

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