Behind the scenes
12 Jan, 2021

Shooting with our horny mates Nate and Dylan

Shooting with our mates Nate and Dylan on the roof in the run up to winter was not really a good idea. You will hear a lot of noise at the beginning of this video as we battled with the wind during the start of the boy’s photoshoot. Once the wind started knocking cameras over we headed back to the studio where the guys were going to strip each other naked. Nate is both a good top and bottom, so I lined him up with Dylan to get to see him bottoming in the shoot. Once the guys were naked we got some nice dick sucking and rimming photos as the guys played around with each. Once the photoshoot was finished I restarted the video cameras to catch the guys fucking and getting off. Make sure you watch Nate and Dylan’s video too. I will get them back for more shoots with our mates this summer.

24 Dec, 2020

My cute mate Andy loves riding Nate’s fat cock

My cute mate Andy loves riding Nate’s fat cock in their first video shoot together. The boys were getting along really well together as we were getting ready and during the photoshoot. There already was a lot of kissing and foreplay as I took loads of photos. They got dressed one more time as I grabbed the video camera to capture the rest of the action. They had their clothes off again in now time as I start recording. I love the action in this video as Nate starts pushing his thick dick deep inside Andy’s hole. I’m really impressed by all the positions in this video. Andy even takes over the filming at one point while he’s still getting fucked. Every time I film Andy in a new video it reminds me that I want to get in a shoot with him again. He’s one of my favourite co-star mates. I’ll get Andy and Nate back for some new videos soon.

Photo shoot
20 Dec, 2020

Our cute mates Andy and Nate dropped in for their first shoot together

This is a really fun shoot with our cute mates Andy Samuel and Nate Anderson. I had been wanting to get this guys together for some time because I knew they would get along really well in a shoot. Everyone loves shooting with our cute mate Andy. And Nate was looking to get more scene experience with some of the other guys. We took a while getting dressed for this shoot as the guys got to know each before heading to the studio. As we start the shoot the guys begin making out on the couch before undressing each other on the bed. I can see Andy teasing Nate’s cock in between photos, making it rock hard. It’s not long before he’s getting it deep down his throat for a few more shots. And Nate is loving all this attention. I can tell from the photos that the video is going to be really good. I’ll be getting the guys back for more new videos this summer.

12 Dec, 2020

Dylan and Nate’s first hot video together

This is Dylan and Nate’s first hot video session together. The photo session ended with the guys being naked and very horny. So I grabbed the video camera to record the rest of the action. Dylan is a great top. I couldn’t wait to see him get to work with our new mate Nate. There’s a lot of kissing on the couch before the guys strip each other naked and head over to the bed. Dylan sucks on Nate’s nice fat dick before rimming his hole. Nate is loving all this attention. But Dylan’s just working up to fucking Nate really hard. Make sure you watch this one to the end to see Nate take Dylan’s hot load.

Photo shoot
6 Dec, 2020

Hooking up my sexy mates Dylan and Nate

I finally got together my sexy mates Dylan Anderson and Nate Anderson (no relation). Right before the winter break I got the guys around for a photo and video shoot. We had planned to do some shooting up on the roof, but because it got cold and really winding we quickly returned to the warmth of the studio. I have loved shooting with Dylan and Nate in the past. And I knew they would get along well. In fact they were already kissing before I started shooting. There are some fun and some hot shots in this set. But wait until you see the action in their first video. I will load the guys first video together later this week. In the meantime make sure you check out all of Dylan and Nate’s hot videos with our mates.

Photo shoot
23 Nov, 2020

Nate’s first nude photo shoot in the bathroom

When I met Nate Anderson for his first nude photoshoot I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cute guy visiting from regional Victoria. I wanted to get Nate in quickly before we started our winter break. This shoot sparked a bunch of other shoots for our sexy new mate. I was so busy editing those and getting them up on the site that I forgot about this shoot in the bathroom from when we first met. After picking out a colourful little speedo we headed to the bathroom to get some shots in the window followed by some nude photos in the bubble bath. Nate is really easy going and likes playing around. I think he is going to get along well with all our mates. Make sure you also check out the video where I fuck Nate in the hot tub as well as his beach videos.

21 Nov, 2020

Nate Anderson gets fucked in the dunes by Jarod

Our sexy mate Nate has made a hot new video down at the beach. Nate loves getting naked outside. He’s been spending a bit of time down the coast at the nude beach. He recently sent me this video he made after going for a swim. Up in the sand dunes he makes a new friend who lets him suck his cock before getting fucked. Another mate is filming them. I love seeing what our mates have been getting up to these past couple of months. Nate’s videos have been really hot. I can’t wait to get him back into the city soon for a new shoot.

Behind the scenes
21 Oct, 2020

Behind the scenes at Nate’s hot tub shoot

This is the BTS video footage from my shoot with our new mate Nate in the hot tub. This was Nate’s second shoot where we met up at the spa suite to make a fun photo and video shoot in the soap filled hot tub. I like shooting with Nate. He’s up for trying different things and I think the photos and vidoe from this shoot look great! In this video you can follow me around as I direct Nate into different positions. He even grabs a fleshlight and fills it with hot soapy water before shoving his cock into in. Make sure you also check out the video from this shoot where I get in the tub and fuck Nate until he cums.

9 Oct, 2020

Nate’s just filmed a beach wank down the coast

My sexy mate Nate took one of his mates down the coast to film a beach wank. I was so surprised when I what the guys made on their day out at the beach. I realised later that it’s the same beach and dunes where I shot Ivo Rocchi jacking off a long time ago. It’s a great spot to get naked and go for a swim. So Nate’s mate filmed him walked down to the beach and then getting naked and having a wank up in the dunes. I can see they got interrupted a couple of times by people walking. Nate later told me that a couple of guys were having sex in the dunes near them as they shot this. I can’t wait till summer gets here and I can get down there again with the guys. I love all the creative ways the guys are making their own videos for the site during the current movement restrictions in Melbourne.

Photo shoot
4 Oct, 2020

Heading down to the nude beach with Nate Anderson

Our new horny mate Nate is heading down to the nude beach in this new home shoot. I’m really impressed by the videos the guys have been making at home for the site. I was really surprised to hear that Nate took a mate down the coast to a nude beach to get some photos and make a hot new video. Nate took a few photos first back at his house in the backyard while waiting for his mate to come over. The photos are really beautiful. Then the fun down at the nude beach begins, getting some shots and video walking down to the sand. Beach photos always look great! I love the shots of Nate’s bum on the sand. I’m glad Nate and his mate had a fun day doing this. Nate’s new beach video will later this week.

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