Behind the scenes
24 Aug, 2023

Take a look at this behind the scenes video with my beautiful mates Dylan and Nate. This shoot happened some time ago when we were doing a series of shoots together. But I didn’t want to miss including the behind the scenes footage from the shoot. This shoot and the road trip out to Bendigo are may favourite days shooting with Dylan and Nate. We always have fun making photos and videos together. The video from this scene actually ended up taking place in the hot tub. Make sure you take a look at that one too. Seeing this again today makes me want to do more shoots with the guys.

Photo shoot
1 Jun, 2023

This is the second shoot with my sexy mates Dylan and Nate. We had so much fun when they first met back in the studio that I got them together for this shoot over at the hotel. Being a late Autumn shoot I had the boys wearing jeans and shirts. So there was a bit more to strip out of in this shoot. I only just remembered that they wore matching jockstraps too. They looked great where they started pulling each other’s jeans down. Dylan and Nate got turned on very quickly in this photoshoot as they begun kissing and pulling each other’s jockstraps off. I got some nice shots of the boys kissing and sucking on each others dicks. I can see why I like shooting them together. Make sure you also check out the video they made after this in the hot tub.

Behind the scenes
13 Apr, 2023

The second part of Andrew and Nate’s first shoot together happened in this hotel bubble bath. I wanted to try get the boys modelling in some speedos and then try to fit them into this small bath tub. In the hot water Nate peels down Andrew’s speedo and starts licking his bum. I quickly grabbed some photos of Andrew being pushed toward the edge of the tub. Then Andrew turns around to start sucking on Nate’s big cock. Even though it was a dull winter day in Melbourne, we got some great shots of the boys playing together in the bath. The perfect way to warm up for the video they were about to make.

Photo shoot
8 Feb, 2023

Before making one of the hottest videos of the year I got Andrew and Nate stripping out of their speedos for this bubble bath shoot. I wasn’t sure how the shoot would go with two boys in the small bath tub. But it worked out really well. And you would guess right that Andrew spent most of the shoot with his perfect little bum up in the air. Once I got a few shots of the boys wearing the speedos that jumped into the hot bubbles to kiss and strip naked. Andrew loves Nate’s fat cock and turned around to start sucking on it. Then while Andrew is down on all fours Nate plants it face right between Andrew’s cheeks to give him a good tongue fucking. I love how much fun they are having by now. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you take a look at the video where Nate cums on Andrew’s face in the shower. I gotta get them in for a new shoot soon.

Behind the scenes
11 Jan, 2023

Andrew’s first couple shoot was a lot of fun to shoot. I had lined him up with our sexy mate Nate. Andrew was really excited about meeting him. This BTS video follows me through the whole photoshoot as I direct the boys through the process. Nate was the perfect first partner for Andrew. Guiding him through the process while making sure I got some hot photos. The boys look so cute in their jockstraps and white socks. There is a lot of kissing as the boys strip each other naked. And I love the shots of Andrew sucking Nate’s fat cock. If you haven’t already make sure you check out the video they made after that shoot. After seeing their action in the shower. I can see why Andrew has become so popular.

Behind the scenes
12 Oct, 2022

One of my favourite solo shoots this year is Nate Anderson posing in footy gear and a jockstrap. He’s one of my favourite mates and costars to shoot with. This catch up over summer gave me the idea to get Nate posing in some AFL gear and a white jockstrap. He’s got the perfect bum for it too. When I look at his shoots I can see why the other guys like shooting with him. Make sure you also check out Nate’s other videos from summer. Especially that outdoor shoot down by the creek with Dylan.

9 Sep, 2022

My super horny mates Andrew and Nate were ready to get off by the time we finished taking a load of nude photos together. I grabbed the video camera while the guys got dressed one more time for the start of the video. I really like the action in this one as Andrew sucks on Nate’s fat dick. I can tell that Andrew really likes having Nate lick his hole too. They get naked pretty quickly as they kiss and play with each other. At one stage they head to the shower where Andrew’s cock sucking is too much for Nate. He ends up blowing his load all over Andrew’s face. After a short break the boys are kissing when Andrew blows what looks like one of the biggest loads of cum I’ve ever seen. The big smiles at the end tells me they are both really satisfied. It’s so nice seeing Andrew get into his first full couple video. I can’t wait to see him doing more.

Photo shoot
3 Sep, 2022

I’m pretty excited about this shoot where I hooked up my cute mates Nate and Andrew. After doing his first solo shoots, Andrew asked about getting into some couple shoots with our other mates. Nate told me he thought Andrew was pretty cute when we fist met him last year. He was very keen to get into a shoot with our beautiful new mate. We all met over at the hotel on a chilly mid winter day in Melbourne. I could tell Andrew was a bit nervous at first. But his nerves disappeared as they started kissing and stripping each other naked during the photoshoot. I love the shots of Nate and Andrew in the jockstraps. And Andrew getting his perfect little bit getting licked by Nate. Overall it was a fun shoot and the photos look great! But wait until you see the video we made after we finished taking the photos.

Behind the scenes
10 Aug, 2022

Our adorable mates Nate and Connor got so turned on during this photoshoot in the studio. At the end of summer I had one last shoot I wanted to do. That was getting Nate and Connor together for the first time. Both of them are very popular with our mates. Everyone wants to shoot with them. They are both beautiful boys and both have very big dicks. I knew it would be a fun shoot to do. And boy did they get into it! I got a load of great shots of the guys showing off their bums, kissing, getting naked, and sucking each other’s dicks. The fun didn’t stop there. They got dressed once more before making one of the best videos on the site. Make sure you also check out the video of Nate riding on Connor’s big dick. After seeing this again today I want to shoot more with them.

5 Aug, 2022

I just watched Nate’s sex toy fucking video and it’s really hot. After taking his photos in the footy gear I wasn’t sure what we were going to do in his video. When I suggested playing with the new rubber fuck toy, Nate was totally up for it. After showing off in a jockstrap on the couch he lubes up the sex toy and pushes his ft cock deep inside until it’s poking out the other side. I get down low on the bed so you can watch him thrust it in and out of the toy. But then the real surprise came when he lubed up the cock end of the toy and pushed it right up his bum! After riding it a little he can’t hold back any longer and blows cum across his belly. I think that sex toy solos are hot, and this is one of the best. I can’t wait to get Nate in for more shoots soon.

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