Behind the scenes
11 Jul, 2019

Shooting with naughty boy Ralf Popu on the balcony

This is the BTS video video from my shoot with the very naughty Ralf Popu out on my balcony last summer. I had no idea what to expect when I met and shot with Ralf. We did not speak the same language so all of our communications had been through a translator leading up to the shoot. It ended up being quite a funny shoot. And despite the communication issues, we ended up doing a great shoot! The photos on the balcony look great, and Ralf went on to make a hot jack off video. I hope we will get to shoot again sometime. In the meantime you can now watch all of Ralf’s video’s now loaded on the site.

Photo shoot
30 May, 2019

Our cute mate Ralf strips down to his pink socks

My cute mate Ralf Popu is back this week stripping down to his pink socks out on the balcony. After I met Ralf last year in Berlin I invited him around for another shoot. Since the days were hot I really wanted to get some shots of him outside. Dressed in sports gear Ralf starts stripping off as I take his photos. Ralf is a pretty cheeky boy and likes playing up in front of the camera. He was a bit shy about getting naked outside at first. But once he was naked he was fine being out there. He looks great in the long pink socks as he works his uncut dick to full erection. Ralf also puts on a hot show in his videos. Make sure you check out the video where he wanks a load of cum over my face.

Behind the scenes
1 May, 2019

Watch cute Ralf Popu as I direct him through a photoshoot

Now to you can watch me direct Ralf Popu through his second photoshoot in Berlin. This cute guy is so much fun to shoot with. You can see that he’s full of energy as he starts dancing about on my bed. This shoot is amusing because we don’t speak the same language. So even though I might ask Ralf to do something, he does something different and I keep shooting. I’m glad I met Ralf during my vacation. Since we had fun at his first shoot, I invited him back to do more. And I am hoping to see him again sometime this year. His videos are really hot too.

30 Mar, 2019

Ralf is ramming my fleshlight with his big uncut dick

Our horny boy Ralf Popu is lubing up his big cock and ramming my fleshlight in his new video. After posing for over an hour getting naked and hard, Ralf was now ready to get off. And with some porn selected on the TV and a fleshlight and lube we were all set to go. I like shooting with Ralf. He likes to have fun during the shoots and play around a lot. I was actually surprised that he jumped out on the balcony for a part of this video when he was reluctant to go outside earlier. I love watching his bum bounce on the bad as he fucks the fleshlight squeezed into the mattress. Ralf can’t wait to get off and eventually blows a thick load into a cup on the table. This is cheeky Ralf’s second toy fucking and jack off video.

Photo shoot
24 Mar, 2019

The very cute Ralf Popu is back for his second nude shoot

I had so much fun shooting with the cute Ralf Popu last summer in Berlin that I invited him back around to shoot some more photos and videos. Ralf is a funny straight boy I met while on vacation in Germany. He was very laid back about getting naked and having his photos taken. And by the end of his first shoot he was having fun doing it. So the new shoot was a breeze with Ralf playing up to the camera. I’m not sure which is going to be more fun for you to watch in Ralf new shoot, his hot wanking video, or the behind the scenes video of this shoot. I would have shot even more with him if I’d had more time there. This is the photoset of Ralf posing on the couch and on the bed as he works through a new strip show. Included are some stills from the videos we made on the day.

Behind the scenes
8 Mar, 2019

Our cute mate Ralf Popu at his first nude photoshoot

I am a little behind in posting all the BTS videos of our cute European mates, so he’s the video of my first photoshoot with the very cute Ralf Popu in the bathroom in Berlin. This new guy was so much fun to shoot with. Once he realised that he could pretty much do anything he started to get pretty wild. His shoot after this one got even crazier. But here Ralf is still a little nervous about shooting with me comes off as being a little shy. Mostly this was just the warm up photoshoot to get him used to being photographed naked. I will post his second shoot soon. But in the meantime you can check out Ralf’s first video where he jacks off and cums on my face.

Photo shoot
21 Dec, 2018

18 y/o Ralf Popu at his first nude modelling shoot

When I first met 18 year old Ralf Popu at the studio in Berlin we had a little “get to know each other” shoot in my tiny bathroom. With Ralf wearing just a pair of swimmers, I got to work taking some photos. Ralf has not done any modelling before so I directed him through a load of positions, as well as getting wet in the shower. And then a slow strip show until he gets completely naked. I really like working with Ralf. I’m sure he was uncertain about doing this shoot, but ended up having a fun time. He has a lot of energy and was up for trying different things. Ralf’s first video is already loaded and definitely worth a look.

Behind the scenes
30 Nov, 2018

Shooting with cute Berlin Twink Ralf Popu

One of the surprise models during my visit to Europe earlier this year was this Berlin twink called Ralf. The 18 year old straight boy was interested in the shoots I was doing there in the Berlin studio. I had a few communication problems with him initially so our planned first meeting did not happen. But I’m glad we finally met up because he was such much fun to shoot with. Actually the fact that we didn’t speak the same language lead to some funny results. You will see in this video that Ralf gets cheekier as the shoot progresses. I’m glad that he had a fun time and the results show in his photos and video. Ralf actually came around for a second shoot too which I will post soon.

11 Nov, 2018

Ralf Popu’s first video – And first time trying a fleshlight

Our new cute mate Ralf Popu finished up his first shoot with me by stripping naked one more time and pushing his tick dick in to a fleshlight. This is the first time for Ralf making a jack off video, and trying out a fleshlight. The look on his face as he pushes himself deep inside the fuck toy shows how much he is enjoying the experience. He tries a little hands free fucking on the bed too. But before he reaches the end of his video I get down on the floor and lick on Ralf’s balls making him blow cum across the room and across my face. What a hot way to end his first shoot. Ralf’s shoot was so much fun. I have already plans for him to do more.

Photo shoot
5 Nov, 2018

Joining us this week is the very cute Ralf Popu

Let’s meet our cute new mate from eastern Europe Ralf Popu. I met this 18 year old straight boy while visiting Berlin this last summer. I had a little bit of trouble lining up our meeting initially because Ralf and I don’t speak the same language. But I’m glad we eventually got to meet, because Ralf is really good looking and a lot of fun to shoot with. I’m not sure exactly what was going in in some parts of this shoot, but it was a funny process. And I got some brilliant photos of our cute new mate. My favourite shots here are of Ralf sitting on the chair on the balcony. Though he was a little nervous about going out there naked, so I only got a few shots before going back inside. There are some silly photos here, but I thought I would throw them in anyway. Also a few stills from his first video. I will post Ralf’s video also this week. Since we had some much fun making this Ralf, I also invited Ralf back for a second shoot.

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