Behind the scenes
9 Jan, 2020

Behind the scenes with skater boy Sam Chalker

Our new mate and skater boy Sam comes from the inner city of Melbourne. He actually rode his skateboard over to my place. And the board ended up in Sam’s first shoot in the studio. Sam is a really sweet boy and his first photoshoot went really well. The video we made was pretty hot too. This was kinda like a test shoot for Sam. And since then I’ve had a few of my mates asking about doing a shoot with him. I will have to get him back around soon to make more hot videos. I like Sam’s choice of pink socks and pink undies here.

26 Oct, 2019

Skater boy Sam Chalker just finished his first video

My cute new mate Sam Chalker has just shot his first video in the studio. After having such a fun photoshoot I grabbed the video camera to catch Sam stripping off one more time to make this video on the bed. I love watching Sam go to work on a fleshlight as he fucks it deep into the mattress. He even grabs the camera and films himself a little here. And he doesn’t stop until he’s milked every last drop of cum. Sam does a great job in his first solo video. Now I can’t wait to get him back to match up with our other mates.

Photo shoot
21 Oct, 2019

Joining us this summer is our cute new mate Sam Chalker

I’m really excited to release the first shoot with our cute new mate Sam Chalker today. Sam is joining our group of mates for some hot shoots this summer. The 20 year old lives in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and rode his skateboard in for his first shoot. I took way more photos than I needed for this shoot but I was enjoying talking to Sam while working through his slow strip tease photoshoot. Sam is a fit and horny boy and has no problem getting naked in front of the camera. I also like that he is naturally hairy. There are a lot of cheeky and beautiful photos here. I will load Sam’s first video later this week. And soon I will get Sam back for some shoots with our mates.

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