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Sam asked if he could bring his mate Ethan over

Photo shoot
18 Feb, 2024
I was really excited when Sam told me he like to drop in for a new shoot and then he asked me if he could bring a mate. It's always so much fun when one of the boys brings a mate over to the studio. He told me about Ethan and sent me a couple of photos. I thought this guy looked pretty cute and would be nice to meet. Some of the best guys started modelling with us after being recommended by one of our mates. And Ethan was so nice to shoot with I've already had him back for a second session. In this shoot the boys were very comfortable with each other so I got them kissing and pulling off each other's clothes. It was at this point that I was pretty suprised at the size of Ethan's cock. That thing is really thick! I got Sam down on his knees sucking on it to see how big it really gets. We got some really nice shots of them naked and kissing before making their first video together. I'm happy to have our cute mate Sam back. And I think our new hung mate Ethan will be back for some more shoots this summer.
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