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Catching up with my sexy mate Kell Fuller

Photo shoot
18 Jun, 2023
Over my winter stay in Berlin I got to catch up with my sexy mate Kell Fuller. And it's actually the first time I've gotten to do a shoot with him since 3 years ago. I was really impressed when I met the beautiful Russian when he was 19 in 2017. We did a bunch of really fun shoots then over a couple of years. While I was in staying in the city for a few weeks I had been hanging out Kell a few times. I'm so glad he was up for doing a new shoot. He's super fit and looks great in jockstrap. He put on a really hot show making a new video too. These are the photos and some video preview shots from the day. I will post Kell's new video this week. In the meantime you can check out some of the hot shoots we did in the park and on my balcony from our previous shoots.
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