Behind the scenes
6 Mar, 2019

Kell Fuller’s hot balcony strip show

My adorable mate Kell Fuller was giving me a hot balcony strip show on this very warm day in Berlin. His clothes came off quickly as I started taking photos. This is the last of the series I did with Kell over the European summer. I love shooting with the 20 year old Russian. Since meeting 2 years ago we have done about 5 shoots together. My favourite was definitely shooting out in the public park. But this shoot on my tiny balcony is very nice too. This footage is taken from the BTS Go Pro cameras set up to capture everything. Kell is an absolute sweet boy. I hope we will get together again later this year. In the meantime make sure to check out all of Kell’s videos now loaded.

9 Feb, 2019

Fucking my horny Russian mate Kell Fuller

I love playing around with my horny Russian mate Kell Fuller. We had been doing a bunch of shoots together while hanging out in Berlin. This was the last of series where we got together to make one more video. And in this one I join in with Kell as he wanks his big uncut dick on my couch. Kell is one of my horny bottom boys who loves having his hole played with and getting fucked. So I tease him with some tongue fucking and pushing the head of my cock against his hole until it finally slides in. I love fucking him while he wanks himself with a fleshlight. And now after seeing this video I can’t wait to be shooting with Kell again. Make sure you check out all of Kell’s videos now loaded up.

Photo shoot
4 Feb, 2019

Kell Fuller is getting naked on my balcony

My beautiful mate Kell Fuller is back this week stripping and posing naked on my balcony. While I was visiting Berlin I did a series of shoots with Kell in the apartment and out in the park. This shoot on my balcony is the last of the series of days we spent together. I always have fun shooting with Kell and coming up with new things to do. He is 2 years older now than when I met him as a 19 year old on Germany. Once again Kell was visiting from Russia during my stay. So we put together this shoot outside and afterwards making a video inside on my couch. I think that Kell looks just as good in clothes as he does out of them. He’s a very handsome boy and he’s got a totally ripped body. I can’t wait to be shooting with him again this year. I will post the new video of Kell and I having some fun on the couch later this week.

Behind the scenes
21 Nov, 2018

Behind the scenes at Kell Fuller’s nude park shoot

One of my most fun shoots this year has to be running around Tiergarden in Berlin with Kell Fuller stripping naked. On a Sunday morning Kell and I met with my bike down at Zoo station for a stroll and photoshoot in the park. We had the park almost to ourselves, with the exception of a few dog walkers and cruising men. It’s a little more difficult to grab BTS video footage in such a wide open space, but I managed it with a couple of small well placed cameras. Unfortunately the sound dropped a couple of times on one of the cameras. But I didn’t want you to miss following us around the park as my beautiful mate Kell gets naked for some hot photos. Make sure you check out the gallery from this shoot too.

Photo shoot
1 Nov, 2018

My beautiful mate Kell Fuller is stripping naked in the park

One of the most fun days I had on my trip to Berlin was running around in the park with my beautiful mate Kell Fuller. The massive Tiergarten in Berlin is often inhabited by plenty of nude sunbakers and cruising guys. It’s an amazing place. So I got the idea to get some shots of Kell clothed and naked in the park. There are some beautiful photos here of 21 year old Kell stripping down to his jockstrap and even more. I love the photos of Kell mounted on the lion statue and riding through the park naked. It was a really fun morning finding new areas of the park to shoot. Kell even attracted the attention of some sexy cruising guys as he walked around in his jockstrap. I love that guys can get naked so easily in Berlin. This is one of the reasons why I love this city. I will post the video we made of our day in the park soon.

Behind the scenes
3 Oct, 2018

Shooting with Kell Fuller in my balcony pool

Hanging out in Berlin with my sexy Russian mate Kell was so much fun. This is the BTS video for our first shoot out on the balcony. And it’s actually the first time trying out shooting in the inflatable pool too. I was nervous he was going to fall out of it, or it would explode mid way through the shoot. But the shoot was actually a lot of fun, and the photos from it look great! So there will be a few more shoots in the pool coming up. In the meantime you can now enjoy Kell splashing about naked in my little balcony pool.

Photo shoot
19 Sep, 2018

Kell Fuller is skinny dipping in my balcony swimming pool

When Kell Fuller dropped around to my little Berlin studio I don’t think he knew he was going to be modelling naked in an inflatable swimming pool. It’s probably one of my sillier ideas. But since it was so hot during my Berlin stay this year, I found a pool just the right size to fit on my balcony. And it made a nice change for the guys to play around in. I can’t remember why Kell started this shoot fully clothed. He was wearing those tiny shorts when he arrived so we decided to use them in the shoot. His perfect bum looks great hanging out of them as he moves about in the water. Kell is always a great sport and is up for trying most things. I’m glad we did this fun shoot on the balcony because the shots look great! I will also post a BTS video of this shoot soon. Make sure you also check out Kell’s recent new video.

Behind the scenes
12 Sep, 2018

BTS with our sexy bottom boy Kell Fuller

My sexy bottom boy mate Kell is looking fit as all hell this year when we met up in Berlin. I hadn’t actually planned to be in Berlin at the same time as the Russian dancer, but when i heard we would both be in town at the same time, I was excited to be seeing him again. In fact we lined up to do a few fun shoots while I was there. This is the first shoot with Kell stripping naked in the studio. I really like that he has let hi hairy chest grow and a little face stubble. He looks a lot more grown up than when I met him 18 months ago. I chose some gear for Kell to wear earlier in the shoot, but he also brought along the red and black harness for some additional photos. And I gotta say he looks adorable in his glasses. Kell is a really beautiful boy and I’m really happy that our paths somehow crossed. You can see a bunch of his videos now loaded on the site.

25 Aug, 2018

Kell Fuller likes a dildo stretching his hole while jacking off

My sexy mate Kell Fuller lays back on the couch while I stretch his hole with a dildo in this hot new video. Kell’s new photo set in the Berlin studio looks amazing! But every good photoshoot ends with our beautiful mates getting off on video. Kell is stripping and jacking his uncut cock in his latest video. I am helping him out this time by pushing my dildo in and out of him stretching his hole open. I like to see the cum squirting from his dick after his orgasm. Kell is s super horny boy and I love watching him work his cock to climax.

Photo shoot
20 Aug, 2018

My beautiful mate Kell Fuller visited me from Russia

I’m really excited today to start posting the shoots I did in Berlin recently starting with my beautiful mate Kell Fuller from Russia. You might remember that I met Kell early in 2017 when he was 19 years old. Well he is 21 now and looking all grown up. Kell is much more muscly now, with a hairy chest and tattoos. It was really great seeing him again for some new shoots in Berlin. I knew from his previous shoots that he loves to show off and make some nice horny photos. So I knew this shoot was going to be a lot of fun. Dressed in a cut up tank top, white underwear, socks and sneakers, we start taking photos with Kell speard his legs wide open on my coffee table. The outline of his bulging cock is perfectly showing through the white material. But I really want to get to taking some photos of his gorgeous big round bum. I bring in a kitchen chair so he can push his butt over the edge and I can see his hole. I got some great shots of Kell playing with himself in this set. I will also post his new video later this week getting off with a little help from me. We shot a bunch of new stuff together while I was in Berlin including some hot outdoor fun. It’s really great have Kell modelling with us again.

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