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Our cute mates Eddie and Andy in their first shoot together

Photo shoot
8 Oct, 2023
One of my favourite shoots over winter happened when I got our cute mates Eddie and Andy together for this shoot. They have both appeared in some very hot scenes with our mates this year, but never in the same scene. It was time to get two of my favourite mates in to meet each other. We picked out some shorts, jeans and boots to start the shoot in. There's some really nice shots of Eddie and Andy undressing each other and kissing along the way. Eddie grabs a hand full of Andy's perfect bottom as he goes in for another kiss. I mad sure I got plenty of nude photos here too. But I didn't want to go too far because we had a video to make as well. I'm really happy with the results of this photoshoot. I also got some great stills where they are just looking at each other between photos. I'm working on the video right now too. It will be loaded later this week. Make sure you also check out Eddie and Andy's previous videos with our other mates.
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