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Eddie fucks my cute mate Ryan hard

19 Apr, 2024
I can tell by watching my cute mate Ryan that he likes getting fucked hard as Eddie pushes down on him in this video. Both Eddie and Ryan were getting turned on as they kissed naked during the photoshoot. Before things went too far I stopped taking photos so we could make this video. If you're ever going to have you dick sucked in one of our videos, you're gonna want Eddie to do it. After seeing him take Connor's big cock some time ago I knew he's got a very deep throat. And you can tell by the look on Ryan's face that he's good at it. I wasn't sure if they were going to fuck in this video, but I'm glad they did. Ryan always looks so happy when he's getting drilled on the bed. Both Eddie and Ryan are gorgeous and I'm so happy I got them together for this shoot.
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