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Meet my new mate Lukas Schmidt

Photo shoot
16 Mar, 2020
It's time to meet our beautiful new mate Lukas Schmidt. I got an email from the 19 year old German last month inquiring about modelling on the site. We had a chat about what's involved and I wasn't sure he was going to go ahead. Lukas is straight and wasn't too sure about getting naked in the studio. Well I'm glad he did because it was a really great shoot. As well as being very attractive Lukas is a very talented photographer. I'm always nervous shooting with other photographers and this actually lad me to wrecking a series of shots from this shoot that couldn't used. But Lukas is a super easy going guy and went on to make a hot video. I'm going to get him back again soon for another. And I will post his first video later this week. Lukas is a really sweet guy and I can't wait to shoot more with him soon.
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