Behind the scenes
9 Jul, 2020

Shooting with my handsome German mate Lukas

I’m getting caught up on all the BTS videos from the summer shoots including this session with my handsome German mate Lukas Schmidt. This is the BTS footage from the first photoshoot I did with Lukas wearing a speedo in the bathroom. I’m really impressed with the shots from his shoot. We had only just met when we started taking the photos. I quickly learnt that Lukas is fairly laid back about getting naked and having his photos taken. I’m a little sad that he had to leave the country when the lock downs begun back in summer so we didn’t get to do a second shoot. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime.

Photo shoot
29 May, 2020

Our happy mate Lukas Schmidt at his first photoshoot

This is the first photoshoot I did with our new happy mate Lukas Schmidt. This speedo and nude shoot in the bathroom was the warm up shoot for Lukas on the day we met up in Melbourne. The 19 year old traveller from Germany was super keen to see how he would look in the photos given that he had never modelled before. What made this shoot even more special is that as well as being good looking, Lukas is a super nice guy. I can imagine travelling around with him would be a lot of fun. IT was a fairly bright day when we took this shots earlier this year and I’m really happy with the results. Afterwards we also went on to take more photos in the studio and make a hot video (which you can watch now). Unfortunately Lukas had to end his trip suddenly and leave Australia during recent events. I’m hoping our paths will cross again sometime. Lukas is also a very talented photographer.

Behind the scenes
22 Apr, 2020

Behind the scenes with our new straight mate Lukas Schmidt

This is the BTS video of our beautiful new Lukas Schmidt working his way through his first nude shoot in the studio. The 19 year old straight boy was travelling around Australia at the time we did this shoot. I was pretty excited to be getting to shoot with a German boy right here in Melbourne. And he turned out to be a super nice guy too. This is the footage taken from the shoot we were doing in studio with Lukas posing and stripping on the couch and bed. Later he did a little self filming in his jack off video. There is also a photoshoot in the bathroom which I will load up soon.

20 Mar, 2020

My sexy German mate Lukas in his first jack of video

My sexy German mate Lukas is so dam cute! Plus he’s a really sweet guy. After taking a ton of photos Lukas got dressed again to start of this video session. Since it was his first timed being filmed naked he was a little nervous, so for a section of this video I left the room and let Lukas film himself. He did a great job of it too! Toward the end I returned to find Lukas stroking his fat dick until he blew cum all over his t-shirt. The video cuts a few more times than I would have liked, but the result is pretty hot. I’m hoping to get Lukas back into the studio again for another shoot when he returns to Melbourne.

Photo shoot
16 Mar, 2020

Meet my new mate Lukas Schmidt

It’s time to meet our beautiful new mate Lukas Schmidt. I got an email from the 19 year old German last month inquiring about modelling on the site. We had a chat about what’s involved and I wasn’t sure he was going to go ahead. Lukas is straight and wasn’t too sure about getting naked in the studio. Well I’m glad he did because it was a really great shoot. As well as being very attractive Lukas is a very talented photographer. I’m always nervous shooting with other photographers and this actually lad me to wrecking a series of shots from this shoot that couldn’t used. But Lukas is a super easy going guy and went on to make a hot video. I’m going to get him back again soon for another. And I will post his first video later this week. Lukas is a really sweet guy and I can’t wait to shoot more with him soon.

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