11 May, 2019

Sucking off Brad Hunter down by the creek

This is the video I made with Brad down by the creek a few weeks ago during our road trip. The second place we stopped was down this dirt road which stopped at a small creek. It was the perfect place to stop and do photos. But since Brad was getting super horny we decided to make a video there too. I started by following Brad naked into the creek as he sits down in the water playing with his big cock. He looks hot playing in the natural stream. Then he heads in to the back of the car where he pushes a fleshlight down over his fat shaft and proceeds to fuck it. I think think I have seen his cock get this thick before. I can tell he’s getting super excited. Then he asks me to suck him off. So I set the cameras up to catch me wanking and sucking on his dick in the back of the car. Brad gets excited very easily so I’m careful not to get him off too quickly. But when he does start cumming it’s very quick. I can feel the hot cream spurting in my mouth before I move away to give you a good view. Brad is a huge squirter and I love getting him off. This video down by the creek is going to me one of my Brad Hunter faves.

Photo shoot
6 May, 2019

Road tripping with Brad Hunter

This summer I finally got a chance to go road tripping with our fit hung mate Brad Hunter. I knew would be fun to head out to country Victoria and take some naked roadside and bush photos. On this stop we found a small creek out near Bendigo to take a break and get some hot photos. It started with Brad climbing up onto a log and taking a piss into the creek. His cock started stiffening as I took his photos. Then over on the grass Brad gets down on to his hands and knees to show off his perfect little butt hole. I really like the spot we found and the photos of Brad naked look great! We also stopped there to make a hot video in the back of the car. I will post Brad’s new video later this week.

Behind the scenes
17 Apr, 2019

Behind the scenes at Brad’s milky kitchen shoot

While I directed Brad through his milky shoot in the kitchen I had a couple of cameras set up to record the shoot. With Brad starting wearing just an apron and underwear his strip show if quick. It’s not longer before Brad is all soapy and naked from pouring soapy water over himself. But the real fun comes as he grabs a bottle of milk to pour all over himself. Brad actually can’t stand the taste of milk, but it looks great running down his long lean body and fat dick. We end up with Brad on all fours on the floor pouring milk down between his butt cheeks. The photos look great, but this BTS video is really fun to watch. Brad was such a good sport to do this shoot.

Photo shoot
27 Mar, 2019

Milky boy Brad Hunter is getting naked in the kitchen

My hot mate Brad Hunter is getting naked and milky in the kitchen. This is a fun shoot I did with Brad recently between video sessions. Brad starts out cleaning up my kitchen before making a big mess pouring milk all over his naked body. Brad’s big cock looks impressive as milk flows down his smooth torso and down that fat uncut dick. We finish up with Brad down on his knees pouring milk down his back and down his bum. The shots from our kitchen session look great! It is a part of a series of extra shoots I am doing with Brad during the Australian summer.

Behind the scenes
22 Mar, 2019

Shooting with horny naked Brad Hunter in the studio

In this video footage you can follow me around the studio as I shoot with our horny naked mate Brad Hunter. The slim hung Brad became very popular last summer when he first appeared naked on my roof. We have since done several fun shoots with Brad stripping and showing off his big dick and tight little bottom. In this BTS video I have also included some nice footage of Brad filming himself before I return to fuck him on the bed. When I watched it back I can see why Brad is so popular. We are planning more shoots before this summer is over.

16 Feb, 2019

Getting Brad Hunter off

Getting Brad Hunter off is my favourite new pastime. I have never met anyone who’s as horny for making porn as Brad Hunter is. The photoshoots with Brad are always a huge turn on for me. But the videos are always a lot of fun too. I like Brad’s new video mostly because I love watching him film himself play with that big cock. Brad actually starts this scene alone when I am out of the room. When I get back to the studio I find him fully naked push his cock into a lubed up flesh light. So I pushed him back on to the couch and start working on his cock myself. I can barely get much of that fat cock in my mouth as I start gagging on it. Then Brad jumps up on the bed and hands me a condom as he bends over. So I lube up my own cock and shove it in. Brad loves getting fucked so I give him some slow strokes to warm him up. His cock gets rock hard whenever I’m inside him. I love pushing my cock into his tight pink hole. Just thinking about it gets me hard again.

Photo shoot
10 Feb, 2019

Brad Hunter is back this week showing off his horse cock

Our cute mate Brad Hunter is back this week to celebrate his first year anniversary of stripping naked and showing off that horse cock with Ben. The year has gone so quick since I first met 20 year old Aussie boy Brad. I’ve had a load of requests from people to get him back from more shoots. And since he loves to show off, and I love shooting with him, here is Brad having some more fun with me in the studio. Those track pants come off pretty quickly as Brad bends over the stool to show off his exposed bum and tight little hole. But it’s that big horse dick that grabs the eye when you flick through his photos. Brad has made a very special video for you this week. I will load it up later this week. I’m really happy to had our cute mate back with us this summer.

Behind the scenes
23 Nov, 2018

Our cute mate Brad is playing with his big cock in the hot tub

Now you can watch me taking my cute mate Brad’s photos as he slips out of his speedo in the hot tub. Brad became popular quickly last summer when the 20 y/o turned up on the site swinging his big dick. I invited him around again just before we broke for winter for a photo session and video in the hot tub. I am taking a load of photos from different angles as Brad shows off his bum first, and then turns around to reveal that huge cock. He fills up the fleshlight with hot water from the tub and pushes his cock deep inside force all the water out. I got some great natural light shots from Brad as he got in to different positions in the tub. The video we made after this in the tub, and on the bed is already loaded up. Brad is smoking hot. I can see what I get so many requests to get him back.

4 Nov, 2018

Getting off my horny mate Brad Hunter

Our hot mate Brad Hunter has become very popular on the site this year and I love getting him off in his videos. After making some very hot photos in the hot tub, Brad also starts his video in the hot water. He pulls out his fat dick and squeezes it in to a rubber fuck toy. He cock gets even bigger as he rams it in. But it’s after he dries off and jumps on the bed that things get a lot more fun. I set up the cameras by the bed and pull out my own cock for Brad to suck on. One of the things I love doing with Brad his licking his tight little hole and tongue fucking him. He wriths around on my face as I push in deeper. We get into a 69 position so I can take care of Brad’s hole while he sucks my dick. It’s not long before Brad loses control and splashes cum everywhere. What a great new video from our hot hung mate.

Photo shoot
28 Oct, 2018

Our cute mate Brad Hunter playing in the spa tub

Here is a fun shoot with our cute mate Brad Hunter in the spa tub. I’ve been having a lot of fun shoots with Brad after we met earlier this year. The 20 year old from the suburbs of Melbourne is enjoying doing the shoots and making some hot porn videos. Brad is super fit and super hung. I can see why he is so popular. In this shoot Brad is showing off in a pink speedo before showing showing of his bum and big dick. He also tries out filling up a fleshlight with hot water and then pushing his cock deep into it. There’s some great photos of Brad playing with his big dick in the hot water here. I’m also editing the video we made when this photoshoot finished. It’s great having Brad back doing more hot shoot.

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