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A surprise load of cum from Brad Hunter

7 Jun, 2024
I love seeing my hot mate Brad squirting a big load in his videos. But this time I was much closer to it than I expected. After making some hot photos I got Brad to strip one more time while I filmed him. His huge cock was getting massive as he lubed it up to fuck a fleshlight. About half way through the video I set the camera up on a tripod so I could suck on his dick. I can actually feel it throbbing in my mouth. Over on the couch I started licking his hole making him even more excited. But it was when I layed beneath him so he could fuck my mouth that I got a big surprise. Before I knew it I could feel hot cum spraying against the back of my mouth. Normally I can tell when someone is about to cum, but I wasn't ready for that.
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