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Shooting our cheeky new mates James with Beau Jackson

Behind the scenes
21 Mar, 2024
Our cheeky new mate James is so much fun to shoot with. When I took his photos last year I wanted to get him back again right away to pair up with our mates. The first volunteer was Beau Jackson. I couldn't wait to see our huge mate pounding James' perky little bottom. But first I wanted to get some photos of them stripping each other naked. This is one of my favourite pair ups from summer. From the moment we all met the boys were pretty chilled with each other. They helped each other pick out some clothes for the shoot before heading into the studio. I learnt from this photoshoot that James can deep throat really well and loves having Beau push his cock up between his bum cheeks. I could have taken a lot more photos here, but we needed to get onto making the video. The results of this photoshoot look great. The results from James' first photoshoot were stunning too. I'm looking forward to getting him over again this year.
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