Photo shoot
25 Jul, 2016

My new horny mate Andre Johnson in his first solo photoshoot

Mostly new guys would do a solo shoot before getting in to a scene with my other mates. But Andre was kinda different. This sexy Hungarian ended up doing his first scene with the beautiful Dave Circus. When I saw him in action I really wanted to get him back modelling solo with me. So a few days later Andre was back in my hotel room. He was a little tired from celebrating NYE in the city, but still looked pretty dam hot. I got Andre posing, flexing and stripping in my big hotel windows. This guy has got a serious rocking bod. I really like his cute smile too. He was already getting hard as he pulled his dick out to show me. After making some very hot photos we headed in to the bedroom to make a video. Make sure you also check out the video where Andre is helping Dave get off.

24 Jul, 2016

Jacking with my hung mate Chris Bass

Chris puts on a very hot show in his first scene back in the studio. He jumps up on the bed and starts playing with that big cock in his undies. It’s a pleasure to film Chris as he reaches for the fleshlight and starts lubing himself up. He has picked out the “mouth” fleshlight and starts pushing his thick cock deep in side it. I can tell that he’s having fun with it as he keeps changing the pace in which he fucks the toy. I get him to move around on the bed to make sure I get footage of him stroking from every angle. And it’s not long before he’s laying back blowing cum across his furry belly. I’m very excited getting Chris back in front of the camera. He’s very keen to do more scenes with our mates and some outdoor fun when summer comes around again.

Behind the scenes
22 Jul, 2016

Posing naked in the bathroom windows – Reece Anderson

While our regular mate Reece Anderson is pretty dam hot in his scenes with Cody James, I like working with him in solo scenes as well. Since he hadn’t been in a scene alone yet, I invited Reece around for this shoot in my bathroom. The sun was streaming in the big windows across his naked body. It really made his shots look amazing. This is the BTS video of Reece’s photoshoot in the bathroom, so you get to catch the spunk chatting with me as he strips off and starts showing off that perfect little bum. I got him to strip out of the speedo and get soaped up in the shower. The shots look great and Reece is really awesome to work with. I can’t wait to schedule another scene with him.

Behind the scenes
20 Jul, 2016

Damien’s first outdoor shoot – BTS Video

Watching this video with my sexy mate Damien getting naked out in the roof makes me miss summer. For several months of each year the roof top becomes my outdoor inner city studio. This was also Damien’s first ever shoot. So he was kinda thrown in at the deep end when I suggested we take his first nude photos up on the roof. But he was a great sport and had a lot of fun showing off up there. This footage is taken from the video camera I had set up while I was directing Damien through his photo shoot. The shots look amazing! Damien has also been back since then for another solo shoot, and more recently his first action scene with one of my other mates. Damien is quickly becoming one of our regular sexy mates appearing on the site. I am looking forward to shooting a lot more with him.

Photo shoot
18 Jul, 2016

Chris Bass is back and looking ripped!

I’m really excited to be getting to shoot with the incredibly sexy Chris Bass. It was Zac who had the pleasure of shooting with Chris 2 years ago in Melbourne. And since then I was hoping he would come back and model for me. Last week Chris came around and braved the mid winter day day to strip off in my studio. And as I suspected, Chris is a super nice guy! It’s one of the most fun solo shoots I’ve ever done. As well as rocking a muscly bod and a killer smile, Chris is really sweet and really funny. The shoot probably went a bit longer than usual, mostly because I was having so much fun with him. Chris looks awesome and the shots look amazing! I’m hoping this will be the start of a load of new shoots starring our beautiful mate. I will edit and post Chris’s video later this week.

16 Jul, 2016

Jack Van Duin’s first video – Fleshlight Fucking and Jack Off

20 year old Jack completely surprised me in this video as he started his first solo video scene. He was a bit apprehensive during the photoshoot about what to do. But he needed no direction at all once I started filming. This crazy beautiful Dutch guy instantly started playing up to the camera, teasing as he slowly stripped down to his pink undies. I can tell that he’s having fun doing this and there’s no rush to finish. Eventually Jack makes his way over to the bed where he lubes up one of the rubber fuck toys and glides his cock deep in to it. The he returns to the couch where he wedges the toy between the cushions so he can do some handsfree fucking. I can tell from his rhythm that he’s getting close to cumming. Then he turns to me and asks “can I cum now”? And squirts a nice load of cum up on his belly. It’s one of most beautiful and hottest solo scenes I’ve had the pleasure to record. I’m feeling very honoured to have had the chance to shoot Jack’s very first porn video. I am hoping he will do a lot more.

Behind the scenes
15 Jul, 2016

Valentin’s first photoshoot – BTS Video

I think Val is one of the cutest guys I have gotten to shoot with me so far this year. This video footage is taken from the video cameras set up on the roof and in the stairwell to capture me directing Val through his first photoshoot. We started in the stairwell and then ventured out on the roof to see my cute French mate get totally naked. But it was the photos of his bum in that jockstrap that was causing all the fuss when I posted his photos last month. Val is an incredibly sweet guy and I love shooting scenes with him. I’m hoping to do a lot more shoots with him this year. Make sure you also check out his solo scenes and his shoot where he bottoms for Cody James.

Behind the scenes
13 Jul, 2016

Shooting with my hugely hung mate Sergio Duque

This is the video I made of me shooting with the sexy Spaniard Sergio in Berlin. This is the first time I saw Sergio naked as I was taking his photos in the bathtub. The skinny 21 year old was slowly pulling down his speedo when I saw this huge cock through the camera lens. It kinda surprised me. Sergio is HUGE! He’s a really sweet guy too. We ended up having sex in his video scene. I could only get less than half that long cock in my mouth. He was so turned on during the photoshoot that he came pretty quickly in his video scene as I wanked him off on the bed. I really hope I get to shoot with Sergio again. This was a really fun and horny shoot.

Photo shoot
11 Jul, 2016

Meet my beautiful new blond mate Jack Van Duin

I’m excited to introduce one of the cutest guys I ever shot with on this site. I met this gorgeous European guy here in Melbourne just a couple of weeks ago. 20 year old Jack Van Duin has been travelling around Australia visiting some of the most remote corners of the country. I have never met anyone so excited about their travels around Australia. Jack told me he’d had some of the most fun times driving around Australia in an old car with his mates, and sometime naked. I was really happy to meet Jack before he left the country to travel home. He’s a really sweet with the most beautiful eyes and smile. I can tell that he would have made a lot of mates in Australia with his easy going, laid back and positive nature. I discovered that running Australia has also given him a great tan as he started stripping out of his jeans and pink undies. I had a lot of fun shooting with Jack and I’m looking forward to editing the video he made this week.

9 Jul, 2016

Muscle mates Romain and James first hook up

I knew this was going to be a hot video when I introduced Romain to James a few weeks ago in Melbourne. The guys were a little awkward together at first but by the time we finished the shoot Romain was ready to rip off James’ clothes and roll around with the muscle stud on the bed. There’s a lot of wrestling, kissing and cock sucking in this video. Just two very horny men getting each other off. This is the first duo scene for both Romain and James. It’s a perfect match up between my French and Aussie mates. After seeing them in action here I can’t wait to get them in to a lot more honey scenes. Make sure you watch right to the end to see James get a chest full of cum.

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