22 Oct, 2017

Stroking my hot mate Reece while he is watching porn

After his very sexy shirt and tie photoshoot in my bedroom Reece and I got busy making a new video. In his new video Reece starts out watching porn on the bed. He pulls out his cock as he watches guys having sex on the TV. To make this video a bit more fun I get Reece to shuffle his bum over to the edge of his bed where I tear open his undies to get easy access to his cock and bum. Reece is one of my super fit mates and has got the most beautiful bum and legs. I have his cock out between his legs and start stroking it from behind. Reece is loving the attention as he keeps watching the porn. I really want him to blow in this position so I increase my stroking speed. I also stroke him a little with a Fleshlight to give him even more pleasure. But it’s not long before Reece starts arching his back as he gets closer to blowing his load. This was a really fun shoot with Reece. I’m looking forward to shooting more scenes with him this summer.

Behind the scenes
20 Oct, 2017

Photographing my straight mate David in the bathroom

This is the video footage I took from my shoot with my very sexy straight mate David Sweet in Budapest. David and I have been mates for a few years now. He’s one of many straight guys making porn with some of the big studios. He’s one of the nicest guys I have met while travelling around shooting with guys. I hadn’t seen him for over a year and now he’s looking really pumped! David was always really fit, but now he looks much more manly with his big arms and chest. This BTS footage is taken from the Go pro hooked to the bathroom mirror while I shoot David stripping out of a speedo. The photos from this set turned out great too. This is David’s 4th shoot with me.

Behind the scenes
18 Oct, 2017

Behind the scenes with our sexy mate Dylan Anderson

There have been loads of new guys getting naked in the studio this year. I almost forgot to post this BTS of the very sexy Dylan Anderson working his way through his first strip show shoot. I could tell right away that the fit Aussie is going to have fun shooting scenes with us. Today was really Dylan audition shoot. And he past with flying colours. He looks very hot with his bum out on the massage table in this video. Now that we have returned from the winter shoot break I am excited about getting Dylan back for more scenes. I the meantime you can check also out the photos and video we made just before the break.

Photo shoot
17 Oct, 2017

It’s Super Reece! A new strip show from my cute 20 year old mate

My hot mate Reece is back this week doing a little strip show in my bedroom. 20 year old Reece started doing shoots 2 years ago when we met in Melbourne. He is super fit and is one of the most fun guys to get in to the studio with. I love all his scenes with Cody, Caleb and Val. But today Reece is doing a simple solo set in my bedroom. Dressed in a shirt and tie Reece begins a slow teasing strip show. I love Reece’s thick curly hair in this set. I had no idea he had such curly hair until he grew it out. As he strips we get a peek of that beautiful little round bum. Afterwards we made a really hot video where I jerk him off. I will post the video later this week. I can’t wait to get Reece in for his next shoot.

15 Oct, 2017

Getting my horny mate Toby off in my Sydney hotel

Well things were bound to go this way after Toby got naked and started showing off his perfect bum in his photo shoot. It turns out that the 23 year old country boy loves having his bum played with. Toby’s video starts out solo with me filming my cute new mate getting naked and playing with his cock on the bed. I couldn’t resist playing with his bum after he started showing it off on all fours. Then I set the video camera up on the trip so I could really get in there and give him a good tongue fucking. I love the feeling of Toby squirming on my face while my tongue continues to go deeper. After lots more fingering and licking I got Toby to sit on my face while he jacked off. Make sure you watch this video till the end to see the huge load of cum that Toby pumps out all over me. He really surprised me in this video.

Photo shoot
13 Oct, 2017

Austin Brooks is doing his first solo nude modelling session in the studio

You might remember these guys who came to visit Melbourne a couple of months ago. I thought that mates Chase Adams and Austin Brooks were adorable. They did a nude photoshoot and made one very hot sex video. But before we did that shoot, the really cute Austin did a photoshoot of his own. These are the photos I took of Austin. Dressed in just some pink jocks, socks and a t-shirt Austin headed in to the studio with me and Chase. Chase was kept busy making a BTS video while I snapped the photos. Firstly you will notice that Austin is pretty dam cute. And he was very keen to show off in his first modelling shoot. I really like this photoset. Especially the shots of Austin perfect round bum. There are a lot of cheeky photos here. I’m glad we took the time to make this extra photoset and I’m looking forward to shooting with the guys again this summer. Chase and Austin come from country NSW. They were a bit shy at first, but soon warmed up to getting naked and having their photos taken. One of the best things about shooting in Australia is meeting beautiful guys like Chase and Austin. I will also post the BTS video from this shoot soon.

Behind the scenes
11 Oct, 2017

Watch Sam’s bathroom shoot in this BTS video

How hot is my mate Sam! Since last summer I have been doing shoots with Sam Sivahn. I’m really glad his mate Jesse dragged him along for a shoot. He has quickly become one of my favourite mates to shoot with. In this BTS video Sam is posing for me in a stripy nylon speedo before getting naked in the hot shower. Sam is super fit so he looks perfect in that little speedo. This was one of the extra gallery shoots I did with Sam this year. His photos always look great. And just so you can jump in on he fun, this video footage is taken from the video cameras in the bathroom while Sam was getting naked. I’m looking forward to getting my hot mate back for more shoots very soon. Make sure you also check out his latest videos with Sam and Jesse.

Photo shoot
9 Oct, 2017

Check out my cute new mate Toby Danzer in Sydney

While I was working in Sydney recently I had a few free days to check out the city and check out some guys. I was lucky that my visit coincided with 23 year old Toby Danzer. Toby was visiting from the country and was excited about coming around for a shoot. I had a pretty amazing room with views across Sydney Harbour. So I couldn’t wait to get a model to shoot in front of some of Australia’s iconic buildings. Toby is a pretty dam cute and also a bit of a nerd like myself. Even though he was coming down with a cold, Toby still came around and put on a hot show. First we started with this photoshoot around the room. I was taking loads of photos of Toby on the bench seat in the window, and then more on the bed. Toby has got one stunning round big round bum! I love the sun shining across his hairy cheeks from the window. I had also just bought some footy shorts so I got Toby to try some of them on. Some of my photos are of guys with their cock peeking out of the bottom of their shorts. Toby’s already stiffening cock was perfect for the job. I really like Toby. We ended up having fun together in his video scene. I will post Toby’s first video also later this week. In the meantime you can enjoy Toby’s first nude photoshoot.

8 Oct, 2017

Russian porn star Cris Knight is jacking off in my hotel

What a bonus getting to shoot with two porn stars in the one day! Well that’s what happened when I met Seth Knight and his husband Cris. Cris is the hot Russian appearing in his first video here today. Seth and I had already put Cris through his first nude photoshoot, and now it was time for Cris to get off. I circled the bed with the video camera while Cris got naked one more time and started lubing up and jacking his fat cock. I could tell that Cris likes to bottom so I held his legs up high during the video so we can get a peek at that very nice bum. I really liked shooting with Cris and I am hoping our next shoot will involve him getting fucked. I will also post the BTS videos I made with Seth and Cris in the New York hotel room very soon.

Behind the scenes
7 Oct, 2017

My cute blond mate Jeremy in his first nude shoot

This has gotta be one of the most fun shoots I’ve had this year. And it’s 22 year old Jeremy Coen’s first shoot! I could tell that I was taking way too many photos of Jeremy and his gorgeous little bum. But I figured I should get a lot of this stunning blond boy and then choose the absolute best for a gallery. Jeremy was a little shy at first. But he soon warmed up to doing a hot strip show while I took his photos. You will see an incredible moment here where Jeremy shows me how he can foo the splits on the floor. Of course then we went on to make that incredibly hot video together. This is BTS video footage taken from Jeremy’s photoshoot in the studio. You will see how much of a sweet guy Jeremy is. I can’t wait to do more shoots with him.

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