Behind the scenes
23 Nov, 2017

Brazilian hottie Alan Reis in his first nude shoot

This is the BTS video from my shoot with Brazilian hottie Alan Reis in Berlin. Things didn’t go the way I had planned them too, but it ended up being way more fun that what I had planned. Alan was quite a bit nervous since it was his first shoot. And I suspected he wasn’t going to make it through his video scene. So I jumped in to help him get hard in the photoshoot, and then helped him along in the video by sucking on his extra large cock. There were a few communication problems between us that you can see in this video. But the shoot still worked out great! I was really happy with the results of the photos and videos. And I loved having Alan’s hot bum grinding on my face. What a hot shoot this turned out to be.

Behind the scenes
22 Nov, 2017

Austin Brooks BTS video shot by his mate Chase

It’s great when I get the other guys shooting the BTS video footage of the photoshoots. This video is shot by Austin Brooks mate Chase. I had only just met the guys when I suggested we get some shots of Austin getting naked and Chase make a video of it. Austin was totally up for it. He’s such a cute guy. He was a little nervous at first, but had fun posing and showing off that perfect round bum. I liked the pink colours he chose to wear for the shoot. He grows a nice big erection toward the end of this shoot too as I take a load of photos from the floor. This was a good foreplay shoot in the lead up to his sex scene with Chase. And thanks Chase for this great video!

Photo shoot
21 Nov, 2017

My handsome hung mate James Nowak is back in the studio

I’m really excited this month to see the return of the very handsome hung James Nowak after a long break from doing shoots this year. James is one of my favourite straight mates who joined us last year. You will probably remember those hot scenes he did with Romain and Matias as well as that hot tub shoot. James has become well known for his handsome rugged looks, his muscly body, and that extra large cock that’s always pointing to the ceiling. I really wanted to catch up with James again before we start in to the summer season of shooting, so I got him around for a basic shoot in the studio. Well James is looking hot! He’s always happy to get his gear off and pose for the camera. I would be showing off too if I had those muscles and looks. I’m always looking for new things for James to do. And today I had him ripping his way out of a tight t-shirt leaving him wearing just a red jockstrap. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of James in action this summer. In the meantime you can check out all of his videos going back through last year.

19 Nov, 2017

Copping a cum facial from my horny mate Kell Fuller

This is Kell Fuller’s second video shoot with me. We start off with my hot mate stripping naked on the couch and playing with his long uncut cock. Kell was already turned on while I was taking his photos, so now he’s ready to get off. Then I got Kell to sit on top of me on the bed where I can get his cock in my mouth. His foreskin is so tasty as he pushes his cock into my throat. I love licking his hairy balls too. And then it’s not long before Kell starts moaning and squirts out a very thick load of cum across my face. This has gotta be the most perfect way to end our hot shoot together. My hot Russian mate was so much fun during this shoot. I can’t wait until we can make some more horny scenes.

Photo shoot
18 Nov, 2017

My big mate Marti Trifon is soaping up his muscles in the shower

There are some amazing big straight boys stripping down this year. These guys really take pride in their bodies and the hard work they do in the gym. Meeting 21 year old Marti Trifon in Berlin was one of the highlights for this year. He is such a nice guy! During my stay there I got spend some time with Marti doing photo and video shoots. On this day I had Marti wearing just some swimmers in the bathroom while I grabbed a whole load of photos. Then moving back in the shower Marti soaps up those amazing thick abs before getting naked. Right away I notice that Marti has got a nice big bum, and quite a thick cock. Then I got him to stand over me with the big dick dangling so I can grab some nice up shots. Marti really looks amazing, but tells me he’s normally bigger than this. He did a great job making his first jack off video, I’m looking forward to creating more great scenes with him next year.

Behind the scenes
15 Nov, 2017

Behind the scenes with Reece Anderson in my bedroom

This is the BTS video from my latest photoshoot with Reece Anderson getting naked in my bedroom. What a fun shoot this was with Reece stripping out of his uniform while I take loads of photos. I’ve done loads of shoots with Reece. He’s super fit and loves playing u in front of the camera. But this is the first shoot where I wank him off in the video scene after getting several requests from members. Reece is one of most requested co-stars amongst our mates. I’m looking forward to having him back in new scenes with the guys over this summer. In the meantime you can check out all his videos. My favourites are those videos he did with Cody James and Val Defarge.

Photo shoot
13 Nov, 2017

My beautiful mate Kell Fuller is back for a hot nude shoot

One of the most beautiful guys that I got to meet this year is 19 year old Kell Fuller from Russia. I met this extraordinary boy while I was visiting Berlin earlier in the year. We had already met for a night shoot in the apartment, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the quality of the shoot under poor lighting. So I had one more chance to shoot with Kell before he flew home. Wearing some tight blue track pants over a red jockstrap, I was much happier with this new hot nude shoot. Kell is really beautiful and loves playing in front of the camera. The shots of Kell showing off his bum on the couch are pretty amazing. And his uncut dick needs no prompting to reach full erection. This is one of the photoshoots this year where I am really proud of the results. I like Kell a lot and I really hope we get to do more shoots in the future. He makes a great addition to our group of beautiful horny mates.

Behind the scenes
12 Nov, 2017

American hottie Jake Wilson stripping naked in the studio

This is the behind the scenes video taken from the Go Pros in the studio when I met up with American hottie Jake Wilson. I met Jake earlier this year when he was travelling through Melbourne. I could tell that he was apprehensive about doing this shoot. But I’m really glad he did it because the results look great! This video was taken during his photoshoot so you can watch him slowly stripping naked, showing off his bum, and then wanking his cock hard on the couch. I posted his photos and jack off video a few weeks ago, which were very popular. I’m not sure where in the world Jake is now, but I’d love to shoot with him again sometime.

11 Nov, 2017

Jacking off in the studio with our sexy mate Hunter Jones

My sexy mate Hunter is back this week stripping naked and jacking off in the studio. He was very popular when he last appeared on the site late last year stripping off and wanking in the hot tub. So I was really happy to hear that he was back and coming around for a new shoot. He’s a lot of fun to shoot with, and he’s really hot. We had just finished taking a load of photos from clothed to naked, so I got Hunter to get dressed one more time for the video. And with some porn on the TV our hunky mate begins stripping again. His focus is on the porn and getting his fat cock out. Hunter prefers to use his hand with no lube or toys. I get him to move in to some different positions so I can capture him jacking from every angle. I can tell when he’s close to blowing because the muscles in his chest and shoulders grow massive. And then with a few heaves my hot mate his squirting cum across the bed. And the thumbs up and big smile is a sign of how happy he is with another hot shoot wrapped up.

Photo shoot
9 Nov, 2017

My mate Justin Evans is getting all soapy in the kitchen

What a hot soapy shoot this was with my twink mate Justin Evans. We were having a lot of fun making loads of shoots when we met up in Berlin. And after I thought I had shot with him everywhere, I suggested we do a “wet” shoot in the kitchen. Justin thought it was funny to be starting the shoot wearing just a kitchen apron and some undies. I got him started washing up some dishes in the hot soapy water while I snapped some photos. But soon I started getting him to dump some of the frothy hot water over himself, drenching himself and the kitchen floor. The shots look good, but I want to get some better angles. So Justin jumped up on to the table so I can get some low down shots of him showing off his hole and balls between his legs. This is such a hot pose. I put more soapy hot water across his bum to really make it shine. And then we finished off with Justin stroking his big cock hard for me. I gotta say that it was really nice getting full naked shots of Justin without any gear on. And even though it was quite dull light on that day in Berlin, the shots still turned out great! And Justin is such a good sport doing all these different shoots with me.

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