Behind the scenes
7 Dec, 2016

Behind the scenes at that shoot with my beautiful mate Ben Hart

I never really know what’s going to happen with every guy I meet to do a shoot with. And this was particularly the case when I met the beautiful Aussie boy Ben Hart a couple of months ago. I had seen pics of Ben before we met and thought he was pretty cute. But when he turned up at my place, I realised that he was much more beautiful than I expected. And he was wearing these tight pants that made his bum really stand out. I quickly got in dressed in some sporty gear for the shoot. It was the middle of winter so he started in a track suit as I started the shoot. The photoshoot went really well. Ben is a really sweet guy. I learnt a lot talking to him during this shoot. It was in the video scene however that his solo ended up turning in to a duo fuck scene after Ben pulled my cock out on the bed. I really really like licking his bum and then fucking him until he blew on the sheets. It was an incredibly hot way to finish his first shoot. This video and photoshoot has been really popular. I’m hoping we’ll be making some more hot scenes with Ben this summer.

Photo shoot
5 Dec, 2016

It’s summer and Valentin Defarge is back!

I’m pretty excited to have my French mate Val back modelling for me again. I met the 23 year old last summer here in Melbourne. And after taking a break over winter, and Val doing some travelling, I lost touch with him for a little while. But now I’m excited to say that he’s back, and he’s looking super fit! I got him back around for this quick solo shoot so we could catch up and make a hot new video to share on the site. He looks pretty dam cute in the super hero t-shirt, and pretty dam hot as he strips out of it. Val is one of the nicest guys I have gotten to shoot with. He gets along really well with all the guys, and loves putting on a hot show. We are already planning a bunch of scenes with Val and my other mates all through this summer. I’m going to be keeping him very busy! In the meantime you can also see those hot videos he made earlier this year with Cody and Damien.

4 Dec, 2016

Jacking off my mate Ryan

Today I’m trying out the new VR goggles with Ryan Kai for the first time. It’s also the first time for my straight mate getting jerked off by another guy. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. But it worked perfectly. With Ryan busy watching some porn in the goggles, I got to work on his erection with some toys and lube. I already knew he liked fucking the fleshlights. So I put some lube on his dick and then teased him for a while with the end of the fleshlight before pushing it all the way down his shaft. I gave him one long handsfree fleshlight fucking session. I knew this wasn’t going to make him blow. So then I started wanking him myself. Ryan has got an awesome big dick for wanking. It was when I grabbed it with both hands and started pumping that Ryan began to moan and then began pumping out a lot of cum everywhere. And check out that big grin when he’s finished. This is gonna be my new favourite Ryan video.

Behind the scenes
2 Dec, 2016

Behind the scenes with the very sexy Vino Rainz in New Zealand

I had such a fun time in New Zealand hanging out with the very sexy Vino Rainz. I didn’t have many plans for my stay there. But I did hope to meet some beautiful guys. Vino was really shy at first when we met in my hotel lobby. I quickly took him up to my room for this shoot. The room was huge! And it had a nice outdoor terrace. In between rain showers I made sure I got a few nude shots of my new cute mate out there. This guy is really adorable. We had fun taking these photos an then making one very hot video. I’m tempted to go there and see him again.

Behind the scenes
30 Nov, 2016

Cody’s hook up shoot with hung daddy Romain Deville

One of the hottest shoots this year was when Cody bottomed for the first time with hung daddy Romain Deville. Seeing Romain push Cody down on the bed and push his dick deep inside my mate was crazy to see. And Cody loved it! It wasn’t long before he was blowing a load of cum everywhere. This is the behind the scenes video taken during the guys photoshoot. They were stripping each other naked, kissing and sucking on Romain’s daddy dick during the shoot. It’s really a fun shoot. I’m putting this shoot on my “must do again” list. Both Romain and Cody have now done a bunch of videos, both solo and with our other mates. All of their videos are now loaded.

Photo shoot
28 Nov, 2016

Workout with my cute mate Ryan

My cute 21 year old straight mate Ryan Kai is back giving us some of his workout tips in this hot photoshoot. Ryan has become an instant favourite with members and our mates this year. He has done a bunch of horny scenes. I like shooting with him because he has a big cock for a little guy, and it’s mostly rock hard. I had a lot of fun taking these shots of Ryan giving me a little workout scene in his jocks, and then again naked. It’s also the first time he has tried on a jockstrap. Now the last few photos in this set will give you a bit of a hint to what happened next.

26 Nov, 2016

Sarpa is playing with all the toys in this hot jacking video

My hot mate Sarpa Van Rider is back giving me one hot show with all these different toys. We had been doing lots of photos for the past couple of hours, so by the time we were ready to make a video, Sarpa was really ready to get off. I showed him the new toy drawer and he went wild grabbing the biggest dildo he could find. These also a great handsfree fleshlight fucking show on the couch. I can tell he is enjoying playing with the toys, and eventually jacking himself off. It’s gotta be one of Sarpa’s hottest videos so far. I was turned on like crazy watching this hot show.

Photo shoot
25 Nov, 2016

Slipping out of his speedos in the hot tub – My straight mate Hunter Jones

In his most recent shoot with me, my sexy mate Hunter slipped in to a pair of speedos and jumped in to the hot tub for this quick photoshoot. Hunter is not shy at all as he posed in the windows with a couple of neighbours looking on from their balcony over the road. I got loads of photos of him stripping out of the speedo and relaxing naked in the tub. Then I gt him to stand up and stroke his cock hard. Hunter is a pretty big guy and he almost fills all the space in that tub. My favourite shots are those where you have see water dripping from his balls as his cock stands to attention. It’s a really nice shoot to end our day together over at the hotel. I will also post Hunter’s BTS videos very soon.

Behind the scenes
24 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes with our straight mate Benjamin Bosco

Without a doubt one of the sexiest fit guys I’ve met this year is Benjamin. This 24 year old loves showing off on camera. This is the second shoot I have done with him in Melbourne. Today he’s posing naked at a nearby hotel while I take loads of photos. I think Benjamin has a killer smile and an amazing fit body. I like shooting with him a lot. He eventually gets stripped right down in this shoot until he’s wearing nothing but socks and a pair of sneakers. I left the video cameras running during his photoshoot so you can hear that sexy accent. I’m a big sucker for South American guys, and Benjamin is a total babe. I must get him back for more scenes this summer.

Behind the scenes
23 Nov, 2016

My beautiful mate Damien showing off naked at the hotel

When I met 24 year old Damien earlier this year I knew right away we were going to hit it off. He’s a really lovely guy who had just moved to the big city. He has a lot of energy and was very excited about making porn with me. I got him over to do several shoots with my mates, as well as a few solo shoots with me, like this one. As well as being beautiful Damien is incredibly fit and sports a very big fat cock. You can see me jacking him off when we finished this photoshoot. Damien has left the city again now, but I’m hoping to get him back again soon for more shoots. In the meantime you can check out all of his videos now loaded in the member area.

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