Photo shoot
27 Feb, 2017

Meet my handsome new mate Christiano Szucs

During my Europe vacation in Hungary I met this very handsome guys called Christiano. He is a straight 22 year old living in Budapest. He had heard that I was looking for a model in Budapest and sent me a message. When I saw his pics I knew I wanted to meet him and get some shots of him naked. I found that Christiano is very fit and very good looking in real life. He also had fun posing for me. We met back at my hotel and quickly got down to the business of posing and stripping. I got some beautiful photos of my new mate both in clothes and as he slowly got naked. My favourite photos from Christiano’s photoshoot is those up on the edge of the window. The temperature in Budapest was well below zero, so I was really happy to find guys like Christiano still willing to come out and get naked for me. I’m looking forward to editing his video this week. I love watching my new mate work his thick veiny cock.

26 Feb, 2017

My hung mate James loves grinding his fuck toy

After his workout photoshoot my sexy mate James is getting down and dirty with a rubber fuck toy in his new video in the studio. We had been doing nude photos on the roof, and again in the studio. So by this time James was really ready to get off. As he lays on the bed he is watching a girl getting hammered in some porn on the TV. He reaches over and lubes up a fleshlight before pushing his fat cock deep inside it. He even goes handsfree for a little while as he thrusts into it on the mattress. I like watching James beat off as all his muscles in his chest and shoulders pump up to a huge size. And check out that big smile when he’s finished dumping a load of cum. It’s another sweet video from our muscly mate. I’m looking forward to getting James back in to some more action with our mates soon.

Behind the scenes
25 Feb, 2017

Naked on the roof – Sam’s first photoshoot

This is the video taken from the rooftop cameras during Sam Sivahn’s very first shoot. He had just finished watching me take Jesse’s first photos on the roof, so he knew what was about to happen. He was still nervous about getting naked outside. Hesse and I were teasing him about being nervous. Sam is such a cute guy. I’m really glad he decided to give it a go. Apart from being really fit, he’s also got a great smile. I kept his shoot on the roof fairly short since he was nervous about it, and finished his photos in the studio. Sam has already done his second shoot with Jesse, and will be back in a new scene very soon.

Behind the scenes
22 Feb, 2017

Behind the scenes at Jesse Carter’s first shoot

The first shoot with Jesse and his mate Sam out on the roof was a lot of fun. Much of this BTS footage was shot by Sam who was waiting his turn to get nude on the roof. Jesse was wearing some sports kit and started stripping down on the roof. He had the “first shoot” nerves on the day, and Sam gladly stepped in to get his dick up as he leant back against the wall. Jesse was enjoying all the attention he was getting. Afterwards we headed back to the studio where we made that great massage and jack off video with the guys. It turned in to one very hot day of shooting. I like these guys a lot and soon I’ll be shooting new scenes with them.

Photo shoot
20 Feb, 2017

My huge hung mate James is back working out and stripping naked

I’m really happy to catch up with my James again this summer. The hot muscly Aussie had taken a bit of time out to take care of an injury. He tells me that he’s not in great condition now, but I think he looks great! James is still a very big boy. In this shoot he is doing a small workout with some light weights while I take photos around him. Wearing just a pair of white undies, t-shirt and socks, James looks great as he flexes. Eventually he gets fully naked and his huge cock is already starting to lower itself toward the floor. James is one of my “larger” mates in the cock department. He works it to full erection as I takes his photos from the floor. It’s great to see James back modelling again. He is looking very fit. I’m sure he will be around for another shoot very soon. I will also post his new video later this week.

19 Feb, 2017

Kell Fuller’s first video – It’s a very hot fleshlight fucking session

With the photoshoot out of the way I grabbed the video while my beautiful mate Kell got dressed again. After giving him some basic instructions, 19 year old Kell started stripping off one more time while I filmed him. I never know what to expect from new guys when they do their first video. But I’ve gotta say Kell puts on one hot show here. After stripping on the couch, he moves across to the bed and lubes up a fleshlight. He tells me it’s the first he has used one of these. I showed him how he can go “hands free” while fucking the toy wedged in to the mattress. And he starts fucking it like crazy. I love watching his long uncut cock sliding in and out of the slippery toy. I made sure I captured our new mate from every angle before he lays back on the bed and blows cum across his belly. This is one very new hot solo show from Kell. He tells me that fucking the fleshlight was the best blow job he’s ever had.

Photo shoot
17 Feb, 2017

Ryan Kai’s soapy kitchen shoot

My last shoot with Ryan Kai ended up in a big soapy mess in the kitchen. Wearing nothing but a soaking wet apron, Ryan starts showing off his big round bubble butt in this impromptu kitchen photoshoot. I’ve shot with Ryan a load of times now, and there’s almost no place in my building he hasn’t been shot now. I love doing shoots with my cute straight mate. He’s always up for trying new stuff and gets a boner as soon as the camera starts clicking. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more scenes starring our cute hung mate again this summer. In the meantime you should check out all of his videos now loaded. Ryan shoots a tonne of cum a very long way.

Behind the scenes
15 Feb, 2017

Behind the scenes at Val’s solo studio shoot

My cute mate Val looks hot in his super hero t-shirt. This is the video footage taken from the BTS cameras set up around the studio when I shot Val stripping down to just his socks late last year. Val has become a popular regular model on the site after he did his first shoot about a year ago. I get lots of requests from my mates to get in on the scenes with him. Today is a simple solo strip show followed by his jack off video shoot. I like working with Val a lot. There is a new and extremely hot sex video with him coming up very soon, and I’m expecting to shoot more new scenes with him over this summer.

Photo shoot
13 Feb, 2017

Meet my hot new mate Kell Fuller

I just got back from my winter European vacation in Germany. While I was travelling I got to meet a lot of really beautiful guys. And thankfully a lot of them agreed to model for me. One of the guys I got to meet in Berlin is 19 year old Kell Fuller. Kell was also travelling through Berlin from Russia while I was there. Our travelling schedules were a little tight when we met so I ended up doing this shoot at night. And I’m surprised the photos came out so nice since I was relying on a few domestic apartment lights. I’m really glad we did get to meet because it turns out that Kell is a really nice guy. He has a good sense of humour and liked posing and playing up to the camera. It’s usual for new models that we both don’t know what to expect. I was worried about the lighting, but it all turned out really well. I had seen a few photos of Kell before we met, and it turned out that he’s even hotter in really life. Dressed in a tracksuit and red high tops, Kell begun his strip tease on the couch while I clicked away from the floor below. During the shoot Kell showed me a few tricks while he got in to loads of different positions. And his big uncut dick was already standing to attention as he pulled down his undies. Then we moved over to the bed where my cute new mate could show off that gorgeous round bum. One thing I noticed about Kell as he moved in to different positions is that he is really super fit. He doesn’t have to move much before his set of 6 pac abs is flexing in the light. The extent of his fitness really shows as he reaches to touch the ceiling. I’m really happy I got to meet Kell in Berlin. He’s one of the guys I will be keeping in touch with. This is one of the most fun shoots of the trip. I will post Kell’s hot video later this week.

11 Feb, 2017

Check out Jesse and Sam’s first raw fucking video

Videos between mates are always hot. But I never knew how hot the action was going to be between long time mates Jesse and Sam until I watched them going at it hard on the bed. After shooting their photos together in the stairwell and back in the studio, I knew that it was going to be a fun shoot. But the cock sucking and fucking action that follows in this video is incredible! I was amazed watching Sam fiercely raw fuck Jesse on the bed until he was ready to blow his load. It was pretty incredible to film these boys going at it. And the big smiles at the end show that they had fun doing it too. I’m looking forward to shooting a load more scenes with these guys this summer.

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