Photo shoot
14 Aug, 2017

Meet my super buff straight mate Marti Trifon in Berlin

It’s time to meet my buff new mate Marti Trifon from Berlin. When I first saw a photo of the handsome 21 year old flexing his muscles I knew I wanted to meet and possibly shoot with him. What I didn’t expect is that Marti turned out to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever while travelling around shooting with guys. I kinda expected he might have an attitude with his handsome looks and huge body. But he was actually the opposite. Marti moved to Berlin from eastern Europe some years ago. He kept up his body building and fitness regime and is very proud of the results of his hard work. It’s a shame it was the middle of winter when we met in Germany. I would have loved to have gotten more natural light outdoor photos with the gentle giant. He towered about me as he begun a slow strip show, making sure I could get photos from every angle. As my muscle bound mate finally hot naked, I put some porn on the TV so he could watch and make himself rock hard. Marti is one of our many straight mates, so he picks out a video with some hot girls to watch. It really didn’t take much for him to make that big cock start pointing toward the ceiling. Marti has got a really beautiful thick cock, so I made sure I got loads of photos of him playing with it. And before we finished up Marti asked to grab some cheeky photos wearing a boy tie and some wrist bands. I had so much fun doing this photo set with Marti. I hope we will get to shoot again in the summer. He’s super hot and likes to show off that extra buff body.

13 Aug, 2017

And afternoon of hot sex with my mates Sam Sivahn and Luc Dean

Two of my hottest mates are getting it on in this afternoon sex session in the studio. With the photoshoot out of the way I left Luc and Sam to do their own thing while I grabbed the video camera. The guys were already very passionate during the photoshoot. The same continued in this video session as the guys kissed and stripped each other naked. Luc couldn’t wait to fuck his new mate. Sam has got such a beautiful bum. I’m really glad he decided to bottom in this video. The fucking is pretty intense. And just when you think it’s over, Sam asks Luc to fuck him again. I like these guys a lot. And seeing them in action like this is amazing. Both Luc and Sam have appeared in several video sessions before, but this is their first scene together, and possibly not their last.

Behind the scenes
12 Aug, 2017

Making Michael Prado’s first nude photo gallery in New York

Another hot straight guy to join us this year is 20 year old Michael Prado. His first photo shoot with me happened in this hotel bathroom in New York. And this is the first time doing a nude shoot with this super fit hottie. I could tell he was a bit nervous at first about doing the shoot. He soon loosened up once he finally got completely naked in the bathroom. I really like Michael’s accent and his laid back attitude. I had a really nice time shooting and chatting with him. Of course all of the guys come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories. But Michael’s life experiences really surprised me, for such a young guy. He’s a sweet guy, and I hope we will get to meet up again. His photos look great! This is the BTS footage taken from the cameras in the bathroom during our photoshoot.

Behind the scenes
10 Aug, 2017

Behind the scenes with porn star Tommy De Luca

One of the hottest guys in porn is my sexy mate Tommy De Luca. Tommy is the first real porn star I ever got to shoot with. I was so excited about meeting him, and actually getting to shoot with him. And it turned out that he’s a super nice guy. So I like getting to shoot with him each time we meet. This is the behind the scenes video footage I took during our photoshoot in New York earlier this year. As you can see Tommy is looking super fit. And that massive dick is still, well, very big. And you will have seen the video we made together by now. I love playing with his big dick.

Photo shoot
7 Aug, 2017

My hottest mates – Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn hooking up

This is one of the hottest hooking up scenes between my mates you’re gonna see this year. Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn had just met for the first time when I introduced them in the studio. I could tell right away by their reactions that this was going to be a hot shoot. After introductions and some outfit changes, we got down to the business of getting a hot photo set of the guys together. So far they are looking very handsome in their checked shirts. But then they start undressing, and occasionally stopping to get in to some passionate kissing. Sam is already rock hard by the time his jocks come off. Luc is getting more excited as he checks out Sam’s tattoos. They move to the bed for more photos, more kissing and a little cock sucking action. These photos are looking great! Both Luc and Sam have already appeared in a few duo scenes with the other guys, so they don’t need a lot of direction today. And I can tell by their interaction during this photoshoot that the video is going to be very hot. I can tell you already that Sam loves getting pounded by his new mate. I will load the video later this week.

6 Aug, 2017

Dylan Anderson loves drilling a fleshlight in his first video session

My hot new mate Dylan has finished his photoshoot and is now ready to get off in this fleshlight fucking video. I got some amazing photos of Dylan showing off in the studio in soccer kit and a jockstrap. But wait until you see the show he’s about to on in this video. After raiding the toy drawer he starts a strip show on the couch. It’s not long before he’s wanking that big dick hard while watching some porn on the TV. I follow Dylan over to the bed where he lubes up a dildo and starts fucking his tight little hole. And before he finishes he replaces it with a butt plug while moving on to some fleshlight fucking action. It’s so hot watching Dylan work his way toward climax. And look at that big smile of satisfaction as I take a few more pics of my new mate covered in cum at the end. It’s a really nice first solo video from Dylan. I can’t wait to get him in to some shoots with our mates.

Photo shoot
4 Aug, 2017

Check out my cute new mate Rory Delroy

We have met lots of new mates so far this year. Recently our regular model Luc Dean brought along his mate Rory Delroy to a shoot. This really cute 22 year old wanted to give making porn a go since Luc had been making videos for a while. And I’m really glad he did because I had so much fun shooting with Rory. While I was taking Rory’s photos Luc was filming some behind the scene video and giving Rory some encouragement from behind the camera. I gotta say that Rory is really dam cute and his follow up video with Luc was smoking hot! He gets fucked like crazy in that video. But let me get back to this photoshoot. Dressed in shorts and Cons, and swinging a skateboard, I direct Rory through his first nude photoshoot. He was actually a bit amused by the skateboard scenario as he admits this would normally be out of character for him. But I think he looks adorable in the shots. Slowly he gets naked and is soon hiding himself with just the skateboard. The next surprise comes when he works his dick hard. Rory has a really big cock. So I get some nice shots of his big swinging dick as well. I really liked shooting with Rory and I can’t wait to line him up for shoots with more of our mates over the coming summer.

Behind the scenes
3 Aug, 2017

Behind the scenes at Caleb’s first shoot with his mate Nate Steel

Getting mates together in scenes always end up being fun shoots. And when you watch this BTS video of Caleb and Nate’s first shoot together, you will see why. Caleb has already done a few shoots, but it’s Nate’s first time. And you will see that Caleb teases his mate about this all through this video. I took this footage from the BTS cameras to give you a closer look at how the shoots work, and particularly what happens we mates come together. Both the photos and the video I made with the boys look great! As well as this BTS video you can also now check out Caleb and Nate’s first sex video. Nate really gets slammed on the bed in this scene by Caleb and his fat cock.

Photo shoot
1 Aug, 2017

Meet our new mate Dylan Anderson in the studio

It’s time to meet my new mate Dylan Anderson. The 28 year old Aussie was going to join us last year but we never got to meet up until recently. I’m really excited about Dylan shooting with us. He’s a super nice guy, and he loves showing off. We did this shoot a couple of months ago at the end of summer. Dylan and I picked out some tight soccer gear for his first photoshoot in the studio. And I gotta say, his pale bum in that jockstrap looks amazing. But the first thing I noticed about Dylan in this photoshoot is how handsome he is. I took way more photos than I needed to in this shoot because I was enjoying chatting with our new mate, and getting him slowly naked. I think Dylan is going to be a great addition to our group of mates this year, and I can’t wait to see him in scenes with the other guys. I’m going to post Dylan’s first video later this week. In the meantime you can enjoy his stripping and stroking photo set now.

30 Jul, 2017

David Sweet’s hot jacking show on my bed

My hot mate David is putting on a hot jacking show as I film him in my hotel. David Sweet and I had been taking some hot strip show photos in my hotel room before we started making this video. My sexy mate had already worked his cock rock hard, and now he is ready to get off. Armed with some lube, a fleshlight, and some porn on the TV, David gets to work. I followed him around the bed with the video camera while he strips naked one more time, and start playing with his dick. It’s not long before he’s lube his erection and shoving it deep in to the rubber fuck toy. He looks amazing as those big muscles grow as he works closer to a climax. David really puts on a hot show on my bed right up until his blows a load of cum over himself. My sexy mate has done a great job once again. I have lost count, but this would be David’s 4th or 5th video. I love shooting with him.

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