30 Sep, 2017

Filming my hot mate Christiano jacking until he blows on me

Christiano Szucs is one of the hottest guys I have found during my travels around the world. This muscly straight Hungarian met me during my last visit to Berlin. He was really excited about coming to check out Berlin, and I was really happy he was coming around for his second shoot. This guy is really handsome and likes showing off during his shoots. I made this video earlier this year in the German winter. So we were shooting inside with Christiano looking very sexy in jeans, a checked shirt and boots. He has already stripped once and had his big rock hard dick photographed several times. So now he was ready to get off. Armed with lube, a fleshlight and some porn on the TV, Christiano got to work. During the video I got into one of my favourite positions between his legs with Christiano pumping his cock on top of me. Eventually my sexy mate blows a load of cum on me. What a nice way to end our day of shooting in Berlin. Even though we live at opposite ends of the world, I really hope I can get to shoot with him again. In the meantime you can now see all of Christiano’s videos in the member’s area.

Behind the scenes
28 Sep, 2017

My first photoshoot with porn star Seth Knight

This is the BTS video I made with American porn star Seth Knight when we met in New York. That was a great day making loads of photos with Seth and his mate. The day started with Seth wearing just a speedo in the bathroom. I got him to get wet in the shower and slowly lose the speedo. Seth has got an amazing body. I found it hard to concentrate on taking the photos when he bent over against the mirror. While the light in this bathroom was not great, I still got some excellent photos of Seth as he worked through the stripping photoshoot. Seth makes this shoot a lot fun too. You will see what I mean when you watch this video. I still can’t believe I get these hot porn stars to model for me. And so far they have all been really nice guys!

Behind the scenes
27 Sep, 2017

The very hung Patrik Vass in his first photoshoot

20 year old Patrik Vass did his first nude photoshoot in my hotel bathroom. This is the BTS video footage taken from the bathroom when we did the shoot. I’m trying to hide my surprise here when he my that huge dick rock hard. Patrik tells me he is working on getting his body bigger. The straight young guy already looks super fit. But he would prefer to larger in size. I had a lot of fun shooting with Patrik in my hotel room. He’s very good looking, fit and likes showing off his extra large dick. This shoot has Patrik stripping out of a speedo in the shower while showing off his bum, and working his cock rock hard. I also get him sitting on the bathroom bench so I can get better close up shots of his legs and feet close to his dick. Make sure you check out all of Patrik’s videos now loaded. I can’t wait to get him in for a shoot again.

Photo shoot
25 Sep, 2017

My scruffy mate Christiano Szucs naked in Berlin

My sexy mate Christiano from Hungary liked his first shoot with me so much that he followed me back to Berlin so we could make a second shoot together. I really like this scruffy blond 22 year old. He’s a really sweet guy and he’s super fit! Christiano likes showing off his muscles and has no problem pulling out his big uncut dick to show me. It gets hard very quickly as I start taking photos from the floor. He’s really cute as he starts stripping out of his tight jeans, boots and shirt. I didn’t realise just how nice Christiano’s bum is until this shoot. As he pulls down his jeans the sun through the window shows off the nice coating of blond hair across his bum cheeks. I was so impressed that I got him to show off his best angles again on the bed. He has amazing muscly legs too. Of course this strip tease for me is all just the foreplay to his new video. I will post his ned video also this week. In the meantime you can enjoy Christiano’s new photo set and check out his first video that we made in Budapest earlier this year.

24 Sep, 2017

Jake Wilson gets busy with a fleshlight in his first jack off video

All of our new mates start out with a solo stripping photoshoot and a jerk off video. Our newest mate Jake is in the studio finishing off his first shoot with this very hot fleshlight fucking video. After making a load of beautiful nude photos, it was time for Jake to relax with some porn on the TV and get himself off. Helped with some lube and a rubber fuck toy Jake gets to work on his perfect fat cock, stroking it slowly with his hand at first. He then lubes up the fleshlight and starts pushing it deep inside. He even discovers the art of hand free fleshlight fucking. Jake gets in to a lot of different positions in this video, making sure I can shoot him from every angle. Eventually while straddling the arm of the couch Jake squirts a very nice load of cum, letting it our down his dick and balls. This is a really nice hot video from our new mate. I’m really glad Jake had fun making his first shoot with me.

Behind the scenes
23 Sep, 2017

Behind the scenes with my favourite sexy mate Sam Sivahn

One of my favourite mates to shoot with this year is the incredibly cute Sam Sivahn. Sam started shooting scenes only when he tagged along to a shoot with his mate Jesse. I was really impressed by his nude photoshoot on the roof, so I invited him back for more sex scenes with Jesse and Luc. He’s a super nice guy and really very sexy. I am planning to get him back for more shoots very soon. In this BTS video I am shooting Sam solo in the studio as he strips out of track pants and shows off in his blue undies. He looks great as he gets completely naked and gets that cock rock hard while posing in just a pair of trainers. I love Sam’s quiet and laid back nature. You will see what I mean when you watch this video of me chatting to Sam while taking his strip show photos.

Behind the scenes
22 Sep, 2017

Behind the scenes at Marti Trifon’s first strip show shoot

You can tell from this BTS video that I really liked shooting with 21 year old muscle boy Marti in Berlin. I had not met him before this shoot so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mostly I was happy that he spoke English so we could have a good conversation during the shoot. He’s one of the nicest guys I met during that visit to Berlin. Marti is one of the many straight guys joining us on camera this year. He’s very fit and extremely built. Though he tells me that he hasn’t been working out as much recently and is usually bigger. I love the photos we got from this set,and was very happy to see that Marti has got a pretty big dick to match the big muscles. I am looking forward to shooting with him again. Now you can check out his photo shoot, and his first wanking video now loaded.

Photo shoot
21 Sep, 2017

A steamy shower shoot with my hung mate Tommy

My hot mate Tommy is back today in this steamy shower shoot in my New York hotel room. I still can’t believe I can get hot guys like Tommy to model for me during my travels. He’s a really sweet guy and I love catching up with him. And somehow our shoots always end with us making a sex video. You will see a few of them already loaded on the site. In this shoot Tommy is stripping out of a little pink speedo. He’s looking incredibly buff now. And of course there is that enormous dick that keeps growing toward the floor as I take his photos. I got a tonne of photos of Tommy stripping, getting wet in the shower, working his cock to full erection and showing it off on the bathroom bench. Seeing Tommy soaking wet with a full hard on is pretty amazing. It’s no wonder this shoot ended with Tommy jacking off on top of me. He continues to be one of my favourite mates on the website. It’s just a shame he lives on the other side of the world. Make sure you check out all of Tommy’s photos and videos.

Photo shoot
18 Sep, 2017

Joining us in the studio is the very cute Jake Wilson

There’s lots of cute new guys joining us this year in front of the camera. And some of them come to us from all over the world. I was really excited about meeting 23 year old Jake Wilson from the United States. Jake is a bit of a country boy from the mid west. He is travelling around Australia and dropped in to visit us. Jake is also one of the many straight guys now joining us and getting their gear off in the studio. He’s a softly spoken boy, and a little on the shy side. I wasn’t sure how he was going to go in this shoot since he had never gotten naked and jerked off in front of another guy before, but Jake actually did a great job. His photoshoot went very well and I’m happy with the photos. Though he didn’t like smiling as much as I would have liked him to. I’m hoping our new American mate will add this to his many experiences of visiting Australia. I will post Jakes first video also this week.

16 Sep, 2017

Getting my hot new mate Jeremy off in the studio

I’m really excited about today’s video with Jeremy Coen in the studio. I had just finished taking loads of hot photos with Jeremy in the studio. The photos of Jeremy showing off his perfect bum and hard fat dick look great! We had a lot of fun taking the photos. But much more fun was about to happen in this video. I didn’t expect to have my cock down Jeremy’s throat part way through what was meant to be a solo video. But Jeremy was turning me on like crazy. All I really wanted to do was tongue fuck that Jeremy’s perfect bottom. And all he wanted to do was suck on my dick. It kinda shocked me how far this went. But I was very happy to have the pleasure of getting my hot new mate off in this video. So it turns out that Jeremy is a perfect co-star for me and my mates on Bentley Race. He’s hot, fun to hang out with, and he’s extremely horny all the time. I am looking forward to getting Jeremy around for many more shoots. I will also load the BTS video of Jeremy’s first shoot where he shows off just how flexible he is soon.

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