2 Dec, 2017

James Jones is playing with his fat cock in his first stroking video

After his hot photoshoot I grabbed the video camera to capture James playing with his fat cock in his first nude shoot with me. James is such a handsome young man. I really liked taking his strip show photos while I visited Budapest. He looks great clothed and naked. And I love his uncut fat cock. He strokes it to full erection very quickly. I also pulled out a fleshlight in this video. I can tell he likes playing with it a lot. He pulls his fat cock in to it really deep ripping the rubber fuck toy open. It turns in to a very hot video as James starts humping the bed, pushing his cock in and out of the toy, getting faster. Eventually he can’t hold back any longer and has to cum. And now there’s one big satisfied smile to the face of my hot new mate.

Behind the scenes
1 Dec, 2017

Behind the scenes with our hung porn star mate Tommy

My hung porn star mate Tommy Deluca is looking incredible! When I caught up with him in New York earlier this year, the popular porn star was looking super fit. Tommy takes a lot of pride in his looks and had obviously been working out in the years since I last saw him. He’s an incredibly sweet likeable guy. Every since we met several years ago we have been meeting up, making some hot photos and then having sex on video. In today’s shoot Tommy is once again showing off that super long cock in the hot shower. Tommy turns me on like crazy, and we ended up having sex on the bed at the finish of this photoshoot. You can check out that video now. Tommy is such an awesome mate. I can’t wait to shoot more stuff with him soon. Make sure you check all the videos we have made together.

Photo shoot
1 Dec, 2017

My cute naked mate Reece Anderson takes a hot soapy bath

How cute is our naked mate Reece Anderson in this impromptu bathroom shoot. It was actually the beginning of winter when we started doing this shoot out in my chilly Melbourne bathroom. So I ran a hot bath full of bubbles so Reece could dip in there and warm up later in the shoot. Reece is one of the sweetest guys I have ever shot with. We always have a lot of fun making these shoots. He is looking super fit in this shoot from all the work he does as a bike courier around the city. He looks great in the speedo, and again later naked. Then down in the hot bath Reece works his cock super hard so I can get some nice erection shots. He looks amazing relaxed in my bathroom in the natural soft light. It’s really nice to get Reece back in to a solo shoot after doing a bunch of sex scenes with our other mates. I’m looking forward to some great shoots with him this summer.

Behind the scenes
30 Nov, 2017

Behind the scenes with blond Aussie boy Jeremy

My cute mate Jeremy is adorable in this bathroom photoshoot. This was actually 22 year old Jeremy’s first nude photoshoot. I wasn’t sure how he was going to go in his first shoot. He seemed hesitant when we first talked about it. But in the shoot Jeremy started having fun with stripping and modelling. This shoot actually takes place in my bathroom where I have a couple of video cameras set up so you can watch everyone. Jeremy starts in a revealing pair of blue sports shorts before changing in to the bright pink speedo. I like the speedo shots because I can see Jeremy’s fat cock stretching at the thin speedo. Jeremy also warms up in a bubble bath during the shoot, which gives me a chance to photograph him wet. Jeremy is one of our most popular new mates this year. I am looking forward o shooting with him again. You should also check out the hot video of Jeremy sucking on my cock. What a hot video that was.

Photo shoot
27 Nov, 2017

First nude shoot for our new mate James Jones

There are a load of straight guys joining us for their first nude shoot on camera this year. And the latest to join us is the very handsome James Jones from Hungary. 28 year old James is a mate of Jeffry Branson. Jeffry has some pretty dam hot mates. So I’m always up for his model suggestions. And James certainly didn’t disappoint. He’s a really big and tall guy. I could tell he was a little nervous since it was his first time posing naked. So when I got him back to the hotel room I got him changed in to some track pants for the shoot. And then we worked through a simple strip routine while we chatted and took photos. I can tell that James is a little shy about doing this. But this all soon passed as he got naked. And it turns out that James is big all over. I love his really fat uncut cock. He works it rock hard very easily, so I get him to shove it under his t-shirt and teasingly show it stretching the shirt. Even though it was a grey day in Budapest, this photos turned out great! And James is such a sweet guy. I will also post his video scene later this week.

26 Nov, 2017

Playing with James Nowak’s big hard cock in the studio

I’m really happy to see my hot mate James back this week playing with his big cock on the bed. I hadn’t seen James in a long time and I really wanted to get him back in to the studio for another shoot. He’s one of our sexy mates that everyone wants to do a sex scene with. James is also a really sweet guy. We had been taking loads of photos in the bathroom and studio before making this video. I set him up with some porn in the studio and James strips off one more time. I even get a chance to play with James fat dick in this video. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and James didn’t actually get off in this video. Instead the video ends with James taking a piss down in the bathroom. We will have a go at making this one again soon. In the meantime I’m very excited about having my beautiful mate back again.

Photo shoot
25 Nov, 2017

Take a hot shower with our sexy straight mate Christiano

Our hot mate Christiano is back this week stripping naked for a hot shower and then wanking his big uncut dick. I knew I was going to shoot a lot with Christiano after we met for his first shoot earlier this year in Budapest. The hunky 22 year old followed me to Berlin where we got to do it all again. Christiano is very handsome and super fit. So I decided to get some shots of him flexing and stripping out of just a pair of Aussiebum cossies in the bathroom. I like this set a lot. The light wasn’t as good as I’d have liked, but the shots of Christiano are stunning. I have kept in in touch with him and I am looking for to our next shoot. I think Christiano would like to do a lot more than what he has done so far.

Behind the scenes
23 Nov, 2017

Brazilian hottie Alan Reis in his first nude shoot

This is the BTS video from my shoot with Brazilian hottie Alan Reis in Berlin. Things didn’t go the way I had planned them too, but it ended up being way more fun that what I had planned. Alan was quite a bit nervous since it was his first shoot. And I suspected he wasn’t going to make it through his video scene. So I jumped in to help him get hard in the photoshoot, and then helped him along in the video by sucking on his extra large cock. There were a few communication problems between us that you can see in this video. But the shoot still worked out great! I was really happy with the results of the photos and videos. And I loved having Alan’s hot bum grinding on my face. What a hot shoot this turned out to be.

Behind the scenes
22 Nov, 2017

Austin Brooks BTS video shot by his mate Chase

It’s great when I get the other guys shooting the BTS video footage of the photoshoots. This video is shot by Austin Brooks mate Chase. I had only just met the guys when I suggested we get some shots of Austin getting naked and Chase make a video of it. Austin was totally up for it. He’s such a cute guy. He was a little nervous at first, but had fun posing and showing off that perfect round bum. I liked the pink colours he chose to wear for the shoot. He grows a nice big erection toward the end of this shoot too as I take a load of photos from the floor. This was a good foreplay shoot in the lead up to his sex scene with Chase. And thanks Chase for this great video!

Photo shoot
21 Nov, 2017

My handsome hung mate James Nowak is back in the studio

I’m really excited this month to see the return of the very handsome hung James Nowak after a long break from doing shoots this year. James is one of my favourite straight mates who joined us last year. You will probably remember those hot scenes he did with Romain and Matias as well as that hot tub shoot. James has become well known for his handsome rugged looks, his muscly body, and that extra large cock that’s always pointing to the ceiling. I really wanted to catch up with James again before we start in to the summer season of shooting, so I got him around for a basic shoot in the studio. Well James is looking hot! He’s always happy to get his gear off and pose for the camera. I would be showing off too if I had those muscles and looks. I’m always looking for new things for James to do. And today I had him ripping his way out of a tight t-shirt leaving him wearing just a red jockstrap. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of James in action this summer. In the meantime you can check out all of his videos going back through last year.

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