Behind the scenes
10 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at Tristan’s first photoshoot in Berlin

This BTS video is actually from the very first shoot I did with my red headed German mate Tristan. I had gotten him around to model for me in the bathroom and on the balcony. In the bathroom he started out wearing a red cap he had brought along, but then quickly removed it since it didn’t really fit in with the style of shoot. He was a little nervous since we had only just met. But we got along really well pretty quickly. I’m not sure why it is, but I love Tristan’s accent as he is speaking in English to me. He’s very curious and keen to try new things. I liked his second photo set on the balcony better than these shots. I had so much fun with him I invited him back for another shoot a week later. We have done 2 more shoots since then, so all of Tristan’s videos, including the one with me sucking him off in the shower, are now all posted.

Photo shoot
8 Nov, 2016

Meet my beautiful new mate Luc Dean

I’m really excited today to be posting my first shoot with blond Aussie Luc Dean. I’ve known of Luc for a pretty long time since he had done some porn stuff with some other producers in Australia. I wasn’t quite sure where he lived or if he was gay or straight. But I was pretty happy when he contacted me about coming to Melbourne and doing some modelling. And even happier to find out that he’s a really sweet guy too. It turns out that 25 year old Luc is a Queenslander with plans to spend more time down this way. This is great news for us. After meeting Luc and seeing him naked, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Today’s shoot was more like a first meeting and auction type of thing. Luc was stripping off on my bed while I got loads of pics. He tells me that he does a lot of bike riding, which will explain those huge thighs. I probably took a lot more photos than I needed to. But I was having so much fun doing this shoot and talking to Luc. I can’t wait to get him back for some action shoots with our mates.

5 Nov, 2016

A hot jacking session with the very cute Vino Rainz

This is one hot video from my cute new mate Vino. The very fit Indonesian had gotten really horny during the photoshoot. He had already stripped off twice and ran out on to the balcony naked. So it was time to get naked one last time and jack off on my bed. I followed him around the room as he got naked and showed himself off again. I couldn’t resist playing with his bum as he pushed it up in the air for me to see. Vino looks amazing as all his muscles tighten and release while he’s jacking his fat cock. And wait until you see the cum shower he gives himself at the end. This really turned out to be a really fun day in Auckland. I will post the BTS video of our shoot together very soon. In the meantime you can enjoy getting off with Vino.

Photo shoot
4 Nov, 2016

Stripped naked on the roof with Reece Anderson

Last week was one of the first perfect warm days of summer in Melbourne. Reece was coming over to do a new shoot with me. So I decided we should go have some fun out on the roof. Reece is dressed in his Geelong supporter’s gear and grabbed the footy before we headed up. Even though it was sunny and warm, it was also really windy. So we grabbed a whole lot of shots and headed back in before we got blown away. Reece is looking incredibly fit. I guess it comes from his job as a bicycle courier in the city. After kicking the ball around the rooftop while I clicked away, Reece started to strip. I hadn’t noticed that he had see through Aussie bum jocks on when he got dressed downstairs. So even I had a little surprise as he stripped off. I got shots of Reece all around the rooftop, including in front of the new piece of artwork someone had generously left me during the winter break. Now that summer is here I’m looking forward to a whole lot of new outdoor naked shoots with Reece and our other mates.

Behind the scenes
2 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at that hot tub photo shoot with James and Romain

One of the hottest duo scenes happened on this day that Romain Deville met our Aussie boy James Nowak. The guys had already been posing for photos and undressing each other before heading to the hot tub for this photo set. It was kinda funny trying to fit these two big guys in to that little tub, especially each time they had to change to a different position. I took the footage from the GoPros to make this BTS video of the guys getting their photos taken in the tub, getting naked and having a little bit of foreplay before their video shoot. Both James and Romain are really sweet guys. I’d love to get these guys together again. Make sure you leo check out the sex video they made right after this photoshoot.

Photo shoot
31 Oct, 2016

Meet our horny new mate Vino Rainz in New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago during a weekend trip to New Zealand I met this very cute Indonesian bot called Vino. He is travelling the world and currently staying in New Zealand. I saw his pics and thought he looked pretty dam cute. And it turned out he was staying in a hotel very close to mine. Within minutes he was already up in my hotel room. He’s really cute in real life too. The 23 year old was smiling a lot as I gave him a tour or my huge hotel room. I could tell right away that we were going to have a fun shoot. I just noticed that his hair is still wet in this shoot because we had started taking photos in the bathroom prior to taking these shots. Vino starts out doing a strip tease on the bed and the chair. Then he pulls those thigh high socks right up for some cheeky naked photos out on the balcony. This hotel has got a great view of Auckland’s Sky Tower, so I got a few cheeky photos of our new friend stark naked in front of the tower. You can tell my the photos that I’m completely taken by Vino’s beautiful little bum. Vino Rainz is super fit and even though it was a dull rainy day in Auckland, his photos look great! I will also post his hot video later this week.

29 Oct, 2016

I got to fuck Ben Hart in his very first porn video

This is the video I made with my handsome new mate Ben Hart. Like all new guys Ben was doing his first video as a solo scene. But things started to get pretty hot between Ben and I and it wasn’t long before I was pulling my own cock out for Ben to play with. My beautiful mate has got such a nice arse. So I quickly moved around so I could kiss and tongue fuck his hole. This was really getting Ben turned on. I could tell what was going to happen next. I’m not really in the videos much anymore, but today I was going to make an exception to fuck Ben. I really wanted to fuck him until he cums. This is my favourite thing about fucking guys. So I got busy and slammed that bum again and again until Ben was squirting cum across my bed. I can’t think of any better way to finish Ben’s first shoot. He was pretty happy too. I like Ben a lot and I’m hoping he will shoot some more hot scenes over this summer.

Photo shoot
28 Oct, 2016

Ryan Kai taking a dip in the hot tub

I have been shooting a load of scenes with my cute mate Ryan lately. We had loads of fun making this super soapy shoot over in the hot tub. Initially the shoot was just about Ryan trying out the new “tie up” speedo, but it turned in to a lot more. You see Ryan gets turned on by being photographed and his cock was goring hard in the speedo with every click. The one sided speedo is a lot of fun. It can be hung off your cock without revealing every thing at once. Ryan has got a beautiful big cock and it gets hard very easily. I made sure I grabbed loads of photos of his perfect round bum too as he teases, pulling down the speedo slowly in the soapy hot water. We ended the shoot with Ryan completely naked and popping a champagne bottle in the middle of the tub. I got down very low to make sure I didn’t end up in the firing line. I love making these horny shoots with Ryan. He’s a funny boy to hang out with and loves trying new stuff. He has quickly become one of my favourite mates on the site.

Behind the scenes
26 Oct, 2016

Behind the scenes at Benjamin’s first shoot

This is the shower scene video footage taken from the cameras I had set up before Benjamin’s very first photoshoot. It took place in my bathroom with Benjamin braving the cold. He was kinda nervous and I was all very awkward with him during this shoot. He was so beautiful and smiling a lot. This guy is really beautiful! His photos came out great! I’m really happy with the results from both of Benjamin’s shoots now. I’m hoping he will come and play with us again soon. Make sure you check out all of Benjamin’s videos and galleries now loaded.

Photo shoot
23 Oct, 2016

Meet my beautiful new mate Ben Hart

Staying in Australia this year has meant that I have gotten to meet many more Aussie boys to shoot with. The most recent of the new guys I have met here in Melbourne is the beautiful 23 year old Ben Hart. I was actually a little bit awkward with this guy because I was so distracted by his looks. He turned up wearing a tight pair of pants showing off a really perfect bum. I could go on about that a lot. But I really should talk about the shoot. Ben is a 23 year old Aussie living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. He was a bit shy about being photographed. But he soon settled in to pulling a bunch of poses as I directed him through the shoot. And as I suspected, he has got one seriously hot body. A perfectly clippered chest and tight abs. Of course I got a lot of shots of Ben laying naked on the bed so I could get shots of that bum sticking up in the air. By the time we finished taking the photos I felt really comfortable shooting with Ben. But it turned out that the photos were pretty tame compared to what was about to happen in the video. I will post Ben’s first video later this week. In the meantime drop in and check out our newest mate’s photos.

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