Photo shoot
8 Sep, 2016

It’s shower time with the very well endowed Zack Bellomi

Our Texan twink mate Zack did his first photoshoot in my hotel bathroom. I’m not a big fan of this photo set. It was a combination of terrible lighting and the model not wanting to smile which made me think twice about posting this set. Zack was nervous and unsure about what was going to happen in this shoot. His second photo set (already posted) turned out much better. You will notice that Zack was unhappy about his chest shape and was continually trying to cover it with his arm. I think Zack is a really cute and really nice guy. And his video scene where he got off with me pushing my fingers up his hole was super hot. I also thought he was totally adorable when he brought along his polka dot speedo to wear in this shoot. But the big surprise here is the size of Zack’s uncut cock. This boy is seriously hung! Make sure you also check out Zack’s jacking video.

Photo shoot
6 Sep, 2016

Hunter Jones is back stripping naked and stroking his big cock

My hot straight mate Hunter Jones is back for this mid-winter shoot in Melbourne. I had a lot of fun shooting with 25 year old Hunter on the roof back in summer so I invited him around for a another shoot up at the hotel. Hunter has gotta be one of the nicest guys I have met while shooting at home in Melbourne this year. He’s very handsome with a super fit decorated body. Yet he’s really laid back and funny. Sometimes it’s awkward shooting with straight guys who have never posed naked in front of another guy before. But Hunter was really easy going about it. Since this is his second time shooting with me, he was much more relaxed and ready to have a fun shoot. I was really happy with his shots today as he stripped naked and worked his big dick to full erection while posing on top of the table. I will also post Hunter’s new video scene later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Hunter’s first shoots in the studio and on the rooftop.

4 Sep, 2016

Jack Van Duin and Damien Dyson get each other off with some fleshlight wanking fun

This is one very hot video between my new mates Damien and Jack. And it’s Jack’s first time having sex with a guy on camera. He was a bit nervous about doing it at first. But then told me afterwards that he had fun doing it. In this scene Damien is showing our newcomer Damien how it’s done. We start with a lot of kissing on the couch before the guys strip and move to the bed. They are enjoying wanking and sucking on each other’s cocks before Jack suggests they play with a fleshlight. Bot of them love get the other to slowly push the rubber fuck toy up and down on their dicks. And it’s actually how both of them end up cumming. It’s Jack who ends up getting the cum all over him. I love shooting with both of these guys. Getting them together was awesome. They loved making out and getting off together.

Behind the scenes
2 Sep, 2016

Behind the scenes at my shoot with our hung mate Chris Bass

This video is from the day I finally got to meet and shoot with the beautiful Chris Bass. I’d had so many requests from members to get him back for more shoots after his first scene shot by Zac 2 years ago, I finally got him to come around for a shoot with me. And it turns out that he’s a super sweet guy. I had a lot of fun making this scene in the studio with him. I decided to make it a simple solo photo and video shoot so we could meet and get to know each other. As well as his beautiful big smile, Chris has got a nicely muscled body, a nice round hairy bum, and that quite large cock. Chris was still a bit nervous about getting naked and performing. But I think he did a great job. His photos look great and his video is hot. I’m excited about shooting more horny scenes with him over this coming summer.

Photo shoot
1 Sep, 2016

It’s shower time with our handsome mate Benjamin Bosco

When I first met Benjamin a couple of months ago it was the beginning of winter in Australia so we had to contain the shoot indoors. Immediately I saw that this guy was insanely beautiful. I wanted to get a lot of photos of the South American. So we started in my bathroom with Benjamin wearing just a pair of brightly coloured shorts. I’m not sure what he was thinking about posing up against the tiles in my little bathroom wearing just the skimpy shorts. I could tell that he was nervous. Benjamin has got one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve seen, as well as a very sexy body. I like this guy a lot. I got him to jump in the shower during this shoot and soap himself up. And while he’s still soapy I get him posing up on the window ledge again and this time slowly stripping naked. I can see that he also has a very nice cock so I ask him to stroke it hard while I click away. The bathroom photos look amazing. This is one of my favourite sets with Benjamin. We are already planning our next shoot together. He’s an incredibly hot buy and I can’t wait to see more of him. His wanking video in the studio shoot is already posted.

Photo shoot
29 Aug, 2016

Jack’s first action scene this week is with Damien Dyson

These guys are adorable! Our new mate Jack Van Duin was so nervous about getting in to a filmed sex scene with one of my mates. So I decided to pair him with the beautiful Damien Dyson. Damien has also only recently started filming sex scenes and I knew he would be a perfect partner for Jack. They are both fun and easy going guys. Since they had not met before we took the photoshoot section of the shoot slowly so the guys could get to know each other a little. There’s a lot of hugging and kissing here before the guys undress each other. I can already tell by Damien’s bulging cock that he’s liking his now scene partner. So I get Jack down there sucking on it to make it fully erect. Damien is enjoying the attention he is getting from his new mate. I’m careful not to go too far in this photoshoot because we still have the video scene to go. I got some great shots and the photoshoot ended up being very hot foreplay for the main event.

28 Aug, 2016

Jacking off with my muscly mate Jay Mercer

This is Jay’s first jerk off video filmed by me in Texas. The muscly and very well hung 19 year old had finished his photoshoot and had no trouble putting on a hot show as I started filming his pulling his big cock out on my bed. Initially Jay starts watching some porn on the TV. But you can tell later in the video he’s more interested in putting on a show for the camera. Jay’s body looks amazing as he flexes and reaches for the ceiling while his fist is firmly around his cock. I get some really nice close up shots as Jay pumps his fat cock with his hand. Make sure you watch his video right to the end to see one of the nicest big cum shots. Jay can squirt a long way! Make sure you also check out Jay’s second video where I help him jack off.

Behind the scenes
26 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes – On the roof getting naked with Ryan Kai

I’m finally posting this BTS video with the very cute and sexy Ryan Kai. I was doing this shoot with Ryan on my rooftop in the city at the end of last summer. I was amazed t how great the shots were turning out with the new white lining on the roof. It was so bright up there that we had to both wear sunglasses to kill the glare. I love watching this back to see Ryan’s cock going up and down as he posed in different positions. He’s got one of the nicest thick bums I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. Eventually I get him total naked and wearing just the converse sneakers and sporting a hard cock for the photos. I think this video is just as hot as the jacking off video he made later that day. Ryan is one of my favourite models and will be back filming more scenes soon.

Behind the scenes
24 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at Val’s photoshoot with Damien

I knew Val and Damien were going to get along very well when I matched them up for this shoot. I had planned to shoot them together earlier this year before Val travelled back to Europe. So as soon as I heard that Val was back I couldn’t wait to get the guys together. Both Damien and Val are sweet guys and their attraction really became obvious during this shoot and their video. I had them doing lots of kissing and undressing each other during this shoot. This is the video footage taken from the video cameras I had set up in the studio to record my directing the guys through their photoshoot. There are some incredibly beautiful moments in this video.

Photo shoot
23 Aug, 2016

19 y/o Jay Mercer’s first nude photoshoot

When I first met Jay Mercer in Texas he was pretty nervous about meeting me and what he was about to do. We met several times during my stay there to shoot some different scenes. This is the first of those shoots. We met at my hotel where Jay was going to pose naked on my couch. It was a fairly dull day outside and I was relying on the light from outside. Luckily there were few people about because I needed to keep all the window blinds up on my low level room to allow plenty of light in. Anyone in the car park outside would have gotten a great view of this 19 year old spunk showing off that rock hard body and big cock. The shoot went really well and Jay and I ended up having fun making it. Jay is super chilled and had no problem trying different positions and eventually getting completely naked, flexing and stroking his cock hard. I like Jay a lot. For 19 years old, he is very mature and a really sweet guy. His photos and his videos all look great!

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